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Why don't we have a agnostic church ? Like place where we all can get together share ideas, make new bonds and connections, and have fun and play games.

Alexandro 4 Jan 20

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I always thought the library was the Atheist/Agnostic church?

Qryzti Level 4 Jan 20, 2018

This is the finest thought. Thanks for sharing

I like this one too. Libraries and nature’s wild really are the most sacred spaces


Check out Unitarian Universalist Church and for gaming groups and social connections where you live.

Yes but you are going to run into truly religious folk there. (Unitarian Church).

@RavenCT I encountered some Wiccans last time I was at the UU church. It was unique.

Universalist non-religious

@sassygirl3869 My sister attends a UU Church - all religions are welcomed. I'm sure they'd accept an atheist. But it's sort of a church for the disenfranchised? IMHO


Sunday Assembly and there are loads of Meetup groups.



Will they send their tithes to me?

@Hominid No, they are already sending them to me. You snooze you lose. 😀

@VictoriaNotes - damn. You must be one rich bitch. Dibbs on the next one.


Sounds like a play date.


I'll be the third to say it. Unitarian Universalists (UU) are almost by definition an agnostic bunch. They have definite church structure, with building, sanctuary, Sunday services and such, but no formal doctrine to accept on faith. Instead they have a set of principles designed to help members on their personal spiritual exploration, as well as helping people get along with others.

As to your question of "why," I would say why they aren't well known or widely attended has to do with questions of motivation. Oddly enough, fear of eternal donation tends to get butts into church. I think agnostics like the "idea" of community fellowship more than the reality of disciplined schedules and giving up casual weekend free-time.

If they won't send their tithes to me, thennnnnnnnnnn

I hate auto-correct. That should read "damnation," not "donation." It would not even let me edit it, now. :/


The issue is most (all?) churches are based on a community who believe in God, and some sort of specific take on the bible. It seems illogical to me for a community to gather based on believing in nothing of the sort. We have an "anti" belief. Church life is a social structure believers have a corner on, with the architecture, customs, hymns, sermons, bible studies... Emulating that kind of socializing is pining for the old times. IMHO.

Non believers do things like join a chess club, or volunteer, or adopt a highway. Again, my opinion, not yours.


There is a group in a nearby city that meets on Sunday mornings usually at a pizza shop to talk. You could always try to start something like that where you live!


This IS that place, anything else might get complicated... schedules, “clicks”, passing notes... oops, I mean texting. The more I think about... some right wing, fundamentalist christian may burn us out for having so much fun with our clothes on... it could happen. (jajaja)

Tomas Level 7 Jan 20, 2018


Ha! Well said dude.


We'd still have to tithe 10% of our income. I can talk to you fine people here for free.

We have a misunderstanding here... Tithes go to ME. PM me for fund transfer details...

I challenged a woman to burn the money she spent on tithes after she explained that it was how they sacrificed for god to prove how much they loved him. I pointed out that, if it was about sacrifice, then no one needed to collect that was about destroying something of value in the name of god to prove that he was more important, just like the good old days when they would sacrifice livestock. No one was supposed to benefit, right? So just burn it. I thought I had a sound argument. She thought I was a dick.


It's called Facebook... or a local bar lol


Too many reminders of real church. I don’t want to feel pressure to go regularly (I will when I want to and am able). I don’t want to feel coerced to tithe or donate (I will when I want to and am able).

I do enjoy my Meetup groups, philosophy gatherings, and secular book clubs. They provide me with what I need—friendship, a sense of belonging, and a “safe space” (and I can go when I want to and donate whenever I’m able, without pressure).


We’re agnostic. Why would we need a church?

For the sole purpose of sending me your tithes...


I'll build a church for people who don't believe in any gods, or who aren't sure, you can pay tithes, and then I can buy a plane. Cool?

I think I’ll stay home. @DobbinPitch


It's called the local bar

By far my favorite comment


There's a group here in Wichita and I know there are branches in a few other cities called Oasis. It meets on Sunday morning at 10:30, you know, churchy time. I never went to church much but the first time I went it was a bit surreal. There's usually a musical guest but it's like music you'd hear in a bar, no message. The guest speakers have varied greatly from a WSU professor talking about the search for water on other planets to a sex therapist talking sex, to a couple who made their living in the church and stopped believing and their struggle to get out. I've met some great people there.



Well going to the women’s march this Sunday is kind of like that. I count organizations that I am involved in that are doing good to be fulfilling this niche.
There is also an atheist meet up where I live about once a month where we all go out to dinner and that is a discussion of beliefs and ideas that are more specific to non-belief

Myah Level 6 Jan 20, 2018

Unitarian Universalist churches are about as close to an athist/agnostic church as you can get.

My daughter went to a U.U once with a friend of hers.


Thought it might be because of death threats and fire bombing.


There are atheist "churches". I would imagine the agnostics could do the same.

Tithes go to me.


I thought about doing this where I live but I have no idea where to start. I am not the most sociable person.


I've often wondered the same thing. I tried a humanist society (a long time ago); there was some sense of purpose but none of community.


There is such s place. Unitarian Universalist


I agree, the closest I found to one is the Unitarian Universalist fellowship. I met many atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and others like wicans who also joined.


Great idea im all for it!


Here is another link that might help people find a group. []


There is Oasis. They only have a few locations though. Atheist group like church. I went once down in Houston and liked it. It was just too far for me to drive.

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