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Teachers + guns. I think it's a shit idea. What do you think?

Briskovich 4 Mar 12

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as a teacher, i would say this is the most assinine adea ever. how about you arm the schools with social workers and classroom aides? How about eleiminate standardized testing? Better yet, let's get rid of Pearson, the megaconglomerate that controls WAY to much. Also let's throw Betsy DeVos under a bus and maybe let a teacher be Secretery of Education. I could go on and on and on but I have a lot of grading to do, you know work that teachers do at home!

High five!

and as a teacher, I make mistakes, like typos! Lots and lots of typos, but that's where my brain is after teaching all day!

@Beach_slim that is just about the most ignorant statement I’ve seen in a long time.

I was a teacher - I would happily volunteer to carry - also all of my teacher and principal friends have told me they would carry too.

@Beach_slim because it makes zero sense. I work with a lot of kids in crisis in a school with limited resources, such as social workers, people who are trained to help kids deal with crisis. Your reply trivializes many issues and shows a lack of understanding.

@Beach_slim so where do you live? Do you see this for yourself? How do you know this happens? I work in a school. I am teacher. I speak from what I see every day. I work in a school that is 100% title 1. Please enlighten me as to what your experience is.

@Beach_slim well it appears that we live in different worlds and experience different things. I stand by everything I have said. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I will stand by mine.


Its absurd .More guns in the school can lead to more violence . The gun can be stolen by a student or used by the teacher inappropriately.


Awful-worst idea ever


I am a teacher and i think this is a preposterous idea .Giving more guns to more people is counterproductive. There are plenty of teachers that should not be in the vicinity of a gun.


I have a concealed carry licence. The worst case senereo that I can think of is to be a teacher,, and carry in a school. I would hate to be disarmed by a couple of very powerfull students! Teachers have to build rapport with the students, and a gun wouldn't help develope that kind of relationship. I think that the honorably discharged vets in unform would be a much better choice for gaurdng schools. They would be off limits to the student population. They would be there for one purpose only, and that is to keep the campus safe.

i love the idea of retired military men and women protecting the schools. it would be better than the teachers packin for sure but if nothing else is done i do think some teachers should be able to prove marksmanship and get their CCW and carry to school. the coach that took bullets protecting kids is a perfect example of someone willing to die to protect our children and he is left vulnerable with no way to defend his self at all. what a hero he was that day, it was a tragedy but that is prob the most honorable and selfless act of love we can find in todays world and ifim ever faced with the same decision i can only hope i have the courage and strength to lay my life down to save innocent children like he did.

@jorj I agree with you on most subjects. A teacher would cease becoming a teacher if they carried. I would not want students getting to close to me if I was carrying. I would worry about being disarmed, and a gun ending up in the hands of a student.

@Leutrelle that is one of my concerns as well and that is why i like the idea of military veterans gettin security jobs to protect kids the most but im open to a few ways to fix the problem with banning anything not on that list at all.

@Crimson67 totally agree with the things u say as well but i say keep payin them the wage they would have got if they stayed in the military for the men and women as they are about to serve their time and leave. they could then continue to serve and not have to go out chasing a job if they want this one. then u would have ppl that u have mental records and gun abilities on file so we could get the best possible for the jobs.

@Crimson67 yes but we could just keep them on the military payroll cuz we have more than enough goin to the military to afford it. they would no longer be serving to protect us from foreign enemies but instead they would be protecting us from our own bad guys.

This ia something I hadn't heard before and a great point. Rowdy kids trying to get the gun.

My son is in college studying to be a music teacher. He said “how am I supposed to connect with students if I’m carrying a gun?”

@Crimson67 it is a hard topic for sure but it could be a special unit designed for the guys that got small disabilities that got released honorable but still can work and get around just fine. ppl injured from IEDs and such that can't really serve active on front lines anymore but now are reserved for home defense. it would take alot of hashing out but i won't rule it out just yet cuz i think it could be implemented in a way as a benefit and not have the guys guarding schools answering to top brass military personal but instead have it as a total seperate branch available for honorable service and such. idk but i do think it has the possibility to be a great plan tho.

@Crimson67 Mosts Vets would pass the test🙂

@jorj What a great idea🙂

@Briskovich Ya and a teacher shouldn't have to treat the kid as the enemy!

@Leutrelle thanks! 🙂


Shit idea


Teacher Barney Fife reporting for duty!

JK666 Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

would they go to the pricipal for the bullet?


Anyone who can remember what high school was like thinks this is a bad idea. So many kids would have been shot by teachers in my class.



Bad idea, especially if the teacher is a minority.

yup my first thought was imagine being a black teacher having shot dead a white gunman and now the police arrive....


Somewhere I read, in a shoot out, police only hit their targets about 18% of the time. I teach and have a CPL but don't want to take a gun to school. Too many things to go wrong. My gun could be taken off me, I could mistake the target, the incoming law enforcement could mistake ME for the target. Listening to NPR, I heard a POC mention their fears about being mistaken for a shooter. Bad idea. So is making our schools into prisons.

An AR brings that % way up. I think only very well train people with courage should be armed to protect our children. I know you teachers are brave, but I don't think you can be a teacher and an armed protector at the same time. I am trained for conceal carry, but would not want to go up against America's best. This concept would give our Honorably Discharged Veterans a potential job, that could be partially funded by the military.


I believe it's a really bad idea 1.) because the school boards have already cut so many budgets and now all of a sudden there's money to give all faculty members a glock??? Really?? and 2.) Who's to say the teacher would not turn it against one of the students, I know for a fact that one of th teachers that used to work at my old high school was terrified of any student that was even close to his height, why would you arm someone who's initial response is to try to deflect/defend himself against a student walking over to his desk

Just about everyone had seen a teacher completely
loose their shit. I wouldn’t want them to be armed when that happened.


There are tons of unemployed veterans why not give them security jobs guarding schools 24/7

Wasn't it last Friday a vet with PTSD shot up the mental health clinic in California.

$$$$$$$ They've already cut costs to education, paying guards come out of those costs. Some schools, in prosperous areas with good tax bases, could do it, but I think the majority just don't have the money.

@Tominator There are plenty of vets who are fit to fill the job.

@MrPKitty Would be a traffic start for a federal lottery. All proceeds to protect kids and employ veterans.

@Crimson67 TYFYS Desert Shield Storm here Have been around other vets down and out. I just think that vets that have been struggling the ones that want and need help should get to be at the front of the line. Personally I am injured took 7 years 7 individuals appeals to get help. Mostly because my medical jacket was misplaced lost in the red tape hole.


Well, we have done an excellent job of training police officers to make fast and accurate judgment calls about firing their weapons in high pressure situations, so why not teachers, too? Oh, wait...
There are SOOO many problems with this idea.


I didn't agree with guns N teachers right after Columbine (first time this idea popped up) and I don't agree now.
BTW, I am republican and I voted for Trump.


Of course it's a shit idea. It's a typical response though. It's also so much easier than
addressing the reall problems.


Desperate, and sick. The US gun lobby is a powerful animal, though. Backed by gun worshipers attempting to reenact a ‘wild west’ mentally using tactical arms inconceivable by Our Founders; and having stockpiled them for decades … they’re itchen for a fight.

Freshly familiar with public schools in the USA, it’s as sick an idea as I’ve yet to hear. My mind drifted a lot in school … like placing the map of continents ‘together’ like a puzzle before Continental Drift was acknowledged by our religious/ political leaders… Now what - forming their opinion of humanity or community while staring at a sidearm? ...and linking the aspirations of teachers, often the most humanitarian members of the community, to carrying guns..?’ve got me started, which isn’t all that difficult.. And I can imagine the responses of our resident gun worshipers, but we’ve a Constitution in need of amending - and a body count to prove it. The blood is on their trigger fingers… No guns in schools - and a permanent ban and confiscation/ buyback of any of the family of weapons having been used in the now countless massacres within our nation - period

[and if you’re a Russian worm looking to rile our masses, too late]

Varn Level 8 Mar 12, 2018

I think this country is going crazy.

Short trip.


Every teacher I know has said "Hell no!".

If we put security in schools we'd need really well trained individuals who are mostly seperate from the Student Population. Not people who are there to teach them.


So you think that all veterans have PTSD, rhetorical. Just like saying all cops are corrupt or that all judges are unfair. Perhaps honest politicians well may be somewhere in a galaxy far far away. Just because one nut job causes a problem you want to band them all?

Finally some common sense😉

@Crimson67 look at my other comment on this post.


One of the things that bothers me abut atheists is that most are left wingers. The new left is actually a religion. facts, unless they "fit" the dogma, are ignored.

while i would absolutely own up to being left of centre politically, I fail to see how your comment addresses the issue of teachers and guns. Or even how you come to the conclusion that being on the left is a new religion. Left or right we all tend to ignore facts that don't fit our particular view of the world 🙂

It was my knee-jerk reaction to the knee-jerk reactions of other comments. I hear this types of comments from left wingers. I have nothing against left-wingers who are true thinker. The same a applies to right-wingers, but most are just knee-jerkers

No, Sir - they’re conscientious, educated thinkers willing to step outside the box. They don’t settle for lies, pay close attention, and do their homework. They’re not easily duped, nor tolerant of such attempts. They’re progressive, when compared to the masses, which still include (within my nation) a majority of religious. If you support religion, you support ignorance; if not, you tend toward atheism. If any national (US) political party’s match a thinking Atheist, it’s the party with the largest tent - and I don’t mean revival … but the party best described as herding cats, for good reason 🙂

@JimmyM i also lean heavily to the left almost to the point of socialism takin place of the current system because i don't see socialism actually working in practice. it is a great fantasy world to think about, just not practical because it takes away ambition to come up with world changing technologies and such because their would be no reward without competition. in my opinion i don't think we all tend to ignore facts that are opposite of what we want because the majority of ppl don't vote in America and i think it is because they see thru both parties and know it don't matter who wins, it will always stay oligarchic business as usual when both sides have the same donors. polls about policy stances show that when just asked about policy the majority lean left and even when the left has full control we still get right wing healthcare, more wars, and republican tax breaks only to be told by the uninformed democrat voters that we only are against Obama because we are racists and only against Hillary because we are sexists when that is the farthes thing from the truth out there, we are actually just against conservative policy like the democrat politicians tell us that they are against but never try to change it. i usually try to disprove my stance at least once every couple of months on any given issue so i get information from both sides in order to make my stance actually about equality and inclusiveness . seeing how the other side looks at things and being able to put myself in their shoes helps me to understand why they think the way they do as well as make my stances more friendly for ALL instead of just a certain group that i identify with. the left is eating their own for not being sold on the lesser of two evils BS that we always get offered and forcing many liberal minded ppl to walk away from the party because they refuse to acknowledge anything that don't fit the identity politics and social justice agenda and anyone who tries to even bring a fact up that they don't like is automatically labeled a sexist, racist, misogynist etc. and then insulted and shunned and silenced for the simple reason that the left can't put a well thought out logical rebuttal together to include the fact and work it in to the overall issue for a better compromised stance that is for all of us. for example, when i tried to talk to ppl about why Hillary couldn't beat Trump i was told that i just hated women and was a sexist and furthermore she didn't need the working class from middle America to win when truth is the working class from middle America is exactly who she needed to win. u either agree with the left wing extremists or u are cast out then scolded later cause she lost and it is all your fault for being a "Putin bot" even tho u warned them all about it long before the dems made up the collusion lie to camouflage the reality and truth of wikileaks and the emails . the way the left wing is debating and pushing the agenda is silence and place a negative label on anyone who don't agree so they can have a reason to ignore the actual facts. anyone who don't agree with the left are deplorable but they can't see any problem at all with Hillary and her ties to Russia or anywhere else but they will make up stuff in their head to make Trump out to be KGB in any and everything that happens. i remember just a few years ago when i thought only the republicans were the bad guys as well but wikileaks proved the reality of both parties with the Bush admin revelations as well as the Hillary and DNC revelations no matter how they got the information. liberals loved Assange and wikileaks when it was all about the republicans but when they hit the democrats it turned in to something about like this forum usually does, ignore the facts no matter what and insult anyone who points them out and if possible have them censored by removing the post or shutting them out of public discussion. even if a racist homophobic sexist transphobic white privilege cis gendered male states a FACT it will be a fact even tho it comes from a deplorable source but most of the time its just normal Americans stating what they know only to be bashed by the "inclusive and open minded liberals" of today as being nothing but uninformed uneducated ignorant racist rednecks sexist that i've even seen some suggest we take their right to vote away. how does that sound for democracy huh? funny part is if their was an IQ test or something to prove voter eligibility i think it would hurt the left just as much as the right cuz the left is just about as brainwashed as the right and they can't even see it even tho they pride their own as being the "intelligent" ones about politics. sorry for the long response but the topic of accepting facts, to me, is one of the most important, if not the single most important issue we need to correct if we are to make the world better for future generations.

Maybe you should join the Conservative Atheists group on this site so you can only hear your own opinions on a loop. 🙂


Just imagine what’s going to happen to that poor black teacher should the cops be called for any reason.


I think you have to take into account ALL gun deaths. Not those just from mass shootings.

So taking into account accidental gun death rates, even if you mitigated mass shootings (which I don’t think the data is there to prove that case), you would still have a higher death toll due to gun accidents with children being in the vicinity of guns.

Then take into account an increased suicide due to guns being in the hands of more adults and the death count goes even higher.

Myah Level 6 Mar 12, 2018

More suicides are completed with guns than by any other means. It being such an effective and final means makes it the most deadly.


Bad idea


We use guns to protect us from bad guys. Used properly guns are great. Some are so simple minded - "guns bad" I suppose fire is bad too if its misused, maybe we should get rid of gasoline - it might explode and burn or kill you.

Its the use or misuse that makes something good or bad - teachers and admins are generally very responsible - I would trust them to not misuse their weapons.

gater Level 7 Mar 14, 2018

Fortunately, I am retired from teaching. As I said before, the idea of arming teachers popped up right after Columbine. I don't know a NYC teacher that agreed then with this suggestion. I am sure no one would agree now. Is dangerous. Very dangerous.

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