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Though Atheism is not a religion, which one of them are more generous? πŸ™‚

NR92 6 June 14

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I'd give that guy a fiver and a pat on the back just for being so creative with his panhandling. πŸ‘


Completely staged bullshit.


It’s not a competition. I would just put the money in his hand and let him sort it out.



Atheist is a religion? God damn it. - Oh, I mean, "There is not God, dammit!"


Please excuse, but I feel ZERO need, desire, compulsion, etc., to compare agnosticism to ANY belief system, be it atheism, religion, philosophy, ideology, political affiliation, etc, as if it matters what these closed-minded "true believers" think. I don't agree with any of their whole-cloth panaceas.
Similarly, I feel no inclimation to

  1. give to the poor,
  2. pick up litter,
  3. be a "nice" person,
  4. save the planet,
  5. espouse an opinion or point of view,
  6. do anything st all,
    To prove anything to anybody.
    I may or may not do any of these things or other things because I feel like it, independent of any particular reason.
    I find it extremely irritating when anyone gives even the HINT of the impression I think what we do or don't do is tied to god or man, and doesn't come solely from our individually-mandated motivations. I DO WHAT I DO BECAUSE:
  7. I feel like it,
  8. I don't want to go to jail or incur someone else's wrath/revenge impulse,
  9. it feels good,
  10. I derive some personal, tangible benefit,
  11. I make a mistake,
  12. just because.
    I could think of others but that's basically it.
    Whether or not there's an afterlife, we have THIS life free and clear.
    If we want to do "bad" things, we can. Many people do. If they get away with it and it doesn't bother them to ruin someone else's life, for example, hey, go for it, Not my deal but whatever turns your crank. (Just don't come crying to me when your luck runs out.).
    Anyway, the thing is, I accept with anger the world as it is. The only person I answer to is myself.
    When I occasionally think about it, 99.9999...% of the people in the world don't even know I exist, even those surrounding me. They are self-contained organisms concerned first and foremost with their own lives, not mine. I'm on my own, for the most part, and regardless of whatever support system I've managed to create for myself, it's mostly an illusion.
    The ONLY thing I truly have, is myself. Friendships, lovers, acquaintances, come and go. I remain.
    So I don't CARE what others think.
    I have enough trouble keeping MYSELF happy.

That could be totally one sided based on what religion is prominent in the area. Obviously you're going to get more in one bowl if there isn't a variety of religions around you.

Also, you shouldn't need to be guilted into giving to the homeless. You should do whatever you're able to do to help, just because.

Kynlei Level 8 June 14, 2019

An interesting ploy.

Set out this 'challenge', and people of different belief systems feel 'obliged' to not allow their own belief to appear uncaring.

It, in effect, 'forces donations' out of the self-serving desire to promote one's own belief.

It is also, of course, invalid as a social experiment unless the populations and levels of wealth of all the different believers matched - which they won't.

This is very accurate.


A study revealed clearly that atheists are more compassionate and generous than religious people. []

Love the way the reverend interviewed said the faithful were generous through tithing, which goes right into the minister's pocket!!


Since Atheism is NOT in any way, shape nor form a RELIGION then it does not fit into any of the parameters BUT most Atheists are very generous, kind and caring people simply because we know that it IS the correct and morally decent thing to be.


Epic scam!

Yes religions are a scam and Atheists Humanists Agnostics are not religions


If you don't count what religious people give to the church (and who knows what pederast activities that funds), atheists probably give a lot more directly to the poor.


Clever of him to make donation into a competition. Judging by the stuff around him, I would say this guy knows how to motivate people to donate. I wonder what his other signs say.


A clever way to get donations. Capitalism working for the homeless. Pun/sarcasm/irony intended,


An atheist has no other agenda but to help that person. The religious one generally helps to convert that person to his or her religion. One of the ways the weak are drawn (subtly assisted) to god


Is this an example of moral grandstanding?

Is there any evidence that those calling themselves atheists and agnostics give a higher percentage of their income to the poor? What about simple non-believers? Does it matter anyway? What’s the point?

Is there anything liberal about trying to shame a class of people by implying that they are hypocrites? That action would itself appear as hypocritical.


at the end of the day you'll gather it all up and buy a bottle of wine anyway

m16566 Level 7 June 14, 2019

So? Wow that is extremely judgemental

@OwlInASack Yeah me too...or some heavy drugs. Anything. I was chatting to two lads in in Preston in december a few years ago. I asked them if they managed to keep warm. They were both in their 20s and it struck me, everyone flying about was getting festive, lots of people drinking heavily and enjoying work's dos then there were these two young men, tossed aside like they were sub-human. Neither was drunk or appeared high, just victims of austerity and Tory cruelty. Yeah I'd drink


we are to judge by one guy's one-time experience? how many people of each religion passed by that day? how many of them had any money on them? it's ridiculous.



Hate to correct him but Muslim isn't a religion too. Plus not homeless person shaming but..nice trainers.

Amisja Level 8 June 14, 2019

Islam is a religion according to the 3 billion muslims.

I think being homeless is not a shame for the homeless person it is a shame for the society and the system, you won't see lots of homeless in countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland.

@Katsarecool she didn't say islam wasn't a religion. she said muslim wasn't. however, ALL the labels indicated the practitioner, not the religion (or nonreligion).


@Renickulous And the people are benefiting from public services like free education, healthcare and much more and the country is the happiest country in the world.
And I have no problem not to spend $1449 for a smart phone instead give one third of it to the government to spend it for public services and fight poverty and buy a cheaper smart phone that can do all the tasks which the $1449 smart phone can do.

A majority of people in Scandinavian countries have agreed to a higher tax rate. They are democracies unlike the US of A.

@Katsarecool Islam is you are correct. Muslim is a description of a follower of Islam.

@Katsarecool, @Noor92 Oh you do

@genessa Islam is a religion and Muslims are their members tho the terms are often interchangeable.

@Katsarecool they really are not interchangeable. people misuse the terms, though.


Why not nice trainers ??? You would prefer him barefeet ?? Maybe he doesn't drink and he went to Value Village. Maybe it's a gift. Judgemental as fuck. I'm living under poverty line and this kind of comment piss me off.

@Renickulous of course...working upper middle class is so selfish they'd never accept that

@genessa that's what I meant. I was a Muslim 30 years ago. It lasted less than a month.

@Katsarecool haha you gave it a shot!


@Nathalie_Quebec eh? I just commented nice trainers and qualified it with NOT HOMELESS PERSON SHAMING! I have always been poor, I wear second hand clothes and would never shame a brother or sister on the streets ffs!

@Amisja I'm sorry then, I misunderstood you. In French the expression you used would have been seen as an ironic negative comment.


What a diverse neighborhood to get a sample of generosity from most people ideation


There seems to be a general idea that people belong in houses. When someone is seen to be living outdoors it is pointed out as a great tragedy, a social Ill, a horrible situation needing immediate correction.

Is there really anything wrong with being outside?

Yes. It gets wet and cold outside sometimes.

Not if you choose to live there.

Having no home has a lot of other implications in our society, homeless people are more prone to the weather, illness, crime and it makes it a ton harder to get a job, or even apply for government aid because they have no address to where their checks or aid will arrive to and you can’t get a bank account because of the same reason


...not sure ,but the middle class as a group
donate more to charity then the moneyed

BBJong Level 7 June 14, 2019

Pointless comparison


I had a friend who died earlier this year. I'm really very sad that I can't share this with him. He'd have loved it. []


Of course jews only gave him a penny. Stereotyped, or truth?


Believers seem to be the ones giving money and helping, but they do this knowing that they might be helping themselves when they get to the invisible kingdom in the sky. I know that the Buybull says nothing is gained by simply doing good works but believers do this anyway with hope of a gain. Of course, they do not help you if your religion is a rival religion. I once took a friend to a food pantry that helps the less fortunate and you even had to pray before they give you the food. Mankind needs to get their belief system out of the way when it comes to helping others. One thing that stands out to me is that when I was a security guard I was always tipped by a man who was Muslim. He gave me the camping fee and a little extra, he said because it was my tip. When his group cooked he would also make sure that I got some of the food.

On the funny side of all this I saw a homeless man with a sign saying so as I exited the highway going to my work. It was raining like hell that day and this man is around constantly with his sign. No wonder he is homeless, I thought. He doesn't have enough sense to get out of the rain. The next day I saw him at another town exit 12 miles away.

.. home town has a Mission and is deeply
religious based-so as to indoctrinate u to
thier belief. U cannot get ahead unless you
"particapate"; all the perks to the believers.
$$$is thrown at this problem; hoping it
will go AWAY-no matter how it is spent!!!

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