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Women (unless you guys have real input), have you ever colored your hair blond? Do you still? What are your reasons?
I was blond until high school, then dishwater brown, then as a statement I would color all shades of red because I wanted that more wild look, black and even did a bit of purple. Now I am going naturally gray.

I heard this interesting interview today about coloring the hair blond as being more 'white'. Listen to the link below and comment as well.


Please stick to the subject, thanks.

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By Akfishlady8
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I'm a male and my hair is gray. But I am thinking of dyeing it, still gray, but want to try one of the 50 shades that women are crazy about.

16classic Level 5 Aug 24, 2018

I was naturally very light blonde until my mid 30's.

I've always preferred dark hair, though.
I never dyed it dark because of my pale skin tone. I did experiment with red.

I have no idea what color it currently is, but the silver coming through is beautiful and I wouldn't cover that for a million bucks.


As a not bald guy, I'd like to say, "hair is over rated".
It's just a lot more trouble than it could possibly be worth.

Just embrace your scalp and be free!


I'm just grateful I have hair. Lost it last year during chemo treatment. Before that, I used to keep it shoulder-length, it was thin and straight, and I kept it reddish-brown. It's grown back thicker and wirier, in its natural color of now salt-and-pepper, and I've decide I love it short and if I should ever color it again I'll probably go for something lighter.

bleurowz Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

I'm 56 years old and have never put any kind of dye on my hair, not even once. I toy with the idea now and then. If I ever do, I'd like to dye it red. I just like red hair. I think long, red hair looks pretty on women and I often find it attractive on men.

daylily Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

I tried once and it was terrible.


I have never dyed my hair but I have dyed a lot of other people's hair over the years and it isn't difficult to do. It is hard on your hair, even though most of your hair is dead. It is hard on your body because most hair dyes contain chemicals that are toxic, as someone who studied organic chemistry these are some of the chemicals you don't on you that are contained in most hair dyes.
Ammonia and Peroxide aren't too detrimental in low concentrations but they are usually quite strong in hair dyes because they are used to strip out the natural colour of your hair so the dye has a clean base to attach to. Anything that ends in ine or ene is usually a problem because they tend to be mutagens, carcinogens or teratogens which is science lingo for mutations, cancer and deformations.

which is why I stopped coloring my hair.

@HippieChick58 I haven't died my wife's hair in over a decade now and she is happy with her natural brunette colour. She got her first grey hair last year, just a couple and she hasn't asked me to dye it for her yet, I hope she leaves it natural.


I’m naturally blonde, although not this blonde. I have no intention of ever seeing a gray on this head as long as I am physically or mentally able. I only do it because it’s a bit brighter than my natural color.


I was a cosmetologist and dyed my hair every color! I kept blonde for a while and now I'm back to my natural color!


I was blonde u til the grey invasion.


I did when I was transitioning to all gray.


I am a brunette and can't do blonde. I color my hair a lot!

GreatNani Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

I colored mine blonde once because I needed to do that before I colored it blue.

Now that it's mostly gray I'm going to try some color hair wax and the hair chalk.

kiramea Level 7 Aug 24, 2018

I was super blonde as a kid and now it's dark blonde. Still no grays yet. I've only ever dyed it once; a wash out color because I refuse to deal with roots. It was supposed to be reddish but came out purplish brown. Sometimes I think about doing a wash out chocolate brown. Or RED.

Remi Level 7 Aug 24, 2018

I try to get darker color but stylists always put in more blond than I want. Oh well. I go with the flow. If it looks nice and healthy i am okay with it

HeraTera Level 7 Aug 24, 2018

I've been every natural color. Blond for about one year.

I'll never forget my nephew coming to the door and saying "OMG your hair is YELLOW!". It was light blond - not yellow.

I'm already so incredibly pale skinned that it did go with my complexion. I never thought it made anyone look lighter? And it's very sad that that is a "Thing".

It had nothing to do with my skin color it was just something I chose to do for variety.

There was a documentary with Chris Rock about the black hair industry. It's incredible what they go through. And what they spend on hair. And it's all marketing and being told they should look more "white".

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 24, 2018

My hair has been every color under the sun. My favorite being red.
I was blonde for a minute. It didn't suit me. Red always did.

I've gone natural, and it's 100% white now. It's staying that way.

KKGator Level 9 Aug 23, 2018

I was much the same. Blond as a child slowly turning light brown through college. Have colored my hair many shades of brown. Never blond. Haven't colored my hair for several years.

Donna_I Level 7 Aug 24, 2018

I went blonde in my early 20's. I only did it once and just let it grow out. I was surprised at how many more guys were interested when I went out to the (gay) night clubs.

It was such a hassle to get it done, and the chemicals to leach my hair were pretty painful. I just coudl nto see trying to maintain it. I di dmy experiment and then I was done.

snytiger6 Level 9 Aug 24, 2018

I have had my hair every colour except green and bright yellow. (not al at the same time) I did it for no one's amusement but my own. Naturally a dark brunette, I'm now embracing the grey with two tone silver and dark steel underneath. Been getting lots of positive comments about it too

MissMac Level 6 Aug 24, 2018

Only colored my hair once as a teen. I was naturally blonde, though the color has changed by itself and now is more light brown. Most in my family had beautiful brunette hair. Never understood the popularity of blonde.


I am a natural blonde. I have explored all shades of blonde. I am 60 and just starting to get some grays. I have colored previously, after I leaned how toxic the dyes are I gave that up. Now IF I want to enhance my color I use strong teas. Roobios Red tea makes a nice reddish rinse. Doesn't last long, but gentle on your hair, the more often you rinse the longer it stays. Mostly I just let my hair be as it is. My grandmother was prematurely gray at 25, I figure I'm good.


I like highlighting in different colors for fun and style. I first did it in my 20s and then not for a long time. With all the colors out theses days, I had to try again. I only use temporary dye with no ammonia or peroxide. Blonde is supposed to look like natural highlights, and perhaps it does. That's what's wearing off these days.


I naturally have disaster blond, or i did. If i dye it, it's red. Though i have something a bit different at the moment.... I'm not sure i like the red any more. I think next time I'll have the color lifted and embrace my cronehood

moonmaid Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

Have had all 3 major colors....the most fun was red but also the hardest to maintain...start off deep auburn, 2 weeks later, Carrotop. Now mostly white, but spiky so not to seem "old"

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