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what is an atheist? what do they believe?

AmmaRE007 7 Apr 22

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I walk in doors without beliefs about doors because doors exist ....believe in = syntax error....alleged gawds are gibberish non words ....capitalizing gibberish is not proof gott is a real German word either


cute. (to answer the sober question we all thought you were going to ask: atheists believe there are no gods. that's all. we may or may not have anything else in common. some people ask, can atheists eat meat, can atheists listen to christian music, do atheists this, can atheists that. it's silly. atheism isn't a religion or a sect and has no rulebook or tenets. all it has is a definition. if you fit the definition you're an atheist!)

I do and I am!

@WilliamPegg1 likewise!



I do NOT actually believe in anything though I do TRUST in Science, Logic, Reasoning, etc, etc,

The things I do "believe" in have evidence, facts and data to support them.

@jlynn37 Trust in them for THEY are REALITY.


Nothing without evidence.

Exactly, no woo, no spirits (or spirituality), no god(s).


I also believe that life involves learning, laughing and exploring.


Oooooh, I like this shirt! Atheists live for THIS life, not some promised "maybe" of another life after this one is over..


I need that shirt in my life.


It is very easy to google the definition of what it means. One simple thing..... we do not believe in a god or gods exist... Most of the indigenous religions around the world also didn't believe in gods but did believe in spirits in nature. The one god idea is only around 3,000 yrs old.

True the Egyptian Pharaohs of Tut era worshipped the one alleged SUN gawd Ahnk pissing off the bureaucrat clergy selling the many idols some human body sculptures or hieroglyphs with cat heads atop the shoulders....Hebrews were NOT enslaved nor building pyramids as told to us for centuries ....and to this day are polytheistic hiding behind the facade of Judaistic monotheism....patriarchy misogynistic Torah both decalogues are admissions of plural alleged gawds all declared weaker than the infamous alleged Jehovah YHWH with no vowels for 3000 years but more cat mummies have been found than human mummies


I like that 🙂

@AmmaRE007 I try not to use the word believe

@confidentrealm I am 100% on your side pal. ....We Atheists ARE NOT BELIEVERS....we have no faiths.....Clarence Darrow taught in his Chautauquans events "we are doubters" .....Mark Twain said often at Chautauqua and lectures and comic performances/ interviews: " faith is believing whatcha know ain't so "


"a - theist": prefix "a" means "without or not" (e.g. asexual or atypical); therefore the word literally means "without a god"

Whenever someone asks me what do you believe in, my answer is proudly "NOTHING!"

Buxx Level 7 Apr 23, 2019

that is a good answer ! 🙂


i believe i can fly!

i can also fly that is


Love that shirt!


That there are no gods. All of the good/bad I do is on me. That when I die, it'll be the sweetest bit of nothingness that I could ever slip into. Don't tell any of my ex's that I said that. They might get offended.


Nice message, thanks


We believe in people. In people of good will. That is it.

We are real Noun Atheists not xian believers of any stripe


What do YOU believe?

I believe there is life before death lol 🙂 I don't believe in the "corporate " religions as I like to call them.. and I believe that life is up to us to make it as we want it


Love the shirt and message!


I have so much response about this great t-shirt that I am considering making some. Would people want to purchase one.. and how much would you be willing to pay> Just wondering to see if it would be viable.

I would.


Nice one.


I love this shirt. It tells it like it is and there is no preparing for a life after death.



I believe lots of things, but none of them require faith. I believe our universe whatever it is or where it came from is astonishing not because it was created but because it is.

JimG Level 8 Apr 23, 2019

I agree with you. Just the fact that we are here.. and there is life that is so diverse and beautiful. The Universe is so immense and amazing that we don't seem capable of understanding it, at least not as of yet.

@AmmaRE007 Theists should be required to substitute the phrase "the Easter Bunny" for the use of their "god" word to see how stupid it all sounds.

@DenoPenno In that spirit.., May the Easter Bunny bless you this day.


I like the shirt, after all yesterday's gone, and tomorrow is but a dream. I'll live life today!


i believe for every drop of rain that falls
A flower grows

🙂 that would be a lot of flowers.. It is what it is.. eh?


Lots of things. The power of crystals, karma, good vibes.....Just because you reject deities doesn't mean some other woo hoo doesn't get you.
All good as long as you recognise your belief as belief and not knowledge.

There are a lot of things that we don't understand. Crystals do seem to have some scientific background..with the vibrations. Either way.. this universe has enough to keep us interested and enthusiastic !

@AmmaRE007 I am happy for a belief to become known, join science. Agree crystalline structures are of interest from science. But as far as focusing "feelings/ emotions" go.......bit more proof needed for me.


"Atheism is, in the broadest sense, the absence of belief in the existence of deities. Less broadly, atheism is the rejection of belief that any deities exist. In an even narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities." For example to me this wiki definition means in the broadest sense agnostics are atheists but in the less broadly and narrower sense agnostics are not atheists. I take issue with this kind of usage of the word and so only use it in the narrower sense and use nontheist in the broader sense.


Where can I get one?

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