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Here in the UK, you really can get this in any supermarket.

MarkWolf 6 Feb 13

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My favorite memory of grocery shopping there was picking up a frozen game pie and reading the warning, "THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN SOME LEAD SHOT". To this day, I'm convinced that was included on the packaging to promote sales by suggesting authenticity.


This reminds me of school dinners....think that was the last time I had it! Don’t really do “spotted dick”, preferring to avoid std’s! ?

That’s made me laugh!


But here in the US if you have spots on your dick, go to the doctor office immediately. ????


I knew a guy who had spotted dick and the doctor gave him shot for it. ?


The package says the spotted dick would be "Ready in 2 1/2 minutes." That's plenty of foreplay for a man, but women generally want more.


I prefer mine without spots. Who knows where the spotty ones have been.


Some years ago, I saw an episode of "The F Word" where Gordon Ramsay and Ricky Gervais were trying a few snacks available throughout Europe with weird and funny names. It was hysterical. Spotted Dick wasn't among them but it should've been.

Click the link to see the bit. The part with the snacks starts at 2:20 but the whole thing is funny.

I love Ricky Gervais. But he’s a vegetarian and advocates for animal rights. And he ate a lamb??? ?

But despite that. I’d marry him in a second.

@Sydland And not just any lamb, it was Gavin the lamb.

@Sgt_Spanky God damnit.

@Sydland Maybe he used to eat meat but has stopped.

@Jolanta I hope not. He’s crass, atheist, funny, loves animals. The perfect guy.

@Sydland But he is taken.

@Jolanta I know. Le sigh.

@Sydland I wonder if he is the same at home or is this just for the public.

@Jolanta I think a bit of both. I watch his Facebook live feeds with his cat and he is a bit more of a mellower version when he’s at home. Keep in mind, I’m really not stalking him.

@Sydland Thank you for that. I will look him up on facebook. I never thought of it.

@Jolanta His Facebook feed is great.


IF dick has spots then Jane should get checked by the Doctor asap.....LOL.


If a person looks around in a men's locker room, he might spot a lot of dicks!


Sticky Toffee pudding is my favorite UK dessert. I didn’t try the Spotted Dick!


Spotted Dick with Zymurgorium Gin

125 grams Self-raising flour
65 grams Coconut oil softened
90 grams Currants
40 grams caster sugar
Finely grated zest 1 lemon
Finely grated zest 1 small orange
75 ml Almond milk give or take a little - see recipe
50 ml Zymurgorium Manchester Marmalade Gin
Good pinch of salt

The night before you want to make this, put the currants and the gin in a bowl and leave to soak.
The next day, put all the dry ingredients in a bowl, including the currants and any leftover gin.
Add the softened coconut oil, mix.
Then add a splash of almond milk at a time, until it all comes together in a sticky, but firm dough.
Roll into a sausage and gently wrap in greased parchment paper, or put into a well greased pudding bowl and cover with greased parchment.
Put into a steamer with the lid on for 45-60 minutes.
Remove carefully from the steamer, and let it cool a little before slicing.
Serve with lots of custard (Oatly custard is perfect for this!)

Oatly custard link -- []

@RedneckProfessor that is one of this site glitches! I put "g" for gram and it turned it to "Thing" ....which is weird because usually people write "thing" and it changes it to "g" or "thin"....LOL

Freaking Gremlins

I changed "g" to grams and now it's there.

@SkotlandSkye oddly, I grew up with the metric system and my mind saw

Here's the gram to ounces conversion for the metrically challenged...


@RedneckProfessor Some of us Americans love the metric system!

Thanks for the share. I think I'll make it this weekend--if for no other reason than to say I did...


Hahaha! Ok, what is this elusive spotted dick they are talking about? (For us stupid Yanks!) Lol


Spotted Dick is the best!

With custard?

@MarkWolf of course!

@SkotlandSkye it’s the only way to enjoy it


When I saw a can of this on the shelf at Asda, I gasped, and then laughed out loud.


It’s delicious!


Ready in 2½ minutes. Just the way you like it. ?

Mine takes a lot longer ?


Nothing wrong with that, Mark. Most women can relate. 😉

Then it just sits on the counter all day, drying out because nobody would gobble it up.

@chalupacabre Not if it's wrapped. ?


What is the story behind this? Very interesting...looks delicious, actually...

It’s lovely! I don’t know why it is called this (maybe it’s best not to know)

'Dick' is a British term for pudding. The 'spotted' comes from the fruit in it.


Funny is there a treatment


"Spotted Dick" or "Spotted Dog" goes back to 1849 according to Wiki (at least the earliest in print). Where as the honourable and ancient company "Aunt Bessie" goes back as far as 1995.
I do not know how far "dick" as a term for penis goes back but I wonder if dicks were spotted well before they were penises???


At least it's not 'Boiled baby' another 'pudding' favoured by the 18th century British navy.


Seems to be a lot of interest. In the pastry and the name. The name would work for a craft beer.


Brits are weird.

So true!


Why don't you make it? They are very easy you know? I make them sometimes for sunday tea

with homemade yummy custard

@Amisja I’m not sure that my spotted dick would come up to those high standards!

@MarkWolf I'll tell you how


Aunt Bessie's what now?


Spotted dick is a pastry? I wonder what’s the origin of that name.

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