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It's been a long time since I had some holy rollers come to my house ...
Well - Saturday, while I was out in the yard, I saw them approaching - two men and a young boy. I approached and asked if I could help them, and one man said "we'd love to talk about the Bible with you".
I wasn't feeling particularly adversarial in any way - so I simply said " I don't want to waste your time - I'm an atheist" .
I saw the surprise in the man's face. He was speechless for a few beats. Then he said " I thank you for your candor, most people are not honest in that way" . I responded with " no problem - I respect where you're at , it's just not me. Peace"

We all smiled, I wished them well, and off they went.

I found the whole exchange to be satisfying.
So, there ya go !

evergreen 8 May 5

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"I saw the surprise in the man's face. He was speechless for a few beats. Then he said " I thank you for your candor, most people are not honest in that way" "
I would have told them maybe if your fellows didn't treat people who atheist like shit we could be more honest....

But he was not one of those, and did not deserve hostility.

Wise to pick your battles ...

@evergreen Pressure on some of the group is pressure on them all....


You indeed struck a rarity on that one.
Usually, in my experience, once being an Atheist is mentioned, they get very uppity/condescending/confronting,etc, and even, at times, aggressive even though I've been quiet, calm, courteous and respectful.


That's great. I always try to start that way, but I've never had them take no for an answer. Maybe you can teach a class πŸ˜‰


Try going to their house and see if you could convert them to Atheism, how would they respond to that ?

You would have as much chance to convert them to the church of gays.


It would be nice if they were all that respectful of others! Most of the ones I talk to won't stop talking or accepting that I'm not interested. They continue to harangue until I slam the door or get irritated. I try not to, but fail often.


You need to get you one of those realistic looking plastic alligators, and a sign saying 'Solicitors Will be Eaten!'

no need - I can handle most folks just fine


I will join in with the "well done" bunch......spread peace, not anger.....after all.. I was once as mis-guided as they......tomorrow they might be allies.


You just wasted a big opportunity to convert them and help the humanity.


That's a nice exchange. Most of mine go that way but sometimes they still want me to "look at the trees."


Once I've said "atheist" they don't pay me any attention and launch into their pitch anyway.

When they give me a chance reply, they hang their head in shame and wander away to the next house.


I to would have said the same thing except I would have said if you want to talk about it I have a few minutes. And as for respect, no I don't respect there beliefs. Especially when I can google hundreds of examples of what their religion is doing wrong.

I'm very willing to respect other's beliefs - as long as they respect mine - which this guy did.


You just proved that differences in beliefs don't have to result in war. Thanks for sharing!


Nice job!


There ya go!


There may be less of them about, because the churches who did send them out, are running scared from the legal and insurance problems that could occur if they are hurt in any way. The JW have certainly stopped door to door in the UK for that reason. Perhaps they are not sure that their god will protect them ?

I'll have to mention that to my Mom, she's 84 and goes out banging on doors for the JW's at least once a week. Mainly to get away from the crotchety old goat at home but I worry she will slip and break her hip on icy sidewalks.

@Surfpirate It is a worry, hopefully they still keep up the tradition of going round in pairs.

@Fernapple They go in cars and she has my brother's widow pull the car up as they move along so she can take a breather but it makes her happy and she gets some exercise, I just wish she wouldn't go out in the winter.

Or that injuries might result in the need for a blood transfusion which they must reject, even if it means they die.

@Surfpirate, cheer up, at least she's not spending all day swilling grog at the local pub. πŸ˜‰

@Spidey At 84 you should be allowed to get away with anything. Can't wait.

@Notlost Although a simple ringers solution like they used in the TV show MASH is perfectly fine and possibly safer considering the problems that have occurred many times with the Red Cross blood supply. The best solution is to not fall down and have to go to the ER.

@Notlost, @Fernapple Fear not, she gets away with whatever she damn well pleases. πŸ˜€


I’m glad he was respectful of your honesty and walked away without trying to convert you.
That’s how it should be.


Good for you! That is my choice - to state my belief and allow them to leave me alone without engaging in an argument or any rudeness.


Well done .


Courtesy and respect work.


The last time someone came to my door trying to push their religion I told them I’d give them 15 minutes to spew their bullshit as long as they give me 15 minutes to tell them exactly why what they spew is bullshit. They immediately apologized for bothering me, turned and walked away.

Funny how they were not willing to stand there and listen to a opposing opinion....


Nice! I am more used to the "But Whhhyyyy?" response, lol.


that wasn't too bad.


I attempted to check yes, for someone’s post and accidentally disappeared it...sorry! Hope you know who you are and can excuse me?


Well done.

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