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Something on a lighter vein. I just finished watching a beautiful uplifting movie titled "Hidden Figures" The line I liked best was "At NASA we all pee the same color".

JackPedigo 9 Jan 23

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I used to have ongoing arguments on how there were/are no/few women scientists or inventors. My argument consisted of an indictment of the patriarchal educational system & bias in historical accounting, & cultural handicaps, & finally the revisionist history ie the double helix, discovered by a woman tho credited via Nobel to 2 men. To shut them up& end the disagreements, I went to the library & provided the books. Would that they read them? Not. It was merely a means of antagonizing the female employees. However, the beasts that engaged me took note & henceforth gave me much respect. When this film came out I rejoiced in that some recognition had been attained.


This is a great movie, in all kinds of ways. We need to see more such stories and thankfully that so many filmmakers are doing projects of this sort--to come out now that we have the situation in our politics at present with people populating that "world" who seem hellbent on "setting back the clock" in this nation to a nastier time for those who are not of the white "majority."


I purchased the movie last year. It was both uplifting and depressing.

I'm curious. What about the film did you find the most depressing?

This film moved me to tears. That happens often and I know it is not 'manly' to cry but "frankly...I don't give a damn"!
Thank you for letting me use that line - but I mean it.

@evidentialist Are you asking me to be specific about a scene or the overall tone of bigotry, sexism, white privilege, and racism?

@JackPedigo Teaching that it's not manly for men to cry probably originated from a hypermasculine psychopath.

@VictoriaNotes But it is still there! However, I consider myself a contrarian (which you have seen) and I also see that is often a good thing.

BTW what do you know of this:? Mississippi bill

@VictoriaNotes -- No, I wouldn't pin you down to a specific scene because that would be ridiculous --- there were too many depressing scenes. Just the general tone. What appeared to you to be the most depressing? I know what mine was from the film, and it differed little from my direct experience.

@JackPedigo What I know is that Mississippi ranks at the bottom as having the worst schools in the country and that the money meant for schools is being used to provide corporate subsidies in the millions. What I know is that this bill is illegal and that it's going to cost taxpayers a lot of money in order for the Constitution to be upheld. What I know is that I can't wait to get the fuck out of here.

@VictoriaNotes I read about this sort of thing all the time in FFRF. All it takes is one complaint then the lawyers write a letter and .. you know the procedure. I guess these people think if they do this often enough it will wear down their opposers.

I am sorry about your situation.You sound very unhappy and I can understand that but sometimes I feel I live on a different world than many others and so can't fully grasp the depth of their pain! All I can do is speak out and offer help when I am able.

@JackPedigo I'm not unhappy. I'm just not happy living here. There's a difference. 🙂


Excellent movie with history about the "computers" black women with mathematic proficiencies. Unbelievable they had to run around the building to use a segregated bathroom.

I think that might still be the case in some places. Remember S. Africa was like that long after this period and it took a world wide boycott to get them to change their ways.

Another note; your question on immigration caused me a rough night. I had wanted to address that question from when I first signed on to the group but was dreading it because I have been down this road too many times before. Pleasantly, there was none of the name calling I had anticipated and everything, so far, has gone smoothly and intelligently.

Jack I am so upset about this racist immigration policy that trump and the Pubs are trying to trade for DACA. I feel like I am in the minority on that post anyways.


Cool....what was that film about....I have heard of it.....just never fancied watching it

It was about how a female black community, especially 3 special people got us into space.

Doctor Bob is my doctor's name here on Lopez.


Wonderful film and almost accurate. I was impressed with this one.

I know there were probably a lot of hollywoodism in the film but the basic story is true.

@JackPedigo -- Yes, it is. I was there for a while during that time.


A film that evokes emotion are the best. Think they release endorphins and dopamine in you brain.


Its distressing that these woman are new information to people. Even amongst people who are interested in space travel. I grew up hearing the first “computers” were black women.

There’s a quote saying “History is written by the conquerors”. (Paraphrasing) There’s tons of American history that’s just ignored and not taught in schools. We have to teach ourselves.

I have 2 books in German about the history of N. and S. America. The Germans almost held a majority in these countries so a lot of Germans wrote history. Their side is different from what we are taught.

Another, little known fact is that after WWII the Germans erased their part in the war in their school texts. When the series "Holocaust" came out many young Germans were angry at Hollywood for 'slandering' their country. The government admitted it was true and discovered it was critical to include the bad parts of their history as well as the good. If we are ignorant of history we are more apt to repeat it.

That is what I fear today. I was in Israel in 1973 and a German friend of mine Lorencz knew nothing about the Holocaust. We went to Yad Vashem, the memorial to the 6 million, and we waited hours for him. He was in utter shock, reading every German document. trump racist policies are the foundation of Nazism. He has to be stopped.

@sassygirl3869 trumpkins act like they don’t know he’s a rapist. Like they don’t know he’s a racist. Umm, the klan supports his nomination and he was already on trial for rape during the election. Common knowledge. People like to ignore truths because they’re painful.

Germany erred in hiding the holocaust from its young. That’s awful. But no different than what we do here by glazing over slavery/redlining and the revoked reparations. Or what’s happening to the detained non-citizens. None of them have been sent back. They’re in factory camps. And no one seems to know that, either. Revisionism at its best.

@JackPedigo Germany had trouble accepting what the Nazi Government had done - To this day Turkey point blankly refuses to believe that the Armenian Genocide 1915 -1917 occured - it was 'random acts of agression' or 'reprisals against rebel forces' - rather than a organised attempt at removing and destroying an entire population -




Great movie!!


It had everything: an uplifting story, great acting, a piece of history, and math. Lots of math.


Great movie.


The line "At NASA we all pee the same color" shows considerable ignorance on the part of the scrip writers if meant to be taken literally. If metaphorical doesn't it mean the stories and explanations are not quite the level of faeces but close in that they are the equivalent of the waste product of the kidneys?
Even allowing for discrimination by NASA against employing the sick if all employees are young and healthy they will not have the same coloured urine. The following article is fairly comprehensive on the shades of urine from fresh waterlike to dark brown.


I so want to see that movie, thanks for the reminder.


Like that! I don't care what colour a person's pee, or skin, is as long as it is not the bigot Trump's "colour" (of his personality).


I have heard a similar socially levelling comment from years gone by "S/he shits like the rest of us. Who does s/he think they are?"


yes its a very good film


Have not seen movie yet...but sounds like nothing to debate there!


Just saw it myself last night. Very well crafted movie. Uplifting as well, pardon the pun. I was aware of 2 of the 3 women, and would probably enjoy the book (which likely has a bit more truth to the stories than the movie, at least it usually seems that way.)

It’s nice that you take it upon yourself to learn history that isn’t taught in schools. Kudos!

@bettybam I used to read a lot of fiction in my youth, but as I grew older I found non-fiction to be much more rewarding. I don't make much time for fiction these days. The more historical stuff I read, the more our world seems to fit together and make sense.



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