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I'm a curvy girl!

With that said, a man from this site messaged me to tell me admitting to my curves eliminated most of the available men for me--"And that's a fact Baby." How polite! Like I hadn't thought of that before? Gotta wonder why a guy feels the need to send words like that.

ElusiveMoby 7 May 1

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This jerk deluded himself to claim the 9 idiots he hangs with all screw skinny females and insult all women who don't fall for the repulsive cretins leering


He's an asshole-ignore him.

Blocked him!


What an idiot HE is. I’m short and curvy: more men(and women) love it, than not. I’ve sure never been kicked out of bed!


He's a piece of shit. Plain and simple.


Sounds like a real winner. Probably the same guy that told me I look like a cross dresser. Naturally the idiot didn’t have have the balls to have a pic on his profile.
You have class and intelligence, two things he’s obviously lacking. You look great too!

Thank you Green Eyes. You look elegant.

You look amazing.

@Sticks48 you are too kind.

One of your pictures looks grotesque, I’m afraid, but the rest are stunning.

@Green_eyes I just report what I see.


That guy is probably a rude asshole in Real Life,too.

My nature is to uplift others so I just don't get it. He was trying to make me feel like crap.

@ElusiveMoby Some people are miserable and feel they have a right to drag everyone down to their level of contemptuousness, and for some reason that makes them feel happy in comparison.
They Are the emotional equivalent of a one eyed man feeling superior to the cat he just blinded. Human garbage.

@ElusiveMoby well you can uplift me anytime. I think you're hot. And I mean that in an almost totally non-lecherous way. Cheers. Don't let the bastards grind you down.


Ignore the prick, it's not worth your time to even evaluate the situation. Move forward proudly.


I think you’re pretty, and a lot of men like curves. I feel sorry for the skinny chick who gets that loser.

Thank you!


He sounds like a troll --- getting off on garnering a strong, emotional reaction. I'm sorry this happened to you.


Honey would date you anytime that guy was a asshole

I'll let you know when I come to the East Coast😁

@ElusiveMoby please do


It's kind of sociopathic. I don't get it either but that might be a good thing. Best to be happy you got a clear sign of where his mind is at.

You are totally correct. Best to know this soon.

@ElusiveMoby plus, anyone trying to drag you down, is already impossibly far below you!


I found that to be a pretty common thing on dating sites. Some men enjoy harassing and humiliating women for the sick sense of power it gives them.

Thanks for saying SOME men, many of us are as appalled by this behaviour as you are.


I gotta dodged a bullet there.


That man is mean. Shame on him. He had no right to criticize your body.

"You have a stick figure," a man lashed out after I declined a second date. We had met for lunch.

That still stings.

He said that after requesting a second date. You turned him down, and that bruised his fragile little ego. He said it to be mean and to get under your skin. You admit that it worked. Do not let it continue to do so. He had no problem with your figure before you turned him down for a second date, ergo your figure is fine. It's his ego and personality that needs work, not your figure.


Thank you! All my life, I have been ridiculed for being too skinny. Even my hiking partner Karen gives me shit about my body.

Karen thinks she needs to lose weight despite hiking every day.


Thank you.


A steep, daylong hike carrying a pack burns up to 5,000 calories. I often hike twice a week.

In 2015, my boyfriend Dan taught me to add cheese to my sandwich because I was losing too much weight.

Photo: Hiking steep Deception Creek trail on a hot day, August 2015.


"Not all pounds are created equal. In fact, your total body weight isn’t a clear indicator of how you look or what health risks you may face. Two different people who weigh the same amount can look very different when one has a high percentage of fat and the other has a high percentage of muscle."

"An extra 20 pounds of fat may give you a softer, less toned appearance. But an extra 20 pounds of muscle will look firm and sculpted.

"Muscle serves a different function than fat. Fat helps insulate the body and trap in body heat. Muscle boosts your metabolism. This means the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn when you’re at rest."


Why is it a woman can't exist without somebody criticizing her body? Is that too much to ask? As long as your bones aren't sticking out, you're fine.


Because he has a tiny dick.

A bit of self promotion doesn't hurt 😉


He's fucking garbage, a moron, or both. You should shame him publicly to eliminate most of his options here.

JimG Level 8 May 1, 2019

That's not my style. But thanks!


He is an idiot, I married two curvy women.
A woman should look like a woman not an emaciated stick insect.
I only ever once went to bed with a thin girl and was terrified she was going to snap.

@NoPlanetB @Athena
You know what, you two are just looking for a fight.
I made no criticism of anyone, Just gave an opinion and made a joke on moronic social norms in support to someone who had been attacked by an idiot.
Try contextualising before you start randomly lashing out at people for no reason other than vainglorious virtue signalling.

EDIT by the way I notice you did not comment on, villifie or castigate any of the women who said the same thing I did?


Because he is dick that builds himself up by tearing others down.

A tiny limp dick obsessed with skin and boney females deprived of food while he stuffs his ignorant fat face


I can honestly say that whomever he might be that said that to you is 100% full of shit. Men like curves. Women too. By admitting to your curves, you've probably, despite his disagreement, doubled or tripled your chances of finding a date here. Don't let idiots fill your head with nonsense like: "men don't like curves"...


Much better to pretend to be something we’re not than to be proud of who we actually are 🙄


Pathetic Jerk!!!


Hmmm, Bet he has curves. They are likely I under his man boobs.

By the way. Genuinely, you are very attractive. I love your smile and pretty eyes.

Thank you so very much!


well, that's his opinion. Some of us like curves!


People never cease to puzzle me...


I personally think the variety of shapes and sizes in men and women makes it all so much more interesting. Obviously, some people are shallow and only focus on outward appearance, so you don't need them in your life...I don't blame them for wanting what they want, but it is not my cup of tea, so I can also choose not to be associated with them.

I am sorry that he felt he had to voice his opinion when shutting his mouth and saying nothing would have been the more polite thing to do...don't waste your time trying to figure it out...not worth it...there are plenty of people who accept you as you are...hugs!


A man who doesn't like curves might as well go out with a skinny boy. Females are supposed to have curves. Models are freaks.

Careful @MsDemeanour I've already been reprimanded for making statements like this by some of our resident moral police for "Thin shaming"

@LenHazell53 yes to be fair, men have preferences for all shapes and sizes. Still it is supposed to be evolutionary to view a woman with hips and breasts as good childbearing material 😉

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