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Instead of scholarships I think any high school or college kid (not to mention 20 yr olds) who can go a whole week without saying "like" or "oh my god" or "omg" should get a free ride through college. Really tired of it, sorry.

lerlo 8 July 6

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Oh my god, you're like so mean!!

I teach college, so I think I've tuned it out for everyday, but I do notice it during student presentations. I remember cringing one time when I went to hear the research presentations for our honors students and one girl was "like"-ing the whole way through.

I teach a presentation class. It's a very frustrating class to teach. Young people today approach their studies in isolated sections. They rarely connect what they learn in one class to another class, or any other part of their life. For instance, in this presentation class, the students had to give final presentations demonstrating the culmination of their learning throughout the semester. One student in this class was also in one of my other classes, a history class, which also had a culminating presentation on an historical figure. These presentations were 2 days apart. In the presentation class, this student did a nice job demonstrating her presentation skills, style, and really connected with her audience. Two days later in the history class, I saw none of these skills in her presentation. In fact, it was a fairly poor presentation. I was so disappointed.

I don't envy your position. However, if you're able to break at least them of the habit or at least make them conscious of when and when not to use the language, you've done your job. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I think having a career involving public speaking, I'm more attuned to such speech which is why it grates so much. Keep up the good work!

@lerlo It's a high-wire act trying to balance imposing high standards versus not pissing off the students who evaluate you at the end of each semester. These individuals who have no degree evaluate my performance, someone who has earned 3 degrees. It certainly keeps you humble. But I also think there is definitely something wrong with this system. It has caused a lowering of educational standards in our country unfortunately which is probably why you are dealing with the "like's " and the "oh my gods."

I recommend reading "Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite" by William Deresiewicz. Dr. Deresiewicz used to teach at Yale but now is also a public speaker and has written several books on what he terms our "morally bankrupt higher education system."

@linxminx Thanks for the tip. Do they really place great weight on those evaluations? I taught some, and was evaluated, so I understand, Anyway, I admire what you do and maybe some day, down the road, some of those students will thank you for the effort.

@lerlo The extent those evaluations are used against a faculty member really depends on the administrator who evaluates you. I've been on the receiving end of both extremes. I don't know if you have read some of my comments to the extent that you know my story, but I had a really bad work experience at the hands of a narcissistic department chair. One year, she gave me a poor yearly performance review because 1 student out of 200+ students complained. Anyway, thanks for the compliment. I have had the honor to teach many wonderful individuals throughout the years.

@linxminx Well I'm sorry you had that setback. Keep up the good work. Jealous administrators be damned! πŸ™‚


I'm sure you've got verbal tics of your own that drive other people nuts

GwenC Level 7 July 6, 2019

We all do. Very true

@GwenC Yes, well having a job in public speaking, my goal was to remove any such things but, for the sake of argument, if I do, and I know this will come as a shock, I still get to voice my opinion.


When I moved I hired a couple college aged boys (men?) to load my crap into the moving van. I was about ready to punch one of them after hearing β€œbro” 856 times!!!!


Have you had a conversation with a teen in the past 20 years?

Depends on the culture for sure. Lol

@MrChange I try to avoid it. I have a friend in her 60's who says "like" at least 3 times in every sentence. In her defense, she raised two teenaged daughters, so there's that.

@BufftonBeotch Shockingly, I have had conversations with teens in the past 20 years which leads to my post. But maybe more shockingly, you don't have to have a conversation to overhear people in the booth next to you or in the plane seat next to you, or on the bus, or waiting in line somewhere or watching television and on and on. You'd be amazed at like all the ways you can hear what people say


I wish that were true - my daughter would qualify, and her tuition is about the same as my annual earnings 😳


don't you need to run some kids off your front lawn?

no lawn, wish I could teach them english...however I do have some cactus they could like run into πŸ™‚

@F-IM-Forty yeah, that's what I need, hearing more people do it πŸ™‚ My cactus are open to all πŸ™‚

@F-IM-Forty if I live long enough maybe πŸ™‚


I've spent a lot of time around teens and twenty-somethings and honestly don't hear those overused much at all. I wonder how regional or demographic it is (recalling Valley-speak of the 1980s). In these parts, I hear the dreaded "whatever" more than anything, and not nauseatingly often at that, thank goodness.

I hear a lot more snippets reflecting the latest internet craze, which are full on while hot and then replaced completely in fairly short order. The pace of "in or out" is crazy quick and tough to keep up with.

Zster Level 8 July 6, 2019

omg, this is like the dumbest post EVER!

Maybe a bit more Megan Mccain-esk than I had intended. None the less, the mockery is deserved. Though not for the people who say "Like". More, for the people annoyed by it.

Like, oh my god, suck it.


@Mb_Man Yes, thanks for sticking up for the illiterate, everyone needs a cause. Only you are allowed to be annoyed by anything, I know, right? Thanks for renewing my disdain for idiots, the one thing you can't avoid in the world. Yes, I know you will need the last word, which you won't get because I've had a lifetime of dealing with geniuses like you and have nothing but time to play your game. "suck it " was quite manly. Got any other gems smart guy?

@Donotbelieve feel free.

@Donotbelieve I fail to see the connection, but okay.

One of us can't stand how many ordinary people talk. I get annoyed by people using words that they don't seem to understand, as per their actions and\or views.

Seems a big difference.

Gotta say. . . it's great to be considered an idiot and a genius. I love this site.

@Donotbelieve Because condesending people are hilariously triggerable. I can't help myself.

It be like if comedians let George Bush and Donald Trump slide unmocked. . .

@Donotbelieve You, no. I was more having a laugh at the OP. Your comments were more based on reality ("are you a hypocrite, Mb Man?" ) than typical young people bias.

Apparently he was right. I do have the last word lol. Nothing better to do on my work break than be the ignorant fool of some wise guy.


"You are fuck right" should be added to the list.


Add "fu-k" and its derivatives to the list.

In public, I feel offended when jackasses loudly bellow "f-ck!" in every sentence.

@maturin1919 Yep.

@maturin1919 congratulations Richard Pryor...nothing but class and hiding behind the internet, well said

@maturin1919 oh, I have a clear picture of who you are, thanks for the enlightenment. I counted I think 73 "fucks" in a hour Richard Pryor concert once. They needed counting because they detracted from his humor. Some people just have nothing else to say.



@maturin1919 and only someone as bright as you resorts to name calling, maybe like your favorite president?

On one hand I don't see how a word can be so offensive. It is still, after all, simply a combination of sounds. On the other hand, I detest words that denigrate human beings, i.e. racial slurs and ethnic slurs. The word "fuck" doesn't fall into that category. I do use the word liberally on a daily basis, and I assure you it's not because I have a limited vocabulary.


They also start every reply with "I mean...", or "So..." But not just teenagers... adults on TV are doing it too.

It starts on TV.

@UpsideDownAgain You're probably right. But these are professional speakers I'm talking about. These rhetorical abominations spread like wildfire.


I do think a lot of that is habit...I hear a lot of of speakers overusing the word "actually" does get annoying, but I do think many grow out of it as they are exposed to more and more people and start mimicking others in a wider group than they currently have.

It is much more worrisome when I hear adults. I know many public speaking and self-improvement coaches have classes on habits that might irritate others from fidgeting to repetitive words. "whatever"...ha ha ha

Also the overuse of the word "literally", as in "I literally died when when I saw him"

@TheoryNumber3 yes...ha ha...and I often wonder if they realize what they just said makes no sense if they stopped to think about it...literally...ha ha ha


Take a chill pill. πŸ˜‚


I think I said that pretty calmly πŸ™‚

@lerlo Whoosh.

@VictoriaNotes Over and over here people think they can tell you how and what to feel. The site gives them that ability. I still get the ability to voice my feelings. I can post a joke and someone will complain they've heard it before, like I was supposed to clear it with them first. You may love hearing like and oh my god all day and you may say it yourself, congrats. You won't find me telling you what to think or what to do unless you ask my opinion.

@lerlo My point was why allow it to annoy you? Is such unharmful rhetoric worth the cortisol? Each generation of youth has done this --- using, repetitively, words that mark the time. Perhaps it's a conspiracy to drive old folk, like you, nuts. πŸ˜‚

@VictoriaNotes Must be nice to go through life having nothing annoy you, I envy youngsters like you

@lerlo Ha, I'm one year younger than you. I've simply learned not to sweat the small stuff. There are plenty more important things to get annoyed over, and I'm selective in what I allow to raise my cortisol, but to each his/her own, I suppose.


Can we add "Ya know" to your list? I like hate hearing it too.

JimG Level 8 July 6, 2019

or "I know, right?" because you need concurrence πŸ™‚


Maybe we should start a vocabulary group. I can add a few expressions like "No problem" to the table.

fine start it...I'll join

@lerlo me too

@JackPedigo but I'll start it if you don't want to...

@lerlo That would be good but I wonder how many words we used when young drove our parents and other adults crazy? Still, I would join. Maybe we could even make it inter generational.

@JackPedigo I think open to anyone and everyone with a penchant for language, words and hopefully someplace where if some speech pattern or fad drives you crazy, you can post it without personal attacks πŸ™‚


When I got back from Korea where I spent four years mostly not understanding a word that was being said, I noticed a couple of things I wouldn't have otherwise. First of all, do you guys know why you're so horrified by the thought of people driving drunk? I hate to break it to you but you're being brainwashed. Don't believe me? Count the number of times you encounter driving drunk ads in a day.

Secondly, everyone was saying "Right?" and "I know, right?" Drove me nuts. I asked several people what movie it had come from but no one knew. A few years later I read an article that traced familiar sayings back to the movies they originated from. Saying "Right?" comes from the movie Mean Girls. Sadly, it wasn't long before I discovered in horror the same term coming out of my mouth. Scary.

That said, nothing has ever set my teeth on edge as bad as the Korean girl whine. There's nothing like it anywhere. You might have noticed it on Korean dramas if you're into them. It's that police siren-like tone that they end their sentences with when they're whining and they're always whining. My kids picked that up before they learned the language. I just about wanted to shoot myself. Ugh.


Add to the list "you know."


I have a personal detestation of the overuse of "awesome". A superlative that should be reserved for such things as the birth of your child or the Taj-Mahal in moonlight, not a f#cking pizza!
To this end, I wrote a satirical song in the style of a rock ballad. With which I berate my audience, leaving them with a pavlovian chastisement, should they ever use it again?


Gag me with a spoon!! As a child of the 80’s, this is so Valley Speak! OK, I grew up in upstate New York. I do find it interesting that in the age of social media, there seems to be a shrinking of the regional differences in language. Oh, and at almost 50, I do use β€œAwesome”, β€œCool” and β€œDude”, A LOT!

Lol. A few people I know would like to outlaw the New York accent. As for me, a deep voice with a New York accent makes me weak I'm the knees.

@JCCharles glad people today are able to conform to your way of speaking

twill Level 7 July 6, 2019

His observations do appear to be about this dated.

@BufftonBeotch for sure

@twill Gag me with a spoon!

Just like shoot me! Actually, I still hear young girls talking valleyspeak. And what drives me even crazier is vocal fry.


Garbage in, garbage out...


I'd like to go a whole week without hearing someone complain about something utterly silly and trite. Every generation/decade of youth had words and phrases that were widely used and likely annoyed the parents and elders of that time. It's become a cliche of older people to complain about teenagers and their music, how they dress, what they say, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

@Charles1971 I'd love to go a minute on this site without someone thinking that only they can have opinions. Perhaps when you have a carer based on public speaking, utterly silly and trite language that can't be used in such a profession makes you more attuned to it. It has also become cliche on this site for people to trash other people, thanks for keeping the cliche alive and justifying my disdain for many of the people here. And yes, I, like you can leave the site or ignore posts you don't like. Have a fucking nice day

@lerlo I did not "trash" you. And at least I had the decency to not rudely insult you. I implied that your post was silly and trite. If you respond so uncouthly to mild criticism maybe a career in public speaking was a poor choice for you.

Also, please point out where I stated that you or anyone else was not allowed to express an opinion here or elsewhere. Isn't the whole purpose of publicly expressing an opinion to receive feedback? Or do you only accept feedback that praises you and bolsters your own opinion?

Next time include in your post that you only want to hear from people that agree with you.

@Donotbelieve And you're complaining about my complaining about his complaining. Yeesh. This is getting ridiculous.

@Charles1971 ahhh you were rudely insulted. Good thing you're not an older person making trite and silly complaints about teenagers. Takes a thick skin to work this site. Now hear this! I want only people who don't make personal remarks about the poster to respond to my posts or, thick skin or not I will retaliateπŸ™‚
p.s. can't think of a reason to "criticize" any poster here, all you have to do is state your opinion of the issue--leaving personal attacks or criticisms out of your comments--and I know you will heed every bit of that.

@lerlo So... I'm NOT allowed to make personal remarks (only impersonal remarks?) but you are? My original post was criticizing your comment. Not once did I make any personal attack on you. Seems you're the thin-skinned person here.

You seem awfully worked up by someone implying that your esteemed opinion is "silly and trite". That's what qualifies as a personal attack these days? Wow! Next time I post any reply I'll be super careful and tread lightly else I may crush a few eggshells.

@Charles1971 I have an idea, look up the word "someone." If the definition of the word someone is "a comment" then you're absolutely correct and I'm mistaken. Otherwise you were critcizing a person and not a comment. But nice try.

@lerlo So, I criticized "someone" and THAT is not allowed? You criticize basically an entire generation of people and that's okay. Sorry, I don't understand these posting rules that you expect me to obey. Also, I did not realize that directing a criticism to "someone" would be considered a direct personal attack on YOU.

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