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To all the old men like me (over 60):

Don’t you love and hate this group at the same time? Love, because we didn’t get to be a part of this technology in our youth, and hate because we didn’t get to be a part of this technology in our youth?

Ride_Captain 7 Feb 16

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My only ambivalence in regard to this group is that I no longer care to engage in pointless discussions about such things as "the right to bear arms" while children in our country are being slaughtered. I have blocked those on this forum whose religion is that of firearms worship. I don't need the aggravation. And, at 68, I honestly feel more like 48, physically, not old at all.


No... I am glad of absence of cell phones and selfies for all stupid thing I did. I am very glad there is no proof just hear-say. I am glad there was no aids or herpes either when I was a teen and a young man. I am very glad of the things I didn't have. Because I didn't needed them. I still feel competent to do without.


Ah, but remember the technology of our youth that we were able to enjoy. 🙂


I've enjoyed my time here from the first tv my folks got to being able to watch some guy shoot his car into space. In spite of bad news we all have reason to be optimistic. I wish I could live another 100 years to see what will happen it's all pretty interesting to me.


And who told you that at 60 people are old?


What I have really liked is to be a part of all of the change. From phones with no dials and "number please" to "call Nancy" in one lifetime is pretty awesome. I remember when no one, not even in the NBA, could dunk a basketball. I remember listening to "Bobby Benson and the B bar B" on the radio in the living room. Now I can watch the movie I want to watch, when I want to watch it, in color, on my pocket watch/phone/camera/encyclopedia.


Who are you calling old? I am getting ready to start my fifth business. I may not be a part of the new generation, but this old generation still has a part to play.


A few of the kids... my kid's age and younger, tell me they want to grow up to be me. <3

The technology is amazing. I thought digital cameras were the handiest thing of my lifetime till smartphones came along. Without a doubt, email and text had the most impact on my life.


I'm not a man, but I passed 60 a few weeks ago. I think it has been cool to watch the changes in technology. However, I am beginning to feel like a fossil. Well, maybe not beginning. The good news was I got to be young and stupid before it was easy to record everything, cuz some of the stuff I did would embarrass my kids fer sure. For now I have made peace with my circumstances. Subject to change without notice. But it is what it is and it is what made me who I am. That goes for all of us, we wouldn't be who we are if things were different. So Peace, Love, Rock n Roll, smoke a joint if ya got one.

I'm 53 and so grateful that cell phone cameras weren't around in my youth!


I feel I was born to late. I would have made a great hippie

@Marcie1974 It's not too late to join me at a sit-in or a festival!


Why is this only directed to men? I was expecting it to be about testosterone or how low the balls hang now. Instead, it's about technology, which is gender neutral. 😟

@astrochuck passed 60 four years ago. That's good genes at work!


This media technology is new for all of's only taken off in the past 10 years, and only became popular after smart phones proliferated, after 2007. Even if you learn to use one technology, you must constantly relearn each time your devices update, or you switch to another brand.

Back in the 1990s, I posted ads in newspaper dating classified sections and it was just as annoying meeting men for dates as it was later on, when using online dating sites.


I've always felt I was born 20 years too soon. I don't think that answers your question tho

twill Level 7 Feb 16, 2018

I am glad the technology wasn't around when I was younger. I got so much more important things done before. Now it's about resisting temptation and limiting my time with the virtual world.


Not me. I find it so much easier to just go with the flow. Your mileage may vary.


Same for women...but, every so often we must reinvent ourselves anyway...just reinvent yourself sucked up in this new tech...


My generation wasn't born into this technology either.
Then again, I didn't own a computer until I was about 23. Didn't have high speed Internet until I was about 27 or a cell for that matter.

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