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I joined in 2018 but have not been active. Looking at the "Newbie" group, I have the impression that Agnostic is mostly men. Does anyone know what the male:female ratio is on this website?

Boblue 3 Sep 23

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No only matters if your main reason for joining is to use it as a dating site. Due to the disparate nature of the locations of all of us...not just spread over the whole of the North American continent, but U.K., Europe, Australia...and the rest of the world, it’s not particularly successful at that function. However, if you just want good discourse with interesting and stimulating people, of either sex, then this is the place for you,


1 question 3 responses all from women - I don't see where ratio matters. The community is amazing!


I've been on this site for almost two years and I can attest to the fact that
there are lots of women here.

Whether they're here for dating or not is quite another matter.

@Bobsuruncle All relationships have their obstacles.


There might be more male members (just here for dating), but both men and women are equally represented in the community. Welcome.

I am here to meet like minded people. If that develops into a friendship, great.


This is a social community site which has a very minor dating aspect.


Possibly there are more men than women here ... but women are coming out atheist much more often than they did in the past. Soon, atheist groups will have a good gender balance.

SKH78 Level 8 Sep 23, 2019

i have no clue but my own observation is that there is no huge discrepancy between the genders here.


I would agree but I guess it depends upon what groups you’re in

@Marcie1974 well, one group or another may have a preponderance of one gender, another or non-cis for that matter, but no one group would represent the whole of ag dot com, and i think the question was about ag dot com in general.



If you go to the Browse button up top and choose members, there is a pretty handy filtering tool that you might be able to use to find out. You can filter by age, location and a whole bunch of other criteria!


There's plenty of us gals....but most don't use it specifically as a dating site.


Women don’t seem to be as good at about figuring out that religion is bullshit unfortunately so there seem to be quite a few more male atheist.

Globally, an estimated 83.4% of women around the world identify with a faith group, compared to 79.9% of men.


Belief in heaven --- 91% women --- 89% men
Belief in hell --- 78% women --- 76% men
Belief in angels --- 88% women --- 84% men


Belief in heaven --- 94% women --- 93% men
Belief in hell --- 88% women --- 88% men
Belief in angels --- 86% women --- 85% men

While women generally are more religious, men display higher levels of religious commitment in some countries and religious groups. And in other contexts, there are few, if any, discernible gender differences in religion. []

Breaking it down: "In about a third of the 192 countries (61), women are at least 2 percentage points more likely than men to have a religious affiliation. In the remaining countries (131), women and men are about equally likely to affiliate with a religious group. In 83 of the 131 countries, more than 98% of both men and women identify with a religious group, making affiliation nearly universal with little room for any gender gap."

Nothing to do with dating at all. Women overall are more self sufficient and once on their own much happier than being with men.

@VictoriaNotes Then how come there are a lot more women in church?

@Trajan61 Muslim and Jewish Orthadox men far outnumber women in attendence.

Out of 81 countries where Pew Research Center surveys have asked about worship service attendance, women report greater levels of weekly attendance in 30 countries, most of which have Christian majorities or large Christian populations.

In 28 countries – mostly places with Muslim majorities or large Muslim populations – men report greater weekly attendance than women. In the remaining 23 countries, the difference between women and men in self-reported attendance is not statistically significant.

As far as Christianity goes, every year approximately 4000 churches close their doors in the U.S. While attendance at religious services has declined for all Americans, it has declined more among women than men. []

@VictoriaNotes Evidently you have not ben to church lately.

I joined despite being celibate with zero plans to change my status


Good question but I actually see quite a few women. Are you in other groups as well?


Doesnt matter .. we all live so far apart we have just decided to treat this as a community..

We've had a couple meetups in Michigan with various members. I've met some great people.


I could not care less .I am not here to meet females.This should not be the main criteria for joining this site

It’s not
It’s a choice/option for those interested


I don't know the ratio but I've dated two men from this site. I joined it specifically for the dating feature. The site has become a community for me too, and I have several close friends I've met here. With luck, you'll find friendship and love.


6.62607004 × 10-34 m2 kg / s


Excuse me, but what kind of measurement is that?


@darthfaja Well, I am going back tomy Terry Pratchett Book on CD. I shall wear Midnight, in case you can figure out what i am talking about.
Good to meet you here,

@motrubl4u Love Sir Prachett's Disc World , will miss him .

@motrubl4u Chocolate


I am not agnostic, I am an Atheist!


Don't know the ratio. Clearly more men. But it's an atheist site with a side of dating, so I don't think anyone should hope for more... if you were.


no idea. but as others say, this site is more about subjects/solutions than sex.


There are plenty of women here.... But since you haven't been active, you haven't seen them 😊😜


I'm not sure and I never joined wanting a dating site in the first place. I did meet a nice woman on here from Kansas but after hours of talk I scared her away. She hasn't been back here since.


This article discusses the possible why's...


Whoever uses this website only for dating is not using it for the right reasons.

@LimitedLight I can't speak for others but I came to this website not to date but for the conversation. If I find someone here then great, but I won't be holding my breath.


most dating sites are predominantly men and this is not really a dating site to me however one could use it that way join some groups like music and try that way most dating sites however are sometimes 400 to one and most sites populate with botts haven't seen any here though

400 to 1...geesh thats sad


There are dozens of women in Florida who have posted wise ideas on many topics....hurricanes to politics to venting about bad boy can reward others and reward yourself by sharing here exactly what is on your mind


Maybe the women are in church looking for a "good" man.

Or they are banging the preacher

twill Level 7 Sep 26, 2019
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