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I had an experience this weekend that made me consider that there may be a God and he must hate me. On Saturday I was foolish enough to think to myself, possibly for the first time in my life, "Hey, I've finally got my act together". I felt pretty good about that barring the fact that I am 61 years old and should have done so much earlier in life. So on Sunday, I had food poisoning so bad that my doctor told me to go to the ER. I have never had anything so horrible come upon me so quickly. I've had food poisoning before, and it was miserable, but THIS food poisoning had me contemplating my mortality. So if there is a God, he waited until I had my act together and then made me so sick I thought about dying. What am I thinking? This is just one more more data point indicating that there really isn't a God. πŸ™‚

Notpauyet 5 June 5

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God makes me sick too. πŸ˜‰


i'm 76 & have only had food poisoning once that i can remember; & it was a mild 24 hr case.
i've been fairly careful with food that i consume at home but the main reason which i attribute to avoiding food poisoning is that whenever we travel we always have some red wine with our meals. we were in europe for 3 1/2 yrs traveled all over from n. africa to britain & never once suffered from food poisoning.
no doubt about it the alcohol will kill the microbes.

You figured it out! I usually enjoy a glass of wine (or two) with my meals, but I had been taking a new medication that said to avoid alcohol. That's where I went wrong πŸ™‚

@Notpauyet @calmedubious There's some actual science behind that: []

@Stephanie99 There is actually an evolutionary benefit to my tendency towards being a wino - this is fantastic πŸ™‚

@Notpauyet , bad luck.


The jerk gets me with kidney stones. What an ass.

Those fuckers REALLY hurt. That's inexplicable pain. I have had lots of pain and that's the worst.

@morlll Yeah, I get one every couple years. It’s kind of the opposite of a good foot rub.


Food poisoning really sucks.
Glad you're better.


David Fry gave a great answer to this issue;


Consider it all you want. Believing in it without evidence is just foolish.


Food poisoning can get seriously horrific. I am glad you are ok.
And, there is still no god. Not one that humans have hypothesized so far anyway.


With blood poisoning, I didn't know which end to aim. Severe vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhea. Lovely.

Sorry you are going through this illness. I hope it's brief.


Add up all the data points indicating there IS a god. Can't find a one.


well, actually, the incident, awful as it is, and you have my sympathy, does not prove there is no god, and it also does not indicate that there is a god who hates you. it does not indicate anything at all about any gods. it indicates that something happened, for example someone didn't wash their hands before processing your food.


Exactly! It’s all random.


Thank goodness that, post-trauma, you regained your rationality.


All those ducks in a row and then you forgot to go to Mass!

All those ducks in a row and then you forget not to eat foamy room temperature meat

This is me


Thard funny πŸ˜‚
I hope u feel better πŸ˜€


Awful, it’s the worst. Glad you’re feeling better

I meant losing your sibling is the worst, just wanted to clarify. I just lost mine this year and I feel like it’s a wound that will never heal. I miss him so much! πŸ˜”


I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Hope you are feeling better now.

Getting there and thanks!


I hope you are feeling better! I've only had food poisoning once, and it was miserable. Best wishes!


I once had food poisoning so bad that I shit my bed, and all I could do was roll to the other side of the bed and ignore it. 3 days of hellish misery.


Glad you are better!


Ah Food poisoning. Something I hope never to encounter a second time in my life.

The first time I was the victim of a bad cook. (I'm not a bad cook - I'm so incredibly careful about kitchen safety that I always have disposable gloves on the counter - and something to clean the counter - and the cutting board... etc...).

My condolences on your experience. It like a reboot of the human system. An entire reboot..... Horrifying!


I was already well on the road to being an atheist when one of my brothers (who LOVED Jesus, btw) was killed in a work accident. He was 43 years old; and, for the first time in his life, was getting his act together with a new wife and two step kids whom he was helping support. This event only solidified my non-belief in any kind of caring god. Learning more science led me to let go of belief in any kind of god.


Not a god, a local slightly superior tyrant has been repeatedly described by humans for like ever: Loki is among us. And he/it is only about causing mayhem.

Jacar Level 8 June 6, 2019

Hey! Don't be so presumptuous! God hates us ALL equally.

Aw, and I thought I was special πŸ˜‰

@Notpauyet On second thought: If god loves some peoples more than others, it is only logical that he/she/it hates some peoples more than others. Maybe you are one of "the few, the proud", in the list of god's "most hated". I certainly am.


I haven't experienced food poisoning since fifteen years ago, when I stopped eating fast food.The only exception was about eleven years ago, when I got strychnine poisoning from eating some under-cooked red beans, in my red beans n rice. But that was my fault! Always make sure your red beans are thoroughly cooked!

Sounds like a rule to live by πŸ™‚

Where is Swampwater? I live in Newberry... it must be close lol

@Notpauyet Just the other side of Snowbird Springs!


Had salmonella poisoning from a lobster and chicken meal and a dose of dysentry from water in India - you have my sincere sympathy - hope you recover quickly


Sorry about the food poisoning. That is not a pleasant experience! No matter how good we have it...there is randomness still working in the Universe! Hope you are all well now!

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