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How many on here either have decided to abandon major social media platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) or never joined them to begin with? If so, what were your reasons for doing so - privacy concerns? Too much narcissism in those environments?

HockeyGuy 6 Apr 30

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The junky post and the advertisements are out of control. If I post on F/B less than 2℅ of the time someone responds. The amount of scammers is way out of control. The reference about deities and demigod is way more than any gullible could handle.


I only use facebook and have not done so, mostly because I have family and friends all over the world and it is the easiest way to keep in touch, both via posts and messenger.

Yep - this is it


Limited FB involvement just for my nonprofit and family and close friends.
I use IG and Twitter to watch my kids mostly. Occasionally troll the tangerine tornado on Twitter.


How else am I supposed to keep up with the petty drama of my outspoken Facebook friends? How can I revel in their failures and feel superior without an account? Jeez.

i hear that a lot so i definitely believe you, but that just doesn't happen to me. i am mostly political on facebook. squabbles do indeed occur but they're political.



I abandoned Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter 3 years ago. I never had Instgram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit or Flickr or any other social media. I am free from all.

However, I used to make a living doing social media campaigns for businesses including PPC on Google, Yahoo and Facebook intensely and am very familiar with most tricks of the trade including fake news and ads.

Somebody said one line that caught my attention;
"When you get something for free, you are the "product'."

Please know it is true about also. Our profile features, e-mail, habits, preferences, topics, likes, dislikes are collected and marketed. No one does this for free.


I am still on FB and enjoying it. I follow my grandkids on Instagram but don't mess with Twitter. FB weeds out a lot of the chatter and I unfollow people occasionally. I have used my personal FB as a political organizing tool for years.

that's almost the same as my FB use, and an advantage of FB is one can use it in several languages concurrently.


not me. i'm a writer and i have a nice big collection of potential readers on facebook, which i also enjoy on many levels, not least the ability to connect with old friends and distant family. i also subscribe there to such venues as nyt, wapo, salon, the atlantic, dan rather's news and guts, and many more, and i get directed to news about which i care faster there than i do here. i don't see a conflict. i enjoy both sites differently. and this site is not exactly narcissism-free!


Glad it works for you. I hope I didn't offend.

@HockeyGuy nope, no offense taken. i don't own even a single share of stock in facebook lol.



How would anyone have discovered , without some kind of social media platform ?

You make an excellent point.

I was told about it by a friend.

As I recall, I got a very funny meme from somewhere, and it led back to, I didn't make a conscious effort to get here a few months ago. But once I did, I found it to be a great place to have a fairly high intelligence level conversation with someone.



I quit Facebook on Dec 31st 2018 as a New Years resolution.

The reason was due to my family members being idiots. Jesus this and that. Obama is a muslim. God sent Trump.

Yea, I am related to idiots.

I know a lot of folks also who won't get off the belief that Obama is a Muslim and despite his provided birth certificate, not a US citizen. You'd thing several years post presidency they could've at least finally moved on from such perpetuated delusions.

Totally sympathize.


I find Facebook to be emotionally taxing sometimes, and I try to keep it to a minimum. Ever since Trump was elected I say the same thing about news.


I reluctantly joined FB after my husband died in 2010. Being something of a technophobe, it took time for me to adapt and learn how to use it. I gradually collected some friends, but refuse to friend people I have never met. I seldom visit their sites---I couldn't care less about most of what they post. I'm more interested in visiting the home page because I get a lot of progressive political postings and news, as well as occasionally interesting stuff from a few groups I've joined. My favorite is the Game of Thrones site. I also enjoy Classical music humor vids and memes from some contemporary Zen people. My laptop has become my window to the world, and I waste hours a day staring at the screen. Over all, I find social media to be extremely unfulfilling for the most part and I miss the days when I had a real social life.


Facebook and here more often here

Did stop Twitter


I'm an introvert. I tried LinkedIn and Facebook a couple times each but found the requests to connect from people I didn't know well (and didn't want to know well) annoying and awkward. I email or text my family and friends.

This is the only social media site I participate in.


I don't care about privacy if I'm online im expecting everything is exposed. That's why i decided to do what i want and not worry about anything else. However i use Facebook as a form to either annoy people or help enlighten them.. I'm mainly focused on the youth as i believe they are more open to change and help children their peers.

Neenz Level 7 Apr 30, 2019

Too many people I never heard of wanting to be my “friend”. Too much mail to deal with.

Sexy young woman in Africa trying to get close. I ain’t that young. (or stupid)


I've been rediscovering them lately. They are useful for interaction due to being both opinionated and socially isolated. I appreciate the fact that they exist and remain aware of the downfalls. Not worried about targetted advertising, trolls are assholes. Fact check before sharing.

MsAl Level 7 Apr 30, 2019

I once had a Facebook account... Privacy concerns won out after they started implementing changes without informing anyone until they went live (sound familiar, anyone?)... The rest I never trusted enough to bother, and after a small bit of research, I discovered the narcissism was far exceeding my tolerance levels.


I've never had the need to join any of these and still don't. Yes, one being privacy. I also have professional clients and didn't want them to tap into my life or know anything else about me, my life or that of my children. I obviously didn't mind face-to-face conversation about kids in general and so in. I also always made them think I was involved for fear of those wanting to hit on me. I preferred to separate my job from my personal side of things. I preferred to keep it professional. People have a tendency to measure people up. All those I keep in touch with, my friends, my kids etc they're all a phone call or video chat (or Skype) if they're overseas or another city. Besides I don't want anyone looking for me and not prepared to put my life out there, and I'm not looking or wondering about anyone else's life either. I have access to them in other ways. This does not mean I shut people out and prefer to be hiding. Not so at all. I'm in WhatsApp with those close to me and those that know me. We WhatsApp chat or message each other as explained above. Both my son's are on Facebook, Instagram and so on and most people around me. That's their choice. I also know many that has had "side effects" from Facebook. ...but I'm not interested or never have been. and this does also not mean that I'm afraid of moving with "technology" or meeting people and so on. I see new people everyday job-wise and come to know quite a bit about them. I've also travelled, not that extensively as I would've liked to but been to a few countries. so not being on Facebook is just my choice.


Very limited FB and here, that is it.

Ditto - FB helps me keep in touch with scattered friends and family


There’s nothing on there that interests me. So I left.


I had a Farcebook account for about 6 months, went on it about 4 or 5 times, didn't really like it. When I found out that it's just a way to keep tabs on people and sell their private information, I quit it. Hardly anything would make me happier than to see it fade away into oblivion and Schmuckerburg have to take a job working at McDonald's to pay his bills.

i'd like revenge


Limited Facebook in attempt to keep connected to a few family and friends.


I have a FB account that I used a lot, but I hardly visit lately because of Agnostic. I just keep it for the photos that I put and erase from the computer, and to keep in touch with some family. A lot of undesired commercials and excessive photos of children put by obsessive mothers daily and too many photos of food are pushing me to close it. I joined Linkedln but never used it, never twitter.


I do FB some but not any other. Too much human exposure makes me cranky.


In the abstract, I would like to give up all other social media, but LinkedIn is helpful for work, and I use Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with family and friends, particularly the long-distance ones. I try to keep it loving, respectful,and private.


I am only on two social media platforms.
This site, and Facebook.
I spend more time here, than there.

In another life, I was on MySpace. I often wonder how Tom is doing?

I've never had any interest in any of the others.

MySpace... oh those were the days...

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