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I had a creepy FB page today saying "It was my sin that nailed him there" and it had a photo of some thorny sticks and what look like railroad spikes...yikes! I sometimes forget people actually feel that deeply about this holiday/holy day. (It wasn't directed at me personally but somebody on my feed felt like sharing with everyone.......😲 ) Happy Good Friday, fellow heathens!

mojo5501 7 Apr 19

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Every Friday is good Friday

Yes, that 's the spirit...and Sunday ham is Sunday ham....Easter or not.

Yes, as soon as I pull out the pipe and have a smoke it is a good Friday....



Human sacrifice ... the choice of all bronze age religions


Whenever I see anything remotely religious or creepy on Facebook I usually "sleep" that person for 3 months, or just unfollow them. If they aren't my friends or close relatives and are particularly offensive I just defriend them.

Well it was just an odd thing to see since 75% of the posts I get are funny or political...or both. So it took me off guard. I wish I could share it but I looked around in meme land and couldn't find it...only funny ones about Good Friday...where I got sidetracked for awhile and got some laughs....the person who posted is a co-worker from many years ago who I don't work with anymore and I'm not in touch with her in any other way. I'm not offended so much as I am surprised by the sentimentality of sinners being forgiven but still guilty about the sin and broadcasting their guilt over social media.

me too!


The happy easter text from dad included the line 'hope you reflect on what this day really means'.
Would it be too much if I just texted back, 'still an atheist dad'?

Chocolate eggs & bunnies


I often feel, as an Atheist though I’ve arrived from another planet.. continuing to observe the indigenous flora & fauna… If nothing in my life has shown any indication of the powers they describe, fear, or worship, where’s that shit coming from? And why?

Beam me up ~

Varn Level 8 Apr 19, 2019

I had a similar experience after being in the army on Okinawa for 18 months. Came back to the U.S. in December of ‘73, and that whole Watergate thing had been going on for a while, and I kept thinking, “the president did WHAT?” And, “Jesus H. Christ, how long have I been gone?” I truly had the Readjustment favorite John Denver song.


Despite Christian rhetoric dieing on the cross was not all that big of a sacrifice considering he was only dead for just three days. Someone who jumped on a grenade to save his buddies is dead forever...a much bigger sacrifice I would think.

"You want suffering, I'll show you SUFFERING>>>>" ( And your point is well taken...Crucified Friday night, dead in a cave Saturday all day, and risen on Sunday...doesn't sound so bad when you put it that way)

@mojo5501 yes but he WAS tortured by a horned madman wielding a three pronged rake under unbearably hot conditions.


Remember Jesus was moderately inconvenienced for our sins. Being immortal he couldn't die.
Last time I was at church the priest said Jesus was alive and still walked among us. Personally I think he was talking bollocks, I just think of being paid to be there!


Some people are dangerously delusional.

Yes, way to many are and unfortunately live among us.....


Yeah, I heard from a number of ‘believers’ who were quite upset with me when I referenced the joke about Jesus making a salon appointment to have his nails done. Apparently, not everybody shares my sense of humor. Fortunately, I have achieved the advanced age necessary to disregard the opinions of others. I thought it was funny.


I found this t-shirt at church my mom was going to when I was in college. I bought it because I thought it was ridiculous even though I was a believer back then. I don't know what happened to it. That was over 20 years ago, but it's an intense shirt and you can still get it online. Word of's bloody.

The sin of the world - bench press this! And his pain your gain! (wowza)

@mojo5501 I know. I decided to grab the images so no one has to go to the website.

@Olnoseven That graphic bloody hand with a spike in it is a conversation starter....or ender?....ha ha.

@mojo5501 Yeah...the thought Jesus as a bad-ass...seems...incongruous, but who am I to tell a church that? I wouldn't wear it now if I still had it. It would bring me the kind of "friends" I don't want.


Torture porn.


Think I would have googled an image of a hammer and nails and sent that back saying no, it was my hammer and nails.

Oh I keep that stuff in my thought bubbles.


Correct me if I'm wrong BUT, this Hebrew character who claims to be the Son of God and is his own father, i.e.God incarnate, can raise people from the dead, walk on water, etc, etc, lets himself be nailed to 2 bits of wood and die when both knew full well that his 'sacrifice' wasn't really a sacrifice because he wouldn't be permanently dead anyway, 'dies' for OUR sins when the sperm and ova from which we are conceived were still non-existent anyway.
How, in the name of ALL logic and reason can that be?


I feel I have to post this...

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up...

@OtherPatrick It was a miracle he didn't lose his tunic.

Odds on it took more than 3 days to 'rise' that time....LOL.

He dived for our sins!


According to the dogma, none of us is without sin. So whoever told you this is just as complicit in knocking the nails in as you are.


I wonder if those same people who believe in this nonsense also believe that it was Kavanaughs sin and Trumps.

They are exempt...they were sent by god! Lol


Okay, I found the meme so you all can see this image I'm trying to describe! []

Just glad it didn't have blood dripping off for added effect! Yikes.


The person just thought that he or she had something good.

MrDMC Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

So much for O Felix Culpa:

O felix culpa quae talem et tantum meruit habere redemptorem,
O happy fault that earned for us so great, so glorious a Redeemer.


...’feel that deeply,’ or insanely? This is the manner in which these religious zealots operate in the world! They place the ‘blame’ on ‘those others,’ that are not like them..,for all that is wrong in the world! See how easy it was...they said it and it was so! Lol


Not your fault. He could quite easily just have thrown a little incense on Pilate’s altar to shut him up and they would all have been on their way. But oh no! Had to do his own way and help fuck the world more than it was then. To be fair he didn’t know what a bunch of imbeciles would follow but it was his choice. Could have walked away anytime. No one has to take the blame for someone else’s doings especially with about 2,000 anos distance!

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