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We've an "anti-vax mommy" in the 'burb. Probably more than one. But one that's VOCAL in her "belief". Even our local pharmacist mommy cannot get "Anti-vax mommy" to allow her to vaccinate her children, for free. She's been told about herd immunity, and the danger she is creating for other children. We are returning, more rapidly than I imagined, to "The DARK Ages".

By bigpawbullets8
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Herd immunity!!!! People have to vaccinate their pets against rabies or else the pet can be detained by animal control and not returned without a vaccine. When an individual’s personal beliefs affect the public health, it shouldn’t be optional.

toxdoc Level 5 Feb 4, 2019

Didn’t think these people actually existed. Just thought it was a meme.


Considering how throughly debunked the original study that linked vaccinations to autism has been, if any anti-vaxxer says they're working from research, they either haven't understood the research (not uncommon, as a lot is medical jargon), or they've only read anti-vaxxer content.

Frankly, the anti-vaxxers lack of care for not only the health of their own children, but the herd immunity as a whole reminds me of people who believe in faith healing. It's deplorable, and should be criminal.

Envixer Level 5 Feb 3, 2019

Just curious if any of the pro vaxxers have ever had to care for a vaccine injured or been vaccine injured themselve. I know plenty of physicians and vetanarians who will tell you that how we are administer vaccines these days is making people/animals sick and even killing them, but anyone coming forward gets taken out. All of our TV is sponsered by Big Pharma. I am pretty horrified that Admin allowed the violent responses to the mom who was respectful and shared her CHOICE.

drbubba Level 4 Feb 3, 2019

drbubba - I can sympathize with someone whose loved one has been severely effected by side effects of vaccines. We should examine the alternative from reliable source (perhaps the CDC). Below is a link to a CDC article concerning some information about measles and the background on the disease. This is one amoung several awful diseases children are vaccinated for. The question is whether we are willing to return to a condition without vaccines. What has made most unvaccinated children safe in our communities is that most children have been vaccinated interupting disease vectors. As more children are not vacconated, outbreaks of the disease would become more likely as more children could be infected and become carriers to other unvaccinated children.

You are making an assumption that the CDC is reliable.

Frankly, big pharma would make more if people stopped vaccinating. The treatments are more profitable than the vaccines.

@drbubba - Yes, I suppose I am. And you are assuming that anti-vaxxers' information much of which has been shown to be flawed is more reliable than the CDC. The facts as I understand them are that the risks of vaccine complications are outweighed by the risks of contracting what used to be common diseases which killed and disabled more individuals each year than vaccine complication.

@RussRAB My info comes from research, personal experience, and many friends that are well educated physicians and vets. The problem in the world these days is unless you are literally in the room you are out of the loop. Our vaccines are not the vaccines or schedules of yesterday. I not anti-vaccine either. There are real dangers that can be mitigated. There are a lot of VC's paying for evidence based studies outside of our corrupted FDA, CDC, AMA ect. because everyone is so corrupt you can't get the truth and anyone who speaks up is annihilated.

@drbubba - Yet, something like 90% to 95% of physicians and pediatricians vaccinate their own kids. I have no reason to suspect that they are any less well educated than your sources. No doubt, anti-vaxxers will recruit sympathetic physicians to speak at anti-vaxxer forums and events. If real dangers can be addressed then they should be. For me, the bottom line is that the diseases we get vaccinations to prevent have largely been prevented. As the anti-vaccination movement has grown, we have seen pockets of resurgence of some of these diseases. Before vaccinations, far more people died or were disabled having contracted these diseases than are disabled by the vaccination. The loss and harm to those who lose a loved one due to vaccinations is no less than that for those who lose loved one to one of these diseases. In my estimation, the numbers are clear of the preferred course of action. One takes a chance on vaccinations or a greater one - depending on certain variables - on contracting the disease.

@RussRAB I assure you that is not the case and I understand why you believe what you do. One of my friends who is a Harvard md actually vaccine injured her own puppies and when I allowed my vet bully me into what killed my elderly cat even knowing better, she said I knew better too and I let them scare me into it and/or not take the precautions I do with my own human patients. Green vaccines, spread out and NEVER given when there is an active infection. There are plenty of studies that prove without a doubt that the MMR given to certain individuals and or if they are compromised will cause Autism. Those studies are buried. The physicians that do come forward are brutally attacked, so many stay silent. The general population does have a clue. I assure you it is a dark night of the soul for doctors who realize they are causing harm but if they do not comply they will lose their livelihood, be threatened, harassed and look at jail time. I would love to let you alone in a room with a bunch of mother's whom had healthy children one minute and then after their child was vaccinated died or was compromised with special needs that will need care for the rest of their lives. They lose their marriages and their children lose their futures. Just how the people attacked the woman on here who chose to make an educated choice for her own child people attacked her. It is shameful considering many on here have suffered religious trauma by the sheep mentality.

I think your desire to be right outweighs your desire for the truth. Don't give me that bullshit that there are legit studies
linking Vacs to autism, but they got "buried"????. And u can throw ur "personal expieriences" out the window, c'mon, are u seriously trying to use personal experience as evidence?

In the 1980's, nearly every child was Vaccinated, and the autism rate was 1 in 10,000. Today of course, less children are being vaccinated, and the autism rate has grown exponentially to 1 in 68! Something is causing this, but it's
not vaccines honey, hate to burst ur bubble...

The bogus claim that vaccines cause Autism has been extensively investigated and shown to be false, lacking any scientific evidence. Andrew Wakefield published a small study in 1998 in the United Kingdom suggesting a causal link between autism and the MMR vaccine. After data included in the report was proven to be deliberately falsified, the paper was retracted, and Wakefield's medical license was revoked. But conspiracy nuts like to pretend that "the man" shut him up, because in their fairytale way of thinking, in the medical community wants everyone to be autistic???????????...good grief, what is wrong with u ppl????????????????????


Anti-vaxxer mom asks how to protect her unvaccinated 3 year old from a measles outbreak in her state.

RussRAB Level 6 Feb 3, 2019

I don't vaccinate my kids. I don't shove it in anyone's face. I also don't call people who do vaccinate their kids stupid or think that I should shun them or use coercion to force them to accept my way of doing things.

You think that means you're being a good parent?

@jerry99 I think it means I'm being a respectful person.

If they go to a public school they’re usually required to be vaccinated.

Just one question WHY???

@Trajan61 I'm required to obtain a vaccination waiver from the country Health Department.

@Moravian My research and experience has led me to believe it's the best decision for my family.

@Meili Well , your research is deeply flawed. Experience ? have you seen children suffering from complications of measles . Are you aware that babies under 1 year old cannot be vaccinated ?.
Do you know anything at all

@Moravian I would prefer to be the person who knows nothing than the person who knows something and thinks that entitles me to be intolerant and abusive toward others.

@Meili If you think that is being intolerant and abusive you have led a very sheltered life. I have a grandson and a great niece both under 1 year old and if they were to catch measles from some older child who was not vaccinated because their parents were "antivax" I would not be a happy bunny. Fortunately they live in a more enlightened country so it is unlikely.

@Meili Its sad to think that you put other families at risk to ease your skeptic mind. Please home school your kid before you risk the health of others.

Trouble is .. not vaccinating your offspring doesn’t exactly point to a wealth of wisdom does it .

@Hebert54 How about vaccinating because you are told to without doing your own independent research. How about meeting with vaccine injured families. Talking to doctors who have done research outside their one sided education when they realized they were making their patients sick. When it comes to our current vaccination craze those vaccinating are actually the biggest herd of sheep that has ever existed.

@Hebert54 That's easy to say. It's easy to make fun of and deride those who have differing opinions. It's more difficult to have mutually respectful conversations with them. Wisdom is more than memorized facts.

@Moravian The fact that greater degrees of abuse exist doesn't negate the nature of less severe abuse. The existence of broken arms doesn't mean that paper cuts aren't wounds. We haven't beat intolerance and abuse until we recognize and eliminate every level of them. We haven't ended intolerance because we accept blacks and gays. We end it when we show tolerance to everyone.

I just thought I would share this with you. I am watching a BBC travel documentary fronted by a young disabled guy in a wheelchair. He was born in Nigeria where he contracted polio and he was meeting a group of disabled youngsters who had also contracted polio. Polio is a horrible disease and it has been eradicated n the UK due to the vaccination policy. I hope none of your kids get it. Of course you can always blame the illegal immigrants. If only that wall had been built.

I remember.... going to the local high school gymnasium when I was a very young man. My baby sister, my mother, and my dad. All of us receiving an oral dose of the polio vaccine. My mom was an RN who had served in Germany during WWII. She cried with joy and relief when we were all vaccinated for this horrible crippling disease. Dr. Jonas Salk is one of my heros.

@drbubba And the earth is flat , there was no landing on the moon and oh yeah kids don’t die of measles or diptheria , polio or a myriad of other diseases anymore ... let’s just hope your conspiracy theory doesn’t harm your kids or others shall we ?...

@BecB Sadly, I am not.


Perfect center mass shot.... ?

Ineffective. Wrong ammunition.

@bigpawbullets Party pooper! ???


Sometimes you can't fix stupid.


Stone the stupid bitch...

Oh... you're going to be a really fun mommy.....

@bigpawbullets Fun as in 'scary'? ?

Kind of like my mommy was... terrifying to teachers, neighbors, police...... anyone who she deemed a "threat" to her cubs.... smile009.gif

@bigpawbullets The Police? What da... never mind... l don't want to know.. ?

Yeah... a squad car chased me into our driveway once.... She turned out the German Shepherd & The Akita wolf hound on them. Then went out to see "what was wrong"..... smile009.gif

@bigpawbullets Mmmmm hmm... good thing for us truancy wasn't a punishable offense back then.. huh.. ?


The speed with wich many became anti-science has really shocked me! Talk about "cutting one's nose to spite one's face..."

Zster Level 8 Feb 3, 2019

Measles 'bout to fuck up a camp full of stupid kids.

I believe Maturin is referring to the movie plot this meme was taken from. smile009.gif

I believe it is the parents that are stupid, not the children....

@Redheadedgammy Joson Vorheese is a fictitious character from the Friday the 13th film franchise and appears in the image from this post. He is horror icon that typically wears a hockey mask and kills people at a summer camp. These are the kids that @maturin1919 was I believe rather obviously alluding to.

@indirect76 well thank you for the explanation. I never watched any of those kinds of movies so didn't get his joke.

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