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"All religions bear the traces of the fact that they arose during the intellectual immaturity of the human race before it had learned the obligations to speak the truth. Not one of them makes it the duty of its god to be truthful and understandable in his communications." Friedrich Nietzsche

THHA 7 May 4

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The human race has never managed to climb out of its immaturity.... Being an adult means looking toward the future not just of yourself but your children and their children as well.... Looked at from the prospective of adulthood and immature behavior as a trait by the majority of the human race we might never achieve the state of maturity as a whole...


It sounds like Nietzsche is speaking about monotheism, not religion in general. Taoist and Buddhists, for example, are much more concerned with the individual and the ‘proper’ way to live your life, which includes truthfulness.

As for Buddhists.... They are one of the top religions today involved with terrorism and keep in mind that Genghis Kahn, Mao, and Pol Pot were all Buddhists.... You might also want to do some research into the Boxer Rebellion and Vietnam war.... As for Taoism have you ever heard of a man name Sun Tzu?


And you are quoting Nietzsche for what purpose?

For the same reason I quote anyone else. Unless of course, we prefer plagurism.

@THHA you mean plagiarism? Anyway, and what would that "same reason" be?

No, I mean πλαгуризим . . . . and fuck the spelling police . . . . maybe the problem is you just do not understand what I posted.

@THHA I clearly understand what you posted, what I don't understand is why? Ergo my very simple question that, unfortunately, still has not been answered, and based on your responses, I assume will never be.

I posted because I felt like it, there is nothing deeper than that, search all you want, you will not find it.

@THHA why didn't you say so from the start.

Why are you asking?

@THHA like you, because I felt like it.

So far I have seen no evidence that you are anything other than a troll. I flush trolls down the toilet.

@THHA that shows your absolute lack of criterion.

Troll it is, loud flushing sound . . . .


I thought the world's period of intellectual immaturity was happening right now. Lol.

Yes, or one might say, intellectual regression!


I think that in the bronze age religion was the best our ancestors could do to answer questions about where we come from, why we're here, the reasons for natural phenomena, and what happens when we die. I can't fault them for their attempt to answer these questions. What is absurd to me is that since developing the scientific method and over the centuries answering more and more of these questions that people still choose to accept these clearly outdated primitive ideas. I think the only reason that anyone could possibly buy in to the claims of the supernatural made by religion in the face of modern physics and biology is because of the comforting idea that we're somehow special and get to have eternal life if we only believe and worship. I think when people become indoctrinated they shut down their ability to think critically because they are terrified of reality. It makes me sad to see such brain washed individuals, particularly when they are children that have never been given the chance to learn to think critically and make their own choice.

I think we can place some of the blame on religious zealots who keep forcing the same beliefs on people, century after century...and even when great scientific truths have been discovered...which they refute, because of the Bible!


Well, that’s not true because new religions were created after he said that.

and that makes his quote false? how?

@Mofo1953 Maybe I’m misunderstanding him and assumed he was saying the era of intellectual immaturity of the human race was in the past.


In Nietzsches time, it was common for people to regard themselves as living in an intellectually mature culture, and western Europe as almost perfected, perhaps we have good reason to be less sure now. But anyway do all cultures mature at the same speed, humans don't, nor do we always remain mature.


We tend to see ourselves as very far advanced intellectually in comparison to our ancestors. The main difference is technology. Reading the ancient Greek philosophers shows that the more things change the more they stay the same.


I agree party, disagree partly. Yes, religions arose in the immaturity of the human species, but because he species had not yet developed the cognitive or intellectual tools to build realistic conceptions of reality.


Well, that makes religion fit right into the current political climate!


That is an excellent point. But, now it is liken to a runaway train...the ones who have bought into the insanity...’hook line and sinker’ have no reason to look further!


it's rather telling that those that arise in our own time are invariably much more wacky, vengeful, illogical etc. than even the precursors...

Sure seems so to me!


Not sure I agree with Nietzshe this time THHA. For instance, Christianity and Islam did not grow out of an immature society. Human culture was at least 100,000 years old by then. Egyptian, Chinese, Hindi, Greek and many more had been around wuite awhile.

And have we really learned the obligation to speak truth?

I agree. It's not about intellectual immaturity but more about the progress of science and that in some parts of the world the political systems allow free thought.


Wow, awesomest quote ever!!

Carin Level 8 May 4, 2019
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