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Asking if there is no god, what is the purpose of life is like...

HippieChick58 9 June 9

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Today I slept until 0900. I fed the boys and we went for a nice walk . I did laundry and attended to my flowers at patio , I talked w two good friends and I was able to comfort another one . I pulled from my behind some funny words and poof !, she felt better . I did arrangements for another one to stay at my house few nights a week when I am working and while she is getting through orientation on my side of the water w new NP position .
I bought a nice gift for another friend's kid graduation .
I washed and colored the whites on my hair , and hey , not bad , I felt pretty ! At work now attending to bunch of scarred people . I am scared too Bcz one is not exactly stable yet , and man I am lazy , pls don't die tonight ?
I have no huge plans for anything but I feel pretty good today . This is a good day in my book , not over yet , but a good day ! That's my purpose . A good day .

That's nice. I hope you have a good day too. You sound like a nice lady. You DESERVE to have a VERY good day! One of the best!
I personally don't think you're going to die tonight, though you never know! Let's hope not, because that would mean you DIDN'T have a good day! So don't die.
Slaves very rarely have good days...though I don't actually KNOW any slaves, so I wouldn't really know.
Are you a slave? Doesn't sound like it! Good for you! You are free, to have a good day if you wish, or not!
You choose 'good,' and I don't blame you! Who in their right mind would want to have a BAD day? Not me!
So you see, we BOTH want have a good day! And we both will.πŸ˜€
Just say to yourself, "I am NOT a slave, and you'll instantly feel good each and every time, and your good day is assured.


I will tell you why I exist.

My biological father wanted to get laid and he got it.

Exactly! I'm here because my parents had sex.
Life is not required to have "meaning".
I think that's just a load of existential garbage.

he wanted to get laid b/c a universal will directed every life form, from protozoa to him, to procreate..


There is no purpose. You make a purpose.


I agree with Dan Barker's words totally. Dumb people often ask me who do I worship if I do not believe in god. This remark is programmed into them from their book which states "everyone must serve somebody." Dylan even put those words in a song. It simply is not true. Be free.

To be fair on Dylan that was on a Slow Train Coming which was the first of his β€˜Christian’ period albums.


The purpose of life is to procreate.

Not sure about that. What happens when you are past that stage. Die?

@ToolGuy No, you stay alive as long as possible to make sure that your offspring and their offspring stay alive long enough to procreate. Then, when you are a liability to the tribe, they leave you on the ice.

In biological terms, procreation IS the meaning of life: it is simply to make sure that the species keeps going.

@Gwendolyn2018 But our biology is more than reproduction.

@ToolGuy Be that as it may, take out the need to reproduce, and the species would cease to exist. Sex is pleasurable to that end.


The mime is very good. Additionally, asking what the purpose of life is, shows the person asking does not hold anything precious, and has no particular goals. Neither of those voids create a need for a god.

Bobby9 Level 8 June 11, 2019

The purpose of life is whatever I make it. Perhaps I want to be the master.


You must find your own purpose, as you live. Family gives you purpose, friends give you purpose. Coming from an African-American heritage, I wholeheartedly reject any religion that advocates a master- slave relationship. This was written in the bible to j justify slavery. The doctrine of "master-slave" only leads to inferiority as well as exploitation. Slavemasters used this theory to keep slaves "In their place" , and that place was a submissive slave.


God is created by human mind.

NR92 Level 6 June 10, 2019

Most Christians point to the bible as the undisputed word of their God. Few have a personal relationship, which says what does this mean to them in their lives without the dogma.


It's been a while since I read Victor Frankl's book "Man's Search For Meaning". What I recall having read - or perhaps what I inferred from it - was that life's meaning was different for different individuals. While in Nazi labor camps, Frankl would coursel fellow prisoners who were giving up hope, and he would try to find meaning in life for that particular prisoner. It was typically something different for each individual. Reconnecting with what gave the prisoner's life meaning gave him the will to keep enduring their circunstance.


Life has no purpose beyond duplicating itself. Anything else is what complex life can make it to be.


The same purpose as in a world without these fella's.



The purpose of life is to live the reproduction of the species and us humans have done it to well.


If one needs purpose, I have always thought that this Agnostic's statement is a good answer to that 42 question.

MrDMC Level 6 June 12, 2019

If you were God would you make 99.9999999999999...% of the universe plasma? ---- pressurized liquid gas. It's like hot liquid shit. How come nobody says, "Hey, God. What the fuck were you thinking?"


β€œLife can then little else supply but a few good fucks and then you die.”

John Wilkes (English Politician and Journalist. 1725-1797)


I know some Christians who look life that way.I think I know more who would say: "If there were no God what comforter could find?"


If in the world there is no the concept of imaginary god,, it would be a huge changes in the humans behavior and also to the society that surrounds .....but unfortunately we are not in the ,that world but I'm sure about that if there is no god concept all are keep each other love and every person only with the helping mentality because god is the only thing that teaches the paid and wages .....


Show up and help make the world a better place for the next generations. Or preferably 7 generations.


To me the purpose of life anything you want it to be, have at it. I try not to piss and other people's Wheaties.😁


The God question, don't know and don't care. The master/slave part, like it or not, some were born to lead, some were born to follow. As of why, that's a very deep question.


I was in a church service at age 15 and heard someone praying, "I don't own my life, you own it, you knew me before I was even born, do with my life what you wish to, make me your slave on this earth, and when your work is done my reward will be your princess in heaven".

Ewww 🀒


You mean, " reward will be TO BE your princess in heaven?" That doesn't even follow. Is JC a prince? I thought he was king. Guess not.
That would mean God (the father) is king, but it doesn't say that anywhere, does it? I thought they were equal.
Where's the Holy Ghost in all this? Is HG a prince? Or a princess? Or even have a sex? And anyway I thought there were no such thing as ghosts.
Nope. This makes no sense. I'm confused.

@Storm1752 I was always told that God is a king, and that his children are princes and princesses. It wasn't unusual for me to hear prayers like the above when I was growing up.

Sounds exactly like the kind of prayer in my previous Pentecostal church in Zimbabwe


I think we find our purpose in our values. What matters to you?


That rings a fucking bell, am I right? 😊


Cute quip but when you put any thought into it, it falls flat.

See, I've never seen any god come down and enforce their masterdom over his slaves.
I've never seen any god come down and say "I'm your master!!!!"
So how can they be our masters and how are we their slaves?

Also, this dismisses the fact that many people like being subservient, like being slaves. The entire sub/DOM culture embraces this fact and so that answer isn't as bad as it's portrayed to be.

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What you call overthinking... I just call thinking. πŸ˜‰

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