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Will time one day end ?

By Axlefoley6
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We don't know enough to answer this question yet.


Depends on what you mean by "the end of time". If there is no time then there is no relative change to measure, so you're probably talking about the heat death of the universe where all matter is evenly distributed and nothing is left in the form of energy.

The jury is out on whether that's a final end or just an extreme of a cycle that goes back to a new big bang. And of course the jury is out on whether this universe is the only one (likely, not).

mordant Level 8 Oct 5, 2018

"Time,Natures way of preventing everything from happening at once". But if what we call reality, comes to an end after being consumed by a black hole,does it really matter?

Mike1947 Level 7 Oct 5, 2018

If time is that bit of the continuum we tap into to give a point of reference then no, it existed before existence and will continue after existence ceases, time does not need us, we appear to need it.

ipdg77 Level 8 Oct 5, 2018

you mean space/time? it may change in nature. we have no reason to think it will end and stay finished.


genessa Level 8 Oct 5, 2018

Time will end for each of us at our death.


Time and space are an illusion.

"For physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." -Einstein


Depends on the context of the word 'time' you are using...

I don't think anyone uses the Mayan calendar anymore, so in a way, that aspect of time is dead.
Will CE be a bygone era like BCE is to our perspective? Maybe it will one day end.
Will the universe wind down, maybe contract into a new big bang? I have no clue.
Do we understand time enough in relationship to with gravity to even make an assumption? I don't think so.

jondspen Level 7 Oct 5, 2018

Time ended on September 4, 2015.


Yes. Time will end with the demise of the last clock and the last person who would be able to read one. Then some idiot starts it all again by watching planet movement and things. The trouble starts anew when he assigns "time" to his god.


Not even according to the Maya baqtun.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Oct 5, 2018

Interesting thought I wonder if we would still be programmed to get up for coffee in the morning and sleeping in the evening?

jacpod Level 8 Oct 5, 2018


gater Level 7 Oct 5, 2018

We'll end first. Then time will end. Time didn't exist before we invented it. So once we end...time will end. That is unless we meet little green men with lovely casios on their wrists.

Amisja Level 8 Oct 5, 2018

It's less debatable to say that humans invented a method of tracking time.


The magazine? Probably.


Time is flexible and will never end. Our perception of time will come to an end.

Gohan Level 7 Oct 5, 2018
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