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What does everyone think of the Satanic Temple being granted tax exemption as a church recently?

O_ophelia 5 Apr 25

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Personally, I think its hilarious and I hope that its making other church officials walk around with puckered b-holes, but I am rather jaded in general, I suppose.

I always love it when I see someone stick it to smug, arrogant assholes, be they Christian, Atheists, or politicians that fit that description, they're all the same to me.


As long as churches are granted tax-exempt status, why shouldn't the ST have it, too?
Personally, I dig that they're beating the christians at their own game.
If they get to do that and be tax-exempt while they're doing it, I'm not going to complain.

I don't think any church should be tax-exempt, but that's where we are.

I agree! And I love that every time there is some push to have a Christian statue or placement in a public building, the ST retaliates with a statue or placement of their own. This just means there will be even more of that coming in the future, which is just great


They have as much right to tax exemption as any other church, which none of them should.


Its hilarious. The other righteous ones are going to have an apoplexy.

Yes! Also, thanks for the new vocabulary, I'm going to use that soon !

@O_ophelia I had to look that one up too!


They are as valid a church as any other so should get the same tax relief - but all churches should pay tax, making the debate irrelevant


I think they may have a hand in finally getting religion out of the government


It is a valid point to show how absurd is tax exemption for churches, showing that religion can be something so random and arbitrary.


Taxes are stupid, and taxes are theft.

Also religions are stupid no matter which superstition you choose.

SCal Level 7 Apr 26, 2019

No, I think you missquoted Marx there.It's "property is theft"


The defenition of tax and theft are the same.

I only quote Marx when discussing ideas that don't work.

@BryanLV Spoken like a true son of the land of the free.

@BryanLV Money is not yours,it is created by and for governance. Without tax you would look pretty stupid trying to get to work with no roads. Without tax we would all be stupid without education; without defence; without representation; without sewers; street lighting; public health; need i go on? Ask what have the Romans ever done for us and how did they achieve it ?......dumarse.


If you think this land is free, I have a bridge to sell you.


There was no income tax before 1913, and im pretty sure there were roads, public health, street lights and education.

Everything the Romans had was stolen from other cultures, so the Romans got theirs the same way, theft.

Educated by a dumarse? That makes you dummer than a dumarse, dumb ass.


Money is not created by governance you know-nothing. Money and currency are not the same.

Strike two. Would you like to keep swinging and missing, genius? Id suggest you go back to bootlicking.

@Moravian Not Karl. Proudhon.

@BryanLV I said land of the free you know "home of the brave and land of the free". Is this London bridge you are trying to sell. The one sold by some London spivs to gullible Americans who thought they were buying Tower bridge ?


Good on them, they don't make the rule but are playing the game well by using theist based laws against them.


The atheist group here in Tucson TACO that's Tucson atheist community outreach is a 401c, donation are tax deductible, and I think we are tax exempt too what's fair for the goose is fair for the gander


I'd like to know why churches of any kind are tax exempt. What's the thinking behind it; "You preach faith in fairytales so no taxes for you." What's the justification for such a privileged status?

The actual justification is the money given to the church has already been taxed as income once.

@sewchick57 Is that how the IRS views it? That doesn't hold up as a rational justification at all. Money from pretty much everywhere to everyone has passed through many hands over the course of years before it landed in yours or mine. Taxes were already paid on it by everyone who's ever made it. It arrives in the church coffers as new and untaxed income the same as it does for us. The only difference is the chuech doesn't have to pay the taxes an it but we do.

The IRS considers churches charities.

@sewchick57 So are all my other expenses. When I go to a bar and get a martini I pay with monies from my taxed income.

@MichaelBaribeau UGH! How can they see it that way? Charities are typically non-profit organizations. Many religious endeavors, especially the catholics and Xian televangelists, are profit making. Hell, the Vatican has its own bank with many billions of dollars in it at all times.

@zesty Tax laws and the reasons for them can go back several decades.

@Sgt_Spanky "...the Catholic Church has immense wealth…but also has immense liabilities and obligations. It doesn’t sit on its money." On a church by church level oversight is provided by the congregation. There are also many Catholic charity organizations as well as hospitals, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, disaster relief, etc. The Vatican has a relatively small budget most going to employees, museum, etc. The Vatican Bank (IOC) handles billions but I don't know what if any profit they make although most of their wealth is in real estate dating back millenia. Although a lot of the money from the big televangelists churches go to charities they don't have the same congregational oversite so there are calls for reform.


Love the ST. If one was near me I would consider attending. Here a link to their tenets. No devil worshiping here.

You must look more closely. He is in the details ... 😈


If you are going to take the idiotic step to exempt a specific class of business, then it follows logically to exempt all examples of that class. I would much rather ALL religions pay corporation and sales taxes for their activities.


It's the same religion. Just like Zeus and Hades are of the same religion in Greek mythology. I love pointing that out to them.


If the catholics have tax exemption, any other gangster group can have it, too.

zesty Level 7 Apr 26, 2019

Well the Mormon churches are tax-exempt. I don't see very much difference.


It gives them standing for lawsuits.


The Satanic Temple should not be taxed. If worshiping the lawd is tax free... Worshiping his bad little friend should also be tax free.

Personally I think all churches should be double taxed!


If they're going to exempt Jesus worshipers, they should also exempt Satan worshipers!


I think what they're doing and the statements they're making are good, but I personally wouldn't join their group. Even though their goal is to object to christianity, they're using a figure from the christian pantheon to organize their beliefs around. Using satan as their symbol brings too much christian baggage. I would rather just forget about everything associated with christianity and start from scratch.

I agree.

Thus the flying spaghetti monster, Join the pastafarianism

Satan is not prominently featured in the babble, it is a construct of preachers to instill fear.


I am going to combine two of the previous comments.

Religious organizations should pay tax. Because of this, I think they should pay tax. But, since all the others don't, I am glad to see they are not. Aybe it will help make a change.

Personally, I don't understand why any organization which actively discriminates against women, gays, familia status, etc... Should be allowed tax exempt status.


You and I have the same advantage to have a tax exempt status church!

I agree no one or institution should be tax exempt period!

The Universal Life Church has the free information you need to start a tax exempt church!

You can get ordained online legally without any religious commitment to any religion!

I have been ordained since 1969 on my birthday, when it was in Modesto California under Rev. Hensley!

I have preformed six legal weddings in those years since!

I have never used the tax exempt status, never needed that benefit!

The system is rigged when it comes to religion and taxation!


I've wanted to build a flying spaghetti monster shrine on my front porch open to travelers and claim exempt from real estate taxes as a religious organization.


I think that they fit the legal definition of a church.


If their goal for doing that is to have churches no longer receive tax exemptions, then I'm all for it. However, if their goal was to just not pay taxes, then they suck.

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