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Do you prefer to be in a large group - are you happiest with a few close friends - or are you most comfortable alone?

By Heidi688
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I always seem like a gregarious social butterfly but in reality I'm a reclusive hermit who hardly ever leaves the house. I haven't left my property in around 3 weeks. My business is on my property so clients come here only for brief drop offs and pick ups. I cannot stand crowds at all.

graceylou Level 8 Feb 20, 2019

I could easily stay on my property if I didn't have to work...

@Heidi68 I literally work 30 seconds' walk from my house.

@graceylou only a little jealous.....

@Heidi68 The problem is I can never get away from work. We are open 365 days a year, 6 am to 7 pm, with additional time for paperwork and other business related stuff.

@graceylou maybe I am not jealous... I get to leave.

@Heidi68 But then again, I work with dogs (and cats, and ferrets, etc.)

@graceylou I..... own dogs, cats, horses & a bird ?

@Heidi68 I own those too. Except a bird. But we do care for the thousands of wild birds that are residents here and those that stop by during migrations. I also have a donkey, chinchillas, guinea pigs, snakes, geckos, and tarantulas. These are mine not my clients’.

@graceylou yeah I would have to do without the tarantulas....

@Heidi68 LOL. I love them to death. I raised some of them from tiny slings. I truly feel like they are my babies. I've loved spiders since I was a little girl and would go visit them in the garden. I have a tarantula tattoo on my upper chest.

@graceylou bit by a black widow when I was in the 6th grade - there was a few hours they didn't think I was going to make it. Fear was intense for several years after, I am quite better now but they definitely are not my favorite.

@Heidi68 I know people who keep black widows as pets. I don't though. Just harmless tarantulas. I'm not an expert in the venomous species (not snake ones either). I did run into some black widows and brown recluse when on a dig in California. Luckily I didn't have any issues with them.

I am highly allergic to one of my tarantulas' urticating hairs. I just wear gloves when cleaning her tank.


I need mostly time alone in near-perfect silence (unless I'm intentionally watching something on Netflix or listening to music), punctuated by occasional periods of socialization with one to three friends. Even three other people is pushing it, but any more than that and it becomes a dreaded "group."

resserts Level 8 Feb 21, 2019

I see so many people here prefer to be by themselves and here I was thinking all this time that it was just me ?.

46_2 Level 5 Feb 21, 2019

When I posted this I actually thought I was the only one.

@Heidi68 I guess that's just what you feel when you're introvert .


I like the company of one other person at a time. Paired up. One focus.



I can function anywhere and work a room with ease if I have to, but smaller more intimate groups or one on one is where I thrive.


To be honest, I only have a few friends that I trust in this world. I'm turning into a hermit, but it is by choice. Unless if it is a concert or something, I'd much rather have one or two good friends around rather than a dozen fake people.


I like quality relationships and if that means just one person, i'm happy with that. I don't really like to be alone, but if no good humans are around, i surround myself with animals.

I definitely have that 'problem'.... no quality humans plenty of wonderful critters


I’ve always had a ton of acquaintances, maybe 4-5 friends but only one or two that I’d ever consider as being close friends.

I believe that the whole social thing that they try to train us with in school is seriously misguided. And extroverts scare the living hell out of me.

The very first thing that I think is “ What do you want from me?”
I say this because I have the disposition of a rattlesnake and I don’t hide it.

So whenever a stranger approaches me with that big ass predatory smile and with an even bigger and faker “ Hiii Nice to meet you!!!” It just makes me feel like I’m about to be violated in some way.

So yeah I totally get it.

48thRonin Level 8 Feb 20, 2019

I don't have the disposition of a rattlesnake but everything else - spot on!

This thing with stranger approaching with a nice to meet you is something that is common in the US. The rest of the world don't do that. Neither do they ask it you want fries with it.

@Heidi68 Not everyone can be as lucky as me.?

@Jolanta I don’t mind people greeting me but it’s the whole I have a great used car to sell you ( no warranty of course ? )

And I have been out of country a couple of times so yes I’m aware of certain cultures greetings and the places I’ve been I wouldn’t have eaten anything with fries.


I don't like big crowds, I am very comfortable in smallish groups and quite happy being alone.

Exactly how I am. Don't know if it is because I have to deal with the public all day but when I finally leave work I pretty much can't stand dealing with humans


I'm not alone, by myself, enough.


I love people, but I prefer peace and quiet, away from civilisation. ?

I loved when I lived in WA State. We lived across the sound from Seattle, secluded along the water but could take a ferry ride to 'civilization' for a few hours. And just as quickly head back to seclusion. That was almost perfect.

@Heidi68 I may need to move to Washington State someday. I'm perfectly okay with a secluded life. As long as I'm with or surrounded by nature, trees, etc.

@Heidi68 Sounds perfect.

@Fernapple it kinda was. This was a view from our deck


I prefer smaller circles but being alone too long sucks. I've never been one for crowds though.


That is the best meme I've ever seen.
Please and thank you.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 20, 2019

That is what I thought when I stole it from a friend on FB.
So your welcome ?


I sometimes go for days without seeing another human. I think a better balance would be preferable. But that's winter for ya.

The plus side is that most people appreciate when they get company. The down side for some is that it leads to not trusting or even fear of people.


I prefer to be alone.

Me too. I think that's why I do not have a significant other at this time. I love women it's just that I am not looking. smile001.gif

@DenoPenno I have a partner, but am alone most of the time. I think that's what makes us work.
I definitely can understand you. I dream of becoming an eccentric, old, hermit lady.

@Donotbelieve Good luck. You would be a nice partner. smile001.gif

@DenoPenno That was nice of you to say. Thank you.


Well....I am seldom alone....usually have one of three dogs with me....and my life romantic love lives in the same house with me...we get along really well......I know a few good people, some that I could probably count on for help if needed, and could for sure count on me.....when I'm in a crowd...its like my brain short-circuits, like theres a radio on each side of my head, full blast, on different a crowd with one speaker is okay, but many too much. Just too much input for my feeble brain.

My brain shuts down when the background noise, conversations, whatever becomes too loud, too many, too whatever. I may have a short circuit.

@Heidi68 yeah...I'm no good trying to multi-task either...wind up throwing things out the door.....radios, t.v.s, computers, people, ect.. must have a breaker switch..."brain shut down"...those must be nice.


I have a small circle of friends but I enjoy alone time

Kahuna Level 6 Feb 21, 2019

I enjoy people watching so I don't mind big crowds. I work in food service so my friends list is quite large. My circle of friends is very small, mostly family. I do prefer to be by myself, though.

Della Level 6 Feb 21, 2019

Select is best. Not a fan of the crowd.

Mb_Man Level 6 Feb 20, 2019

I'm good in a crowd but a small group of preferable. I can do alone as well, enjoy my solitude.

Electro68 Level 7 Feb 20, 2019

I'm not big around a large group of people. I prefer a small group and I can handle being by myself. I think it comes from me suffering from social anxiety disorder for most of my life and after my stroke removed this "affliction", not something I would recommend, I spent a great deal of time trying to learn how to interact with people again.

ajr715 Level 6 Feb 20, 2019

I'm happiest with a few close friends. smile001.gif


I'm a loner, my favorite company is my own. I don't like a lot of conversation and I'm not interested in hearing other's drama. I like to keep my personal life very private.

Car-ul Level 3 Feb 21, 2019

Both...when I am in the mood for either. Each has its charm. As does alone time. As for friends, I have a few clise ones, one BFF of 51 years, and many, many acquaintances.


I have the smallest circle of friends ... it's a dot. lol. I'm a serious introvert and hermit and rarely leave the house for anything that isn't necessary. It keeps the "active shooter" at bay. LOL!!! J/K

IAJO163 Level 7 Feb 21, 2019
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