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Mayonnaise VS Miracle Whip which is your favorite? (Mayo for me)

Sheannutt 9 Aug 21

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never either. vile vile stuff.


never miracle whip. Read the ingredients

Too many ingredients in too much sugar.

@Sheannutt and chemicals that I can't pronounce

@steve148 exactly, I tried to buy the mayonnaise that has the less ingredients in it.


No contest Myo.


Mayo all the way! I buy the one made with olive oil.


I just never thought of Miracle Whip as real food...yucky

Xena Level 6 Aug 21, 2018

Neither. Mashed avocados.

I have used that as well.

That sounds really good.


Neither..if you want to stay alive and healthy;

Link: 10 Health Hazards Of Mayonnaise [] #health via @Boldsky

Link: A Health Nightmare: Nothing Cool About Cool Whip [] via @TheAltDaily


What's Miracle whip? Sounds dodgy to me and the religious connotations are weird lol

Miracle Whip is sweet compared to mayonnaise.

@Sheannutt sounds horrible ! ?

@MissMac some people like it I prefer not to use it.


I preferred mayo, but, since I found out I’m allergic to eggs, I can no longer eat it. They make a vegan mayo but I do t love mayo enough to try it. Maybe if I’m desperate I will go there, but for now, I just skip it altogether. Some things just can’t replace the original.


Duke's mayonaise. Only commercial mayo that is sugar free.


I can use either in deviled egg and make them taste the same. I prefer mayo. my best friend works for a mayo factory interestingly enough I have never seen his companies mayo at the grocery store.


Miracle whip


Miracle Whip is effing disgusting.

They didn't used to be. Kraft got ahold of them and that was that. They ruin just about anything they touch by cheapening it with chemicals.

@chucklesIII Water is a chemical. Watch out.




Definitely mayo


Real mayo because, well screw cholesterol !!! ?


Plain yogurt


Unusually buy low fat may but most enjoy Miracle Whip for tuna salad and grilled cheese sandwiches

UUNJ Level 8 Aug 21, 2018



not just any mayo duke mayo.


The real stuff, if you're gonna eat junk it mayo as well be good junk.


Miracle whip is just as its name indicates, not real mayo.


I don't do either much anymore. I will make homemade if I need just a little. If I need more or long duration I will use Miracle Whip. However, as much as I use it always goes bad on me.


Mayo. Have you tried the Hellmann's made with olive oil yet?

Yes I have, don't care for it


Homemade Mayo much easier, cheaper and healthier

Yes it is but it does not last very long.

@Sheannutt I just make it in small batches, it last 7 days

@AlexRam I end up throwing it away cuz I don't use that much in a week.

@Sheannutt I have a 10yo son who puts Mayo on everything

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