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Is there a correlation between being a true atheist and abolishing the monogamous lifestyle? Do you think that an atheist is more or less likely to prefer polygamy?

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zesty 7 Apr 14

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I always thought Mormons had polygamy....why would you think we would?

Just met an atheist friend and she has a sister-wife. It was interesting to talk withher.


Your question smacks of the idiotic belief that atheists have no ethics or morals.


The 2 questions are not really related.
Correlation does not equal causation.

Not always.


That seems like an incredibly odd question?
Like the Religitards that like to imply that one can't have a moral compass without the fear of God!
Utterly Ridiculous!...

So i find the premise of your question to be highly flawed. Unless again your view is that an Atheist must just automatically not be capable of monogamy/commitment without some kind of religion?

@Marcel3405 Exactly. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£


Polygamy is different than polyamory.


Ask these women


I don't see how they are related at all.
Considering the number of religious people that cheat on their spouses, I don't think theists are all that committed to monogamy.


I've been a nonbeliever since I was a child but as an adult I am always monogamous. It's a preference on my part -- I put not judgment on those who choose to live otherwise. I simply cannot invest myself in more than one person at a time. And I doubt I'd be willing or able to share.


One thing has nothing to do with the other!! Odd question!

was thinking the same thing.

@Marcel3405 which is more or less the same πŸ™‚


My disbelief in deities has nothing to do with my feelings toward faithful monogamy. Wanting to be someone's one and only isn't a religious or non-religious issue. At least, not for me.


The two could not be less related in my mind. If anything, polygamy is more closely tied to religion (see Mormonism and most of the Old Testament).


"Abolishing" anything sounds iffy. I think people are more likely to live and let live, without religion to teach them to be judgmental.


WTF is a true athiest?

@Shouldbefishing I know that’s the fallacy that doings to my mind when I see that kind of language.

@Shouldbefishing I think we both agree there’s not a good answer to that.


A great many people who claim to be both monogamous and religious have sex with more than one person while supposedly in a monogamous relationship. You can't force a monogamous person into poly, and you can't force a poly person into monogamy. Atheists just tend to be more honest about it, I think.

1of5 Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

@Allamanda could be. Lots of people are very judgmental about it even without religion, though, just look around here.

@Allamanda what dishonesty? Poly couples are very honest about what they're doing. I can understand judging someone who says they're monogamous and isn't, if that's what you mean. Hell, I do that but I judge them as liers to themselves and their partner.

@Allamanda I think there's a lot of misunderstanding that leads to judgment from society as a whole, though. The supposed "ideal" relationship is pounded into us as being exclusive to each other, and people start out from the perspective of monogamy as being inherently "right" because of this.

@Allamanda Mormon is a one way street that's inherently misogynistic and religion based.


Relationship is a social contract. Participants conduct themselves according to mutually agreed laws and agreements. Breaking such rules and agreements means violating the contract. For example there are already women and men with multiple partners and all of them agree to this arrangement. Church and state brainwashed people into thinking that what they define as marriage, family, and relationship is the only correct one that is why people who do not follow these imposed rules but instead follow their heart are made to suffer. The time has come to correct our brainwashed brains.


I feel like it's 100% based on personal preference and has nothing to do with religion or lack thereof. Some people just want one partner, some people want many.


I voted yes because I personally think being an atheist makes it easy to look at everything with an open mind, without pre-conceived notions.That's me. However I have seen many dating profiles where religion is important to them while they preferred non-monogamy, BDSM and more.


Being atheist isn't something that can be subjected to definition other than that of having rejected gods/theology. There is nothing else to be added or subtracted that could be reasoned to qualify one as a 'true atheist'.

A true 'Atheist' is spoken of as a proper noun, as a label or title most often rather than an adjective merely describes one's state of mind or attitude.

The trouble with the former conception ( more popular) is as soon as you label something as a noun, ambitious, self-important prigs begin to dream up criteria and establish their own petty orthodoxies; umbrella intellectual fifedoms over which they deign to preside, claiming superior judgment over who is or isn't "TRUE".

As to polygamy; it is therefoe impossible to draw any consistent relationship between it and the atheist mind set one way or another. They aren't related any more or less than any other thought on that narrow basis alone.

Polygamy in our time and place in history is flawed like every other social practice/institution within human societies by the simple, pathogenic common denominator of male dominance. Anything dominated by males is poisoned from the start.


I see no correlation between being an atheist and being.... well, anything different than the general population. Being religious does not make one believe in certain morals or ethics, and I doubt that not having a religion telling you how to live will change your basic temperament. I would not want a polygamous relationship, period!


That's just silly I've been an Atheist my whole life and I would only be comfortable in a monogamous relationship I'm not condemning others who want to have polygamous relationships but I am a monogamist because that's how I feel


No. Monogamy is not a specifically Christian/religious issue.


Just because atheists are in principle freethinkers and more free in principle to diverge from societal norms without concepts like "sin" in the way, doesn't mean we suddenly are polyamorous or polygamous (or licentious, or dishonest, or unfaithful, or whatever).

Personally I find serial monogamy difficult and frustrating enough to navigate without complicating matters further than they already are. It is a practical matter, and me not seeing any percentage in polyamory. Has nothing to do with my lack of beliefs in deities.


The west has essentially a serial monogamy structure. Hence, a form of polyamorousness for all.

Jacar Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

As a atheist, we do not care about any "thou shalt not"s BUT I think it is really preference.


When you refer to polygamy, do you also include polyandry?


How come there are so many more males in polygamy than females?

Maybe because the men are always looking for that hot bi babe.

Most of the functions I've been to specifically ban single men because of that.

Patriarchy and perception.

@kiramea I have friends that are into polly and I can tell you that there are no hot babes there, and the men are no better. Just a lot of sorry looking individuals that to me seem to be desperate.

@Jolanta I have always been in poly relationships. I can't even count how many men have asked me at gatherings if I would have sex with their wife while they watch (and I don't consider myself hot).

It's not all men. I should have clarified that. It is enough men to where I stopped going to all poly gatherings because I felt like I was in a swing situation (for those that are not familiar, there is a difference between the two).

@kiramea I do know the difference between those two. Tell how come that you have always been in poly relationships?

@Jolanta I personally believe that you can be in love with more than one person at a time. With that said, I don't usually date others but I want to have that option if I find someone I would like to know better.

@kiramea One always have the option whether one is in monogamous or poly relationships. It is just a matter of what level one is talking about.

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