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Need some SERIOUS thoughts.

I have 2 cats. One would jump on the counter constantly. I'd wake up next day, and a toaster, or my phone would be on the floor. Woke me up constantly! My two cats have been at my dads for several months! I live by myself. How do you explain this?

Is my house haunted? Is someone that is breaking into my house every few nights just to knock something over, take nothing, and get in and out without a trace? What should I do? At first I thought I was misplacing things, or accidentally knocked something over.

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TheGreatShadow 9 Oct 29

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Check your carbon monoxide detectors. SERIOUSLY!


Just had to pick the second one! You really left me no choice!

Police don't do shit around here. Plus I'd shoot the fucker before he gets out.

@TheGreatShadow Maybe not the best idea to advertise that!

@phxbillcee Meh, I'm well within my legal rights to do so. I am not joking.


Do you live in a place with fracking? Have you ever been known to sleep walk? Are you taking Ambien?

Carin Level 8 Oct 30, 2018

I have taken ambien before, and I have sleep walked in the past. We mentioned ambien earlier in the post, but the prick deleted it! I posted it on the insomniacs group.



This is a trick I had learned when I had an apartment that did not allow pets. Putting aluminum foil on the windowsills is supposed to deter the kitty from going into the window.


I'd be looking for a live trap to set up. A low tech method of surveillance is to spread floor on the counter and the floor around it. I'm sure you will find some kind of animal tracks in it.

JimG Level 8 Oct 29, 2018

I was joking about the house being haunted. No new posts, so I made something that I thought would be funny.

@TheGreatShadow I hoped you were, and while the low tech surveillance does work, that was pretty much tongue-in-cheek too. There are ways that are far less messy.

I really like that meme though.

@JimG My HDD went out on my surveillance. Otherwise I'd hook on another cam. It's probably a mouse, or sleep walking. If you look at the poll, you can tell I'm making a joke. 🙂


Yup set up a camera. No other way to find out. Good luck.

Raven, should I go get my cats, and have them protect me. 🙂


Something might have came in some way. I had field mice come in one time but when I discovered them they left almost the same way they had came in. It was very strange.


Maybe mice.

That was my guess. It didn't help when it was nice I left the front door wide open. But I need to check into the sleepwalking.


You're getting "creepy crawled". Set up a camera!

If I'm the creeper... that's not cool! lol


May be set up a camera to record what's happening in the kitchen.

Once I was at work alone. I left my phone in the office and I was in the kitchen for awhile at the opposite end of the building. I heard music and went to the office to find my phone playing a song from my music library. My phone was in lock mode, my music app was not open, and it was a song I hadn't listened to in months. And that had never happened before or since.

What can I say? You phone is AI.

@DenoPenno I know it already does things it wants.

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