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Does anyone else notice people creep your profile but never say "Hi"? And by creep I mean look at it over and over.

By Jama7657
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I had to turn off the hover option, so that I wasn't seeing everytime someone just passed over my avatar it showed them looking at my profile. My memory is not what it used to be, and I will use whatever easy crutches are available. I have a tendency to read too fast and I will go back later to make sure what I read is what I should have read. I don't know if that helps in your case since today was my first visit to your profile. I am more concerned about followers than I am visitors, but since I encourage people to follow 2 or 3 people to lead you through the site, I take that with a grain of salt.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 21, 2019

And, too, after reading a number of posts, one ends to forget the uniqueness of each without going back time and time again because so many overlap in various ways.


in what way is clicking on your name to go see who you are when you've made a post they like, or dislike, equal creeping? there is no obligation or need for anyone to say hi just because they checked out your page. what if they checked out 20 pages? do they need to say hi? if everyone who visited my page said hi to me, i'd be creeped out by that!


genessa Level 8 Jan 20, 2019

Viewing a profile is different than looking at a profile multiple times in a day.

@Jama765 i have not paid enough attention to know if anyone does that to me. i doubt it, though. but i know that sometimes if i see a post that piques my interest in some way, i go to that page, and i might go back to it later to make sure of what i saw, or because i saw another post by the same person (and maybe even forgot whether it was the same person). and i don't stalk people, either.



Yeah. So?
No one is obligated to say "hello" or any other damned thing.
Kind of silly to expect that.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 20, 2019


I find it odd for someone to look at my profile 10 times in a day. I don't expect anyone to say hi. But to look at it that much is odd.

@Jama765 It might be incidental. It might be someone trying to work up the nerve to say "hello".
The use of "creep your profile" is a really negative snap judgment.
You don't know that's what's happening.
I mean, if you want to let it bother you, that's your call.


Sometimes you want to know more about what a person is about and I don't always remember what I've read about them previously. Sometimes you are looking at that little, itty bitty thumbnail photo and want to see more...and I forget what they looked like, or they changed their photo and I don't realize I'm looking at the same person again. And yes, oftentimes the "hover" view is unintentional.

Great point! Thank you!


It’s a catch-22.
If you “hover” or look at a profile - and discover the age differential is large or the distance is great, you have two choices:
1) do nothing (and risk being labeled as a creeper)... or
2) say “hi” - and potentially “creep out” someone that thinks you’re too old...

That's why I disabled that function.

PS: I’m always respectful. Many times a “hover” is accidental, you know...

@NoMagicCookie Thanks. I think I will too.

@Santanaman9 over 99% of my hovers were accidental. Wish that feature was by default disabled.

I meant when someone looks at your profile multiple times.

I use the app so that didnt even occure to me.

@Jama765 That makes a lot more sense to me now. I comprehend and acknowledge.


I just didn't know how to. I've loaded and ultimately deleted several dick pics of varying quality.

I'm not good at this stuff, okay?

Haha awesome reply!


Everyone is just curious about people here and want to see some info about them not necessarily wanting to chat. I do it all the time as has others said the same.

jlynn37 Level 8 Jan 20, 2019

Agree, but do you look at a person's profile multiple times a day?

@Jama765 No I do not.


Doesn't bother me one bit. They could at least drop off some tacos and Coronas, but I forgot to take down the "ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK" sign. That might help.

Mmmm, tacos.

If they gave tacos they could creep me all day. I guess I find it odd someone would look at a profile multiple times and never say hi. Why keep looking. Lol

@Jama765 With all due respect and with all of the responses you've gotten thus far, I don't know why it is you continue to profess you don't understand at this point. I would think someone might have gotten through to you by now considering so many plausible and similar responses have been made to your query.


I look at profiles, read bios and look at photos all the time. If it doesn't seem interesting enough to start a conversation, I don't. I don't think I'm being creepy.

I don't either. I meant the same people look at it multiple times and never say hi. Why keep looking. Lol


I check out profiles to see who l am responding to all the time. I went into my settings and changed it so people don't know if l visited their profile just for that reason. I forget who folks are sometimes. Some people change their main photo and I go there to see if it is someone new, only to see they are not. I don't see any reason to say hi if I don't really want to get acquainted.

Sticks48 Level 9 Jan 20, 2019

Very good points. Thank you!

@Jama765 You are very welcome. smile001.gif


sometimes just moving my mouse hovers. and then other times, i mean to click one thing and wind up on a profile.

also, there are times when i find something interesting and i check out a profile to see other posts/comments. it's not necessarily 'creeping'.


I think it's a way for people to get to know you, especially if you're making posts or replies. We have profiles with information that helps others know who we are. I think just because someone checks a profile it doesn't mean they are creeping.


I hover over profiles all the time, to get a sense of who is behind a comment on a post. I wouldn't bother them by saying "hi" in that case.

Orbit Level 7 Jan 20, 2019

I do as well. It is often time advisable to understand who you are posting in order to help you gage the nature of your response. I was lectured one time because I asked a question which was answered in her profile. She insisted guys never read bios and ask stupid questions. Never made that mistake again.

Agree. But do you look at someones profile 15 times a day?



hippydog Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

Don't be scaring the woman now!

@Wildflower to late. Already started randomly following her, looked at her profile twice, and never left a message. ??

Maybe some unnecessary baseless paranoia everywhere, too, for some?! smile009.gif


Always, I do that on purpose just to creep people out. Works everytime lol

AlexRam Level 7 Jan 21, 2019

Creeping around the corner to say....





hankster Level 9 Jan 20, 2019



I don't find repetitive viewing to be creepy whatsoever because I think it only natural, considerate, cautious, and smart, especially when attempting to connect with strangers via the internet, to search, re-search, get similar results numerous times, need to refresh one's memory, think and rethink, and come back again with more time availability or when one's reasons/status changes to actually initiate a connection. Lastly, secret admirers, I don't think, are problemmatic especially when from a distance; not everyone is so fortunate to be admired by anyone.

Very nice train of thought. I enjoy other peoples perceptions.Thanks!!


i am now going to constantly check all your profiles.

I saw you looking!


Ive noticed that people I am interacting with on the threads check my profile.
I do the same thing
I also inadvertently hover over recent visitors when I move my mouse to the right which will look like a visit. I presume that the something similar happens with my visitors.

But if you all ARE creeping my profile, feel free to message me

Lucy_Fehr Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

I do not have a mouse on my NOT SO SMART GALAXY SAMSUNG phone


I've had over 550 people look at my profile in less than a year. I don't think I'd want to hear from all of them... especially since much of the contact wouldn't be positive! lol The more you post the more you know.

Very true. But I'm curious why someone looks at my profile over and over.

@Jama765 ask them directly not vaguely...s/he might assume you like her/him...and a direct question might stop the's not creeping unless it's obvious when it continues after being confronted

@Jama765 What difference does it make? Good golly, it appears you're beating a dead horse into the ground, or are you simply using this query as a ploy for more attention which I don't think a young pretty lady like you actually needs more of?

@ScrabbleQueen first of off, this post is over 6 months old. Secondly, I would get notifications when someone looked at my profile. Some users looked 3 or 4 times daily. I asked a general question just to see what others had to say. I use the app on my phone and I actually learned that using the site on a laptop can cause it to appear as though the users looked multiple times a day. So, my question to you is do you have such a problem with someone learning how the site works and if so why.

@Jama765 friends only requested should deter creeps....I must say your red hair is stunning .....however many people have noted here that frequent posting is bound to cause a blip of write well thoughtfully and you are the median age here half younger half older so I get to use a new word complimenting you "doyenne"....when I am propositioned by gays I don't get angry or run....I say thank you I am flattered but I am a virgin in your expectations and only appreciate Feminist Atheists......that leaves a tiny window of hope if they are trans post OP but most are religious so I apologize for my inability to respect faith regarding alleged gawds


Hmm... looking at peoples profiles is kinda of the point... i think it’s fine. If I didn’t want people to see it I wouldn’t post it. I actually don’t look much probably because I think lots of people feel as you do. It says on my profile that I’m here for community so in my mind it’s just hanging out with other nonbelievers. Seems the visit itself is like saying hi.. I peak at my phone while living my life.. I can’t always post or interact in full. So I’m cool with it. As for how you feel, your certainly are permitted your own take and ways. That’s the trick though, we have different sensibilities so we will likely never get a consensus.

I am referring to the same person looking at it multiple times


It's not like peeking through the window of your home or something

Rudy1962 Level 9 Jan 20, 2019

Haha very true. My point was I notice some will look at my profile 7 times in a day.

@Jama765 if someone looked at my profile seven times a day I probably would not know it. But if they did , I think I'd ask them why they keep looking at my profile. That would either scare them to death or start a very good conversation.


That just tells you that someone is interested in you.
Why does it bother you so much that someone's looking over your profile so much... if you feel that someone violating your personal body in some way then take your posts down or take your profile down... if you feel uncomfortable and your life is threatened in some way then you need to leave this website.
But I suspect if you get on even to Facebook or Twitter or another dating're going to go through the same thing.😞


Don’t check. I sometimes look at a profile several times because I do not always remember something. Not necessarily creeping. I may also be ambivalent for some reason. Not personal.

ToolGuy Level 8 Jan 22, 2019

It could just be that someone is searching for a date or contact in your area.

I just looked at your page with an iPad and down the right hand column it shows all the women nearby to you (I’m male, so the dating engine must search your area when I view your profile. Looking to match me up with those nearby maybe.)

So it could be something as simple as the person bookmarking your page to view that list regularly. Not even interested in you.

I don’t think you need to freak. smile001.gif

Danggali Level 4 Jan 21, 2019

Yes that is my search strategy geographically

You can remove ‘those nearby’ from your profile page, there’s an option in settings. Hope that helps. smile001.gif

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