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Just wanted to share a little story.
My son Eli works full time in a small pet store while he's attending college full time.
About a month ago he received a call at the store from a woman with a story and a plea; her daughter needed dog food but was unable to come out and pick it up herself. She was struggling and her Mom wanted to try and help her out; could Eli bring the dog food to her daughter's house?

Thinking about a hungry dog Eli paid $60 for the food out of his own, lean wallet. He then drove to the daughter's home after work at 10pm and gave her the dog food.

When he related the story to me that night I was pleased with him, of course! But unhappy about the personal expense - he said 'Maybe she'll pay me back, but the dog is fed anyways!'

Guess what came in the mail today?
A check for $100 and a thank you note.

I'm glad that my boy wasn't let down.
I'm even more glad that he wouldn't have felt let down.
Put out in the world what you wish to get back, often you won't get any reward and it shouldn't matter.
But when you do it rocks 🙂

AmiSue 8 Sep 5

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Great kid. He was raised right.
Good job, Mom!!


Love it. One time many years ago, I had to borrow some cash to get out of airport parking lot (long story) and a man was nice enough to give it to me. I got his business card, and later mailed twice as much money back as he had given me, along with a thank you note. I'll bet he wasn't expecting it.


You raised him right. Thanks for adding another good "hooman" to the planet.


the young man has his heart in the right place, and I don't doubt that his mother had a whole lot to do with that. I hope he got to pet the dog too. your little story is absolutely beautiful!


Thank you for sharing. I felt so certain it would turn out badly. I can't tell you how much it warms my heart. ?


That's a great story. I need to hear more like that. Thank you.


Most people will treat you as they would like to be treated. There are just some ass holes who mess it up for the rest of us.


Sounds like you did a good job raising your son. Hats off to the both of you, and to the lady also.


Yup he gets and extra tight Mom hug for that one. That is awesome.


What a wonderful story. Not one you seem to hear often these days. Thank you for sharing!


Well done - on both sides !


(((( hugs ))))


Wonderful story


Your story came at a time when I just thought the whole world is going to shit...amazing how one wonderful person doing the right thing without thought of any return can give a person hope and confidence that things will be better one person at a time...I also think the woman who sent the check is wonderful...and of course, you the mom, who raised this great kid...teary eyed and hopeful today...thanks for sharing.


I am so happy I found this site . I am reading this in my car , at 0200 at hospital parking lot . I couldn't ask for better motivation to get back in and smile at sick , needy , and often ugly people . Bravo to u , bravo to your son , and thank u very much for sharing . ♥️♥️♥️


@AmiSue, thanks for sharing this. In times like these we can all use a little good news.

BTW, great job raising that young man.


Pay it forward. What a wonderful citizen you are raising.


Thanks for sharing!! What a wonderful example in Eli of generosity, and a wonderful example of following through and rewarding the gesture. Big smile on my face!!!


Pays off to do the right thing and when it doesn't its not event relevant because you know you did the right thing and that's priceless


As a woman, my first thought was thank goodness he didn't get mugged/raped. Sad I have to think that way.

Kudos to your son though and I'm SO GLAD he was rewarded for his good deed.


That is awesome!


Well done on his part. If you give, you get back.


So true...


I has been said that it takes a thousand attaboys/girls to neutralize one bad boy/girl. With so many media stories that are sad, heartbreaking, and shocking. We could use many more stories like this. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Sep 6, 2018
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