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What is something that you were told by a religious figure that made you mad? Bit of backstory before we get to the part that pisses me off. I was forced to go to church every Sunday. Even when I was stung about 100 times by bumble bees. I was also forced to go to CCD. One time we had to gather 'round, sit on the floor and listen to some asshole. It was something about "body is my temple", "not repcting god", or whatver. The speaker said that there was a guy by the name of Jeremy Long that killed himself. I was really quiet when I was young. I still kinna am, but this time I stood up and yelled at the guy. Why? HE WAS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS! HE JUST PASSED!

TheGreatShadow 9 Sep 25

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The concept of hell is what has angered me most. All the fear children and many adults feel about a made up punishment. As I got older I researched it and discovered that it is a newer idea, not in any texts, created to control people. What a terrible thing to teach children.

As bad the Hitler youth.

I never really believed in hell, even when I was a practicing minister....i thought it cruel that a loving father would condemn his children to such a nasty place as that for eternity...time outs don't last that ....


At my grandmother's funeral...actually, at pretty much every funeral ever the pastor will say that God took them to heaven and you'll see her again one day. Nah bruh, she had cancer. I can face that. I don't need some promise of meeting again. It's part of life, don't lie to my face because you think that's what I need to hear. So annoying. It helps some people I suppose so I can't hate on it too much. Just wish it wasn't that way.


Catholic school for 8 years. Forced to go to confession twice a year. Priest said "ok so tell me your sins". I didn't know what to say, I was 8. He became so frustrated with me and said "well you must have done something to make your parents mad or lied to them or something!". I still remained silent. He then put his hand on my forehead and said, "well ok, go in peace to love and serve the lord". It was so rehearsed and lacking in compassion and authenticity...I knew then it was all a farse.

Oh yeah. The good 'ole confessional. A good answer (if you were the booth for privacy).... I'd start of with "forgive me father for I have sinned. My last confession was (whatever) ago". "what is your confession my son"? I put a bomb in this place and you have 60 seconds to get out before it goes off!


I've heard this from a number of religious figures, & I think it is so callous & pompous. The idea that any misfortune, any illness, any loss happens either to test you or that you brought it on yourself for not believing enough!


When I was 18 my 15-year-old cousin was killed in car accident. He was a passenger in a drag race, another of our cousins was a passenger in the other car. A week after he died, my grandmother came to collect all of us cousins to go to her Baptist Church. None of us had ever met the pastor before, but he proceeded to tell us that God had taken Ben to teach us all a lesson, the miserable little heathens that we were. I was simply incredulous that he could say such a thing, but the cousin who had also been in the race felt so guilty that he joined the Marines at age 17.

There's a recurring theme on this post. They prey on people that emotionally weak, and just lost a loved one. Hitlers sister was asked about what she thought of her brother. She started sobbing and said "he was my brother". When you mock the dead, especially in little time, they can go to hell!


Boy do I understand. Raised Pentecostal, forced to go to church 3 times a week. Anyone who's ever been to a old time "Revival", knows these things last for hours. I was 14yrs old when the "preacher" told the entire congregation I was a 'harlett" because my dress was too short. I walked out and never looked back!!

3X a week? Holy shit?! I think that is child abuse!

Did the preacher call you a harlot from the pulpit?

I was partly raised in tha assemblies of god. The jimmy swaggart era. The ones that get me are the ones that have actually studied to "show thyself approved" and still believe that shit.

@KingofHarts Yes he did, but "Brother White" did me a favor. I knew at that moment, the kind of God they worshiped was cruel and not for me. My journey into Atheism began that day.


This has happened to me many times. It happened when I was a catholic and it happens when idiots from any religion say something offensive.

Once when I was a young boy I was sent to the neighbor's house to bring my sister home for dinner. The neighbor's grandmother was there. She was a "church woman". She insisted that we all pray. I told here that I did not come to pray, but that it was dinner time and I was doing what my mother asked and was bringing my sister home. My sister opted to pray, but that was just so that she didn't have to leave right away. The old woman told me what a wicked, evil boy I was and that god hated me and I was going to hell. I told her that I was a catholic and prayed all the time, and what made HER prayers so special. She told me that all catholics were going to hell. I did not want to insult my elders so I did not call the old woman the witch that she was, but said "OK, I will tell me mom that you won't let me sister leave" and left to go home. That memory STILL chaps my hide to this day. I was maybe 8 or 9 years old at the time.

I have a somewhat similar story. Until I was about 20 I was a devout catholic. That's when I guess I reached the "age of reason". There was a lady that taught CCD that swore up and down I was the devil. They'd make us hug someone before we left. I knew when it was time to leave, so I, and some friends would run to the door like Olympic sprinters to get out of there! They caught on quickly, and had the catholic fuzz blocking the door. There were two other exits. They caught onto that too. We would skip the class lots of times.


Years ago, I stayed the night at a friend's mother's house, in a city much bigger than my village. I was already a non Christian at this time. She made me and my friend attend her Baptist church. The sermon was a story about a rich modern man, who in his whole life, only ever put a single pen on the donation tray. He lived his life like heyzeus, was kind to others, yada yada. Yet when he died, and reached heaven, god told him that all he would have in heaven, was that single pen he once donated. Needless to say it made me disgusted and furious, cementing my disbelief.

Christians constantly reinforce my disbelief as well as my belief in their corruption.


At 13/14 my parents asked if I wanted to go to confirmation classes . I really wasn't interested but thought they would like it so sure I'll go. At beginning of first class the pastor said anyone who didn't go to church and Sunday school would not be confirmed . I went to church by myself mostly but refused to go to Sunday school. I absolutely hated it. The course is over, received a call from someone at church asking my size so cap and gown could be ordered . (Oh joy) I told that person I didn't know if I'd be confirmed because pastor said Sunday school was mandatory and I only went to church . She said "Oh!" And hung up. Couple nights later someone pounds on our door. I answered and there was the pastor who proceeded to scream at me, "What are you trying to do to me! Why are you doing this ? " I have no idea what he's screaming about. Mom and dad talk to him , he leaves. They told me some of congregation weren't happy with him, didn't give me details. No one from that church ever called back and I was never confirmrd. That was not a problem for me.

He screamed at you because he loves you! lol

@TheGreatShadow I think I just had a flashback.....


I went through confirmation class when I was 12 years old. After confirmation class, I was forced to attend the adult church service. At the adult church service, the minister (who taught the confirmation class) would inject quotes from the kids at the confirmation class into his sermons. However nobody at the confirmation class ever said those quotes. I would grab my mother's arm and say "He's lying, nobody ever said that". She would grab my arm and tell me to shut up.

BD66 Level 8 Sep 25, 2018

After the 2003 Bam earthquake, in which over 25,000 people were killed, I remember watching a clergy on TV calling it a test of "divine grace". Even though I was a believer at that time, I was so pissed off that I yelled in disgust in front of my parents. They didn't say a word, because they knew how angry I was.

You mean Jesus didn't come back and stop the earthquake?? Wow...imagine that....


i can't think of a single personal experience in which a religious figure said anything in my presence that made me mad, but that's because i was raised a secular jew, and those few times i have gone to shul the sermons have been really interesting and not weird or offensive. i mean, i remember one sermon that encouraged recycling and it wasn't because god said to recyle lol, it was just because we have to take care of the earth. so no, really not. what famous religious figures say on tv is another story. gays cause hurricanes and god wants us to worship trump, feh! total crap.


@Gooniesnvrdie sci-fience!


Hey recycling is good!

oh come on.....just admit it ....Trump is a genius!!!

@FlyingEagle1952 he is something that almost rhymes with it. he has to BE one because he hasn't GOT one.



I was informed that if I insisted that my best friend was a part of my wedding party, that they would not allow the ceremony to be held in the Mormon church, his kind were not allowed. (He was black). He would be allowed to attend, and take part, the Elder suggested he assist in serving the dinner.

Even if that took place in the 60's still not cool. Then again mormons aren't fond of any outsiders.

That story makes me so angry I could spit nails. My sister was not allowed to get married in her church because she was marrying a black man. It was her 3rd marriage. The first 2 husbands were white and both beat the crap out of her. Her current husband is one of the sweetest men I've ever met. What difference does race make anyway? We all bleed red. She left that church.

@TheGreatShadow it was 1971

@Candi That’s beyond messed up! I never liked the Mormons too much, due to me doing research about their religion and most do believe White skin is superior because they feel that dark skinned people are of the Devil, which I don’t mind Hahahaha!!!


Mine is a bit unrelated, but a bit related.

Some church org was having a charity BBQ in front of my workplace, as is custom during the months from May to Augest. Come time to shut down, I clean up by wiping everything down (without help from her) and start bringing stuff in, including the dirty laundry. The laundry was dumped in one of the hampers, and I went about my tear down.

20 minutes later, this condescending cross wearing cunt that had been talking down to me the whole day loses her shit because I apparently took her white rag away. So, I spent 20 minutes digging though hampers and looking for a likely 50 cent washrag. Which she INSISTED was important because it was used for baptisms.

Made me laugh. It's almost as if she inadvertently exposed that she feels the same way as me about how sacred the baptismal process is.

I get what you are saying. I'm a tangent kinna guy.

That wash rag reminds me of a story. There is an elobarate mission house around here that is nearly vacant. We would drop off clothes that didn't fit or whatever. All looked new, and wanted them to go to someone that could use them. Waste not want not. They said they would go to 3rd world countries.Mom did that for decades. The last time the mission house said she had to wash them. Wait a sec... You have a multi million dollar building, pay no taxes, ask for monetary donations, and can't do that!?

There are people that would kill for some decent clothes!


I'll give you two, both relative to the death of my brother ten years ago.

While Jim was dying in the hospital of a brain tumor and he had declined to the point where he could no longer speak or move, the Chaplin came in at one point to offer "spiritual comfort." While there, he asked me if I was praying as hard as I could on my brother's behalf. When I replied I wasn't religious, he suggested that perhaps my lack of faith was the cause of my brother's suffering. I responded by pointing out that Jim was dying because his body was being eaten alive by cancer, a condition that was not caused by the absence of faith and to kindly keep any further opinions to himself. My restraint was admirable in light of my anger.

The second was during his funeral a few months later. Jim was a believer so it was held in a church and I attended with the expectation there would be some remembrance of the man. Instead, the pastor stated that this would not be a remembrance of the deceased but a glorification of the lord. He then went on for 45 mins about how awesome Jebus is while my brother's body just laid in the coffin being completely ignored by this religious tool. I was furious but, again, held it together.

Religion just gets under my skin in the worst way.

Unfortunately, about 1/3 of the replies on hear are similar to yours and mine. Aren't these fucks supposed to teach compassion? Death is a damn hard thing to deal with. Do they have to twist the knife in the wound, and pour salt on it!?

It might have been better if the Chaplain had offered Southern Comfort.


I once worked at a large supermarket. A Catholic Father came in, roughly once a week. Always friendly.
One day, I asked what a woman's role was in a the church, in the family. Basically, men are modeled after God, and thus should be praised as the head of his household. That I should be a servant to God's will, and to please my husband would be pleasing to God.

It certainty sounded like I was be a emotional/mental/physical servant to my husband. With no personal insights or rejections.
If I refused, I would displease God.

Let's just say, we stopped our friendly chats after that.


Right now in treatment this woman is saying the bible is the infallible word of god.Well hell, her book says a woman is not supposed to preach.


“You don’t ask those kinds of questions!”

I'd usually get "that's a good question (pause) I'll get back to you on that". lol

I've had numerous ministers get downright pissed when I've asked them certain questions.

I got "well, God only knows, maybe one day he'll share the answer with you".... My grandma's way of answering my questions about dinosaurs, archeology, gangs and child abuse. She was a preacher's wife.


My dad had just died I am talking minutes ago, and some idiot minister said.. "well that is that then". I called her a cunt and walked out of the room. It may be the end but you don't have to be so friggin straight. How about, "sorry for your loss", or even "his in 's hands now" (even though I am a staunch atheist). And it was not even so much what she said, but how she said it. I was very upset! LOL Cheers

That's fucked. I ALWAYS say "sorry for your loss". Even when I was religious.


Maybe a decade ago, I attended a funeral for a friend. He family was having a really hard time dealing with the loss, especially his sister, who had found him hanging in her house (he had been staying with her for a while).
Mormon family, Mormon funeral. Mormon bishop goes up to speak about what a tragedy it is that there would be no place in the kingdom of god for anyone who would take their own life. He goes on to talk about the evils of suicide, drugs (which he just assumed my friend was on), and a list of bullshit. He repeatedly insulted the deceased in front of a distraught family. I am ashamed that I simply watched on in horror.

Very similar to what I went through, but your story is worse. This didn't happen at his funeral. Even though disrespectful to the dead, I'd probably walk out of that place! Maybe even walk up to the alter and explain this is a time of grieving. I'd be the guy to do something like that.


I was brought up Catholic so yes I had to go to church every Sunday and listen to the priest tell us how badly the church needed more money. and behind the church by the multi-car garage by the rectory was the Lincoln Continental which I'm sure cost a little bit more than the 66 Chevy Biscayne my dad had.
Both vehicles performed the same function.

Here's what pisses me off more. Yes, this a very expensive building. Been there many times. It's very nice inside. Kind of cool, but not at the expense of suckers that donate, and not paying any taxes. They actually bought some farm land for a ridiculous amount of land. That pushed farmers out. The "official" story as to why they bought the land was because they were scared a hog farm, or cattle farm would be put up, and it would stink. That was premium crop land! BTW this place is almost completely vacant.

I guess I'm not welcome there. Read the article. I gotta be a catholic....



Friend of mine believes in the ‘miracles’ and comes up with some bullshit to support them. Virgin births? Some animals can reproduce asexually, why not humans? The best one though was the water-to-wine myth, until I pointed out that water is hydrogen and oxygen, wine essentially a hydrocarbon. He countered this by saying that elements can change until I pointed out that you need huge amounts of energy only found in exploding stars to convert oxygen to carbon...

So Mary and her mother were both hermaphrodites? Or, did they eat the apple from the tree? The fermented one..


That my best friend in elementary was and not worthy to go into the preisthood. He was African-American and Mormon. He was a descendant of Cain.

And then they started taking a lot of heat for being a racist cult, and poof look at that. The Mormons’ never changing God changed his mind, and decided the priesthood should be available to any righteous male. I guess someone must’ve talked to God about being a racist dick.

You gotta wonder why any black person was ever Mormon. It was so disrespectful to them.


During Cancer treatment it was 2 pasters that caused anger and disbelief.
1st, I couldn't pay my electric bill. I was advised by the company to call Christian I did. I was explaining why I couldn't pay my bill because he said 'lot's' of people don't pay there bills and they will only pay $50. I wanted him to understand that not paying wasn't my choice....I couldn't work and was waiting on disability. He says....what?, are you trying to make me feel sorry for you. He was the lead pastor. I called the electric company and told them not to take a single penny from them!
2nd, I didn't have gas to get to treatment. A local church said they would fill my tank and that a sister church would fill me up again, so I could get home....treatment was far a 5 hour drive. While filling my tank the pastor asked about MY church. I told him i didnt go to i was invited to his church. I told him i don't go to church. Then he wants to councel me....of course i refuse, telling him im not comfortable with that and that i see a psychologist in KC. So I go to Kansas City, get my chemo and everything else taken care of. I call the sister church...nothing. I call the hometown church....nothing. Those Bastard left me stranded because I refused to go to there church! I actually made a sign and begged on the corner for gas money so I could go home.


That if you give all your to the preacher man, this imaginary guy in a cloud will give it back to you.... specious bullshit!

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