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My husband says, google is his god, because it knows everything and always has an answer for his problem. Who can argue with that? When I read through the many post about people who say their agnostic I can’t help but notice they are referring to the written text they don’t believe in. While others are referring to the religious sector they don’t believe in. Some will say they don’t believe in the teachings of a god. A few will say they don’t believe in a god because of war, murder and all the injustice in the world. Very rarely will you find a post that will explain in the first person why they don’t believe in the existence of god. What are you referring to when you say your an agnostic?

Debbera 5 June 27

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I'm always thinking in terms of the old guy with the beard.

I don't rule out the idea of god in the religions of the East.


I downloaded Google's son Google maps into my heart and now I know where I'm going at all times.😤. He said I am the life, the truth and the way no man gets to his destination without me.

William Blake made a spiritual map about 200 years ago. First you go into Bowlahoola, then Allamanda and then onto the looms of Cathedron. With help from the Daughters of Beulah, you can raise yourself back into Eden where Eternity lives.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

I'm an atheist and anti-theist.
I don't believe in gods, or "holy" books, or any religion, whatsoever.

I've never been agnostic. I've always known it was ALL bullshit.

Come on KK, now you're going to have to explain what a Gnostic Atheist

@zblaze No. No, I don't.
If anyone wants to know what that is, they can damn well google that shit.

@KKGator I did. This was the response; "Gnostic means “with knowledge”, that you claim to know something. Atheist means “without god”, that you don't believe in any god. ... However you can combine them to gnostic atheist. Then it means that you don't believe in any god and claim to know that there is no god."

Tough claim to support.

@zblaze Not really. There is absolutely no credible, verifiable evidence, to prove that ANY gods are real, or have ever existed in reality.
So, saying there aren't any isn't really that tough a claim to make.
There is no "there" there.

@KKGator Any claim is easy to make KK. That isn't the point. It is a tough claim to support, verify, prove. It is a claim that you have knowledge[Not Belief] of the non existence of a god; "I've never been agnostic. I've always known it was ALL bullshit."
You've always been an Agnostic, you've never had 'knowledge' that a god does not exist. You might think one doesn't, and obviously lack a belief in a god, but if you had knowledge you would be able to show it, and can't.
The position of a Gnostic Atheist is an 'appeal to ignorance' — the claim that whatever has not been proved true must be false, and vice versa. This impatience with ambiguity can be criticized in the phrase: {"absence of evidence is not evidence of absence":.

@zblaze Please do not tell me what I am. Arguing semantics means nothing to me. If I ever meet a god, I'll change my mind. Right after I get a brain scan.
Until then, I know there aren't any gods.
All religion is bullshit based on nothing more than myth and crowd control.

You are free to call it whatever you please. This is as far as I'm going in this "debate".


I don’t believe in god because there is no evidence of one.

You are correct and to my brain, reality shows no indication of god(s).


I'm an agnostic/atheist if you can deal with that. As a younger man I was tricked into believing in a god and I studied to be a Pentecostal minister. Wanting to know things, I studied much more than just the bible. I was in my 60's when it all rang true. There are no gods and no evidence of gods. There is no evidence that gods wrote you a book and told you what to do. No evidence of gods wanting to be in touch with you. The bible as we know it today came some 300 plus years after Jesus, who himself might be a composite of more than one man. Prophesy in the bible is contrived in order to make it fit the situation. Jesus is about as real as Zeus or Jupiter. You do not have or possess a "soul" and there is no proof that you are doing anything or going anywhere after death.

Do my beliefs scare me in any way? No, I'm more free right now that I have been in my whole life.


I think you will find that a lot of atheists don't 'disbelieve' in various specific things. We simply don't have any need for supernatural beings in our lives. It is not about texts or moral systems - we just don't need a 'god' to explain anything.


Please tell your husband his God has crapped all over his 4th amendment.


I am atheist because I see NO evidence that any gods exist. All the "evidence" shown me by believers turns out to be flawed when I look into it. This puts "God" on a par with fairies, hobbits and ewoks.

Ding ding ding!!! To both posters! I was thinking all of this!

Definately on board with this reasoning;
Any other approach seems to split hairs,
with no grounding in reality.


God??, pfff... who gives a hoot.... Grammar on the other hand.... "who say their agnostic" (their, strike one), "when you say your an agnostic" (your, strike two)..... Uuufff.. almost out !!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Thank you for pointing out grammatical flaws. English is my third language and trying to grasp the concept of its sentence structure nearly drove me bats. . I’ll except your strike against me for my flaws but, let me add, I’m much much more then my mistakes.

@Debbera Well then I know where you're coming from ( figure of speech ). English is my third language too and I have always been grateful and happy with everyone that have had the honesty to point my shortcomings along the way. That's how we learn !! Cheers.

Is there not a group for Grammarians. lol

@ColdFax I wouldn't it?

@ColdFax Yep, we're called Grammar Nazis. We're all over the internet.

@zblaze Fucking Right!

@Debbera you win 🙂

@bbyrd009 What did she win??

@kodimerlyn Thank you, once again, that's how we learn

@zblaze um, self- respect maybe?


I don’t generally ever say that I’m an agnostic by itself. I’m an agnostic atheist. Agnostic means without knowledge and atheist means without belief. I recognize that no one has complete information, but that’s no reason to believe anything for which I have no evidence. The burden of proof is on the person claiming the existence of something. There’s been no god described by any theistic religion that is remotely logically possible and no one has ever offered any credible evidence of the supernatural. If you think you have some get in contact with skeptical magician the Amazing Randy, he has a standing prize of 1,000,000 waiting for anyone who can.

So I can say 100% there is no god so far based on the knowledge humanity has, if you define the scope of god as “something omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent as described by any theistic religion so far.” If your definition of god is much broader than that, I’m willing to hear it out, although if I come to agree in the existence of whatever you’re calling god I’d probably have to say your use of the word god is a generous, inaccurate, meaningless placeholder of a title, for lack of a better term.


Some of us just don’t care if there is or isn’t
I’m 99.99% there isn’t
But I couldn’t give a shit if there was


Never really had a reason to not believe in God other than I just never believed in God. Nothing pushed me away from God as the belief never sank in. Just sounded too much like a fictional tale that people tried telling me was real, like Santa and the Easter Bunny. Plus, the stories in the bible sounded way too similar to the ravings of my schizophrenic mother..

Don't screw with the Easter Bunny. Warning you!


If there was an all powerful god that required worship he certainly would be powerful enough to make himself known. The question then would be what created the creator. Evolution explains our existence. These three premises are why Atheism is the best default position.


Trust in Dog! Praise the pooch. For he/she will protect you in times of need.
Never heard of a dog that lies. Other than in the yard.

Dogs be praised


When I say I'm agnostic I'm saying that I don't know if there's a god or gods, or magic spirits or anything that explains the unknown. I don't substitute any religion for the unknown. I am comfortable with the unknown. The known world gives me plenty to contemplate.


I do not believe in gods of any kind nor do I have a need to create a god. And I don't use labels either. I just don't believe in illogical things that don't make sense at all.

Exactly. Non of it makes sense. Fairy tales, passed down and re-translated over the generations.


I reference the lack of evidence. There is no compelling evidence that points to any god existing.


There is absolutely no evidence for a god or gods. Oh and btw google is not a university😃


Thank you for an interesting post. First of all, I probably would argue with your husband about Google. But then that is not the gist of your post.

I have considered myself Agnostic most of my life. I do believe that the term is Greek for, "no knowledge." So an agnostic is drawing no conclusions because she or he does not believe that human kind knows enough to do so. Science disproves the creation story in Genesis. But you do not have to believe in Genesis to believe in a being with all of the omnies, (omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence.) In fact, some physicists make God a scientific theory.

Then there are those that bring up the suffering in the world as if it says that there is no God. But then, that does not deny the omnies.

So there you have it. We are using our limited rationale to determine the unlimited. But Indian Philosopher, Deepak Chopra, says that we can use the intellect to go beyond the intellect, (from an old DVD, "God and Buddha a dialogue." ) So I guess we will keep trying. I do not think that we will ever figure it out. But maybe that would take the fun away anyway.

MrDMC Level 7 June 28, 2019

Little do you know that the principle you espouse is completely Scriptural, if decidedly not Christian? Manna is not called "what is it?" for nothing, eh? The tree of knowledge of good and evil, hello?

@bbyrd009 Well, he does identify as spiritual.....

@zblaze ha. "Eating from the tree of knowledge..." is strictly for those who say they know, talk like they know, right? "He who says he knows does not yet know as he ought." i mean "become like a little child?" ha

@zblaze "I said 'you are elohim.' " you, iow. No old white guy with a beard iow.


Children born with cancer, destined to live a few weeks before dying a painful death, are proof enough for me that there is no all seeing, all powerful, benevolent God. If such a being exists, they are two of those three things, at best.

While I see things like Flat Earthism and Young Earth Creationism as demonstrably nonsense, I don't think anyone is in a position to say outright that an intelligence didn't have a hand in creating the universe and life within it. This is as undisprovable as it is unprovable (yes, I know about Russell's teapot and burden of proof.) At least until that being makes themselves properly known.

Maybe some intelligence did create the universe and life within it. Maybe it has created many universes in the pursuit of creating the perfect one. Maybe we are on a shelf somewhere, along with billions of other neglected failed experiments. "Oh bugger! I've created wasps again! Better start over." That would certainly explain why God doesn't seem to care about human suffering, in this universe, at least.

But on balance of probability, I am almost certain that there is no God, and never was. So my agnosticism works on the basis of it being highly improbable (but not impossible) that there is intelligent design behind life. As for the Bible: I believe anyone who has had direct communication with God was most likely of questionable sanity or hallucinating at the time. So the book is entirely man made. It is not the word of God, regardless of whether God is real or not.

I should be called Intelligent Magic.

"Children born with cancer, destined to live a few weeks before dying a painful death, are proof enough for me that there is no all seeing, all powerful, benevolent God." ah, how else might you punish the parents for their retarded actions that caused the cancer in the first place then? And ps "benevolent" is not nowhere in there wadr k, God plainly has Israelites under siege eating their own children?


Agnostic means you don't have evidence not that you don't believe. That's exactly what I mean by it, that I have no evidence God exists. On the other hand, there's enough in the Bible to prove itself wrong. In that case, my lack of belief in the Bible is based in evidence.

Totally agree


actually I'm an atheist..... i couldn't find an atheist site. lolol


The Google thing is indeed tricky. I used to be a Mac guy; have been since the 80s. Now I'm a Google guy. I'm every bit as aware of the dangers of Google, but they give me what Apple does not -- all the online Google functions, Android phone, Google home, and I've just bought a Chromebook which was great value for money and fast as a rabbit. My expensive Mac died and I've had it with Apple and their over priced poorly made stuff. It's a whole set of integrated functions that I really like. But... but..I manage my Google account options carefully, and I use a private browser for most searching. I encourage others to do that also So, I exercise what control I can. God? No. But I cannot find a better alternative.

And I don't refer to myself as agnostic, but atheist. My reasons are quite clear and ultimately stem from a total lack of evidence, and a rejection of all mysticism, supernaturalism and magic.


To me, being agnostic means that I don't know about the existance of God. Whereas, atheists claim to know that God does not exist. Religious people claim to know God does exist.

That's not quite right. Agnostic/gnostic deals with the knowledge claim atheism/theism deals with the belief. One coukd claim not to know a god exists but not believe any exist and would be both agnostic and atheist.

Wrong, that is not what Atheists claim. The only claim that Atheists have is that they have a lack of belief in a god. Period

A Gnostic Atheist makes that claim. A very difficult position to support!!

You can divide people by two dimensions - belief of non-belief (theist/atheist) and gnostic or agnostic (“knows” or does not know). So most are agnostic atheists - do not believe in any gods but do not claim to “know.”
Theists, however, mostly claim to “know” there is a god.
But when it comes down to it people can be any combination.


I am an Atheist. The idea of a "god" is ludicrous. Obvious superstitious, pre-science invention of humans to explain what then was inexplicable.



The google shits significantly censor the truth. google owns youtube. way many truth tellers have been deplatformed. As well on pinterest, vimeo, reddit, twittee,...

Google and facebook track EVERYTHING about you.

I use fire fox, and duck duck go for search. They do not track anything about you.

Jacar Level 8 June 27, 2019
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