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Probably in a month or so. After that, I'll be there for years.

Sgt_Spanky 8 Nov 5

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It's a long slog, going from Level 7 to 8.

To gain Level 8, you increase from 10,000 to 50,000 points.


Howdy and welcome here. I also concur. I have been here over a year and am only at level 7. I have also watched others pass me. I also majored in Math, my first time doing that college thing, and based on my observation and application of, Math, my learning it could be at least 2 years before I make it to level 8.

@gsiamne, @Sgt_Spanky

To get to Level 8, I suggest posting an interesting question every day. That's how I did it. When people like and comment on your posts, your points increase as you sleep.

Ask a question to stimulate interest and replies. People love answering a question.

Use the word "you" in your headline. "You" is one of the 15 most persuasive words in the English language, according to a study by Yale University. For example, I asked:

Are you lonely?
When did you start drinking coffee, and why?
Would you give him a second chance?
What's the funniest gift you have received?
Do we ever get over childhood hurts?

If a post got no replies, I changed the headline to a question. Then people began commenting and liking the post.

@LiterateHiker I'm going to try this strategy. Not because I care about leveling up but it sounds like an interesting experiment in human psychology.

@LiterateHiker Yes, I comprehend that. I am also a science liking introvert who prefers reading.


As a psychology major and creative writer, it was easy to be a successful marketing director. Directing YMCA programs, I did focus groups with parents and kids. I asked what they need from Day Camp and how they benefit.

Parents want kids to be safe, learn new skills, and make new friends.

Kids want to have fun.

To sell Day Camp, I created brochures with pictures: smiling kids paddling a canoe (having fun, learn new skills), with a counselor (supervision), and everybody wearing life jackets (safety). Day Camp increased from 30 kids to 180 kids in one year.

@LiterateHiker You had me at canoes.


One I get my t-shirt, I'll have the dilemma of wanting to wear it but knowing I'm not ready to come out of that closet yet. I'm in no hurry.

'Let the t-shirt set ye free." I read that in the bible somewhere.


I just achieved level 7...will I power up to 8...not anytime soon.

I too will power my way to 8...sometime before the 2nd coming of Christ. That should give me plenty of time.

@Sgt_Spanky the you have an eternity

@Cabsmom What a perfect thing to say. You are the most awesome and amazing wom… GAH! Sorry, I keep falling back into that first post when I talk to you. 🙂

@Sgt_Spanky, that's funny. I am glad you reminded why yippy started saying that or I would have been wondering...


Yeah, I finally just made level 7.2. Sure you could post and comment all day, day after day, have no other life, and make level 8 in a matter of months, but what is the point of chasing points for the sake of making points? If you want a T-shirt so badly just go to the website store and buy one.


I traded in all my points for the two watermelon erasers and a pack of chewing gum. No regrets.


Psst.....hey buddy, over here...don't look around, I don't want anyone to see us in this alley and keep your voice down. Hey, I heard you might want some 'points'. I got some points I can sell you. Don't ask where they came from, let's just say these points had an owner who had an accident. Yea, don't they look cool? Hey, no touching till I see some moola then I'll give you a whole sack of points. How do you think people get up so high in leveling? Posting stuff? Ha, that's what they want you to believe. Get up, post all day, go home, level up. Yea right. Years later, your still the same old level. So you want a sack of points? Whadya say?


Moving from level 7 to level 8 took me a couple of months. Going from 8 to 9 took many months. I've been here 11 months, made level 9 about 3 weeks ago, I think. There are some that spend way more time here and post more than I do and have progressed more quickly. However, at the rate I'm going, I will be level 10 in about 3 years. I am OK with that, I am here because I find value in the relationships and conversations here.


Me too. I just looked at my point total. Then I’ll be level 7 til I die.

That's how I feel about my chances too.


Im.around 1100 points from level 6. It feels like it has taken so long.

It's 40,000 points from 7-8. I won't get there in my lifetime.

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