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I have to just say that I so much admire the strength that it must take to deal with, day in and day out, family who are Very religious and think that your soul is lost without gods. Gods blessed me with with an atheist mother! Thank you gods!

sandrarocks83 6 Dec 7

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Gods were created to control the population , especially women . Men created God(s) , then said the God(s) said women should be subservient to men .

That is very likely true. I just can't wrap my brain around the amount of restrictions placed on women by religious freaks and weirdos. And political powers. Women were not even allowed to own property or vote. WTF is with that?

@Bn4fE5 Cast1es is right! Men have feared us for our power to make life, mysterious bleeding, etc, so Abrahamic religions used that fear as a basis of their rituals, prohibitions and smug power. Also, many earlier religions glorified women, so denigrating us was a handy way for those nomadic shephards to set themselves apart from the ''primitives.'' Handy, wasn't it?

@LucyLoohoo: excellent explanation. Thank you.

@Bn4fE5 You're welcome. Just for fun some day, read about the female Egyptian gods..they were beautiful, strong, sometimes a bit racy and often benevolent. MUCH more interesting than female figures in the bibble.

@LucyLoohoo would have to be more interesting the those women in the bible. Not that whores, other men's concubines, and virgins who have sex with and deliver children by extraterrestrials aren't interesting...

@Bn4fE5 Nahhh...the ony really interesting one was Delilah! Oh...and maybe Mary Magdalane, if she'd been given a voice. Or Bathsheba. Alas, we'll never know their thoughts...or any other female's, for that matter.


I was raised in foster homes, allowed me to see many different versions of christianity and see the hypocrisy at a young age. So while it sucked to be in foster homes I do think it had a lot to do with me being an atheist. 🙂

I'm glad you can see the ''up'' side! It must've been a difficult childhood and I respect you for getting through it. Someone said once that we ALL have a lousy childhood, but yours seems more challenging than most.

@LucyLoohoo I didn't have a lousy childhood. We grew up without much and in the inner city. But I had two parents. I have good memories.

@Bigwavedave comment was addressed to Tyrion.


I consider that a blessing too! My problem is the other way of 5 is rejecting her mother, a couple of others are on the fence (still have contact). Even my niece and nephew are bailing out on me! It makes me deeply sad, but I must go on, life is still going on! In the past, their religion was always driving their attitudes, but they stayed in the they behave as if they have the upper hand and they have no need of me in their life!

Do you think the current ascendancy of evangeloons is encouraging them?

I wish strength to you. Stand tall.

@Bn4fE5 I try! But sometimes it stings harshly!

@Bn4fE5, @LucyLoohoo it surely intensified after trump took the stage, but they were clinging to the ‘fantasy world’ before!

@Freedompath I see so many awful examples of xtians trying to run the world's as if they've been given ''a pass'' by the bloated buffoon.

@LucyLoohoo yep! They are operating out of ego...they must need others to go ‘up against,’ none of this...trying to find ‘common ground’ so the ‘others’ can participate!

@Freedompath 😘

@Freedompath "Onward, Christian soldiers...marching as to war...with the cross of Jesus, going on before." OR--how about "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"....which ends with " 'til every foe is vanquished, and Christ is Lord indeed?" Makes their desire for war pretty clear, doesn't it?

@LucyLoohoo does it ever...clever indoctrination!

@Freedompath For awhile, I was made attend a HUGE Methodist church, built back in the 1920s, when people here had a ton of money! The organ was so powerful you could feel the vibrations in the pews. (STOP YOUR NASTY THOUGHTS, Missy! 🙂 ) Anyway, the only part I ever liked were those hymns, accompanied by the ''feel good'' organ. So..I know a lot of those lyrics! Now, would I forget them, if I could? OH, yessss!

@LucyLoohoo funny, I was a Methodist for about 20 yrs! I shared some ‘out of the box’ thoughts (questioning the Bible) with Sunday School Teacher and she shunned me after that! At another Methodist church someone donated a million dollars for a great stained glass window! I loved that window...took up the whole front of the Church! It had two different appearances, one in day light, when the colors of the glass shown bright and the other at night when only the gold encasing the glass made a splash! Yes! I would say they do know how to do religion ‘up right!’

@LucyLoohoo "Evangeloons, " love that one, mind if I borrow and use it from time to time?

@Freedompath Aye, standing up for the truth is often very painful indeed but the reward is in the knowing that you have stood up for it anyway.

@Triphid OF COURSE! Use it in good health! 🙂

@LucyLoohoo Thank you I will.


I think the "gods" comment was just tongue in cheek.
"Thank god I'm an atheist".

You’d be correct!


Differences in religious beliefs can be a form of contention between family and friends. Thus, it does make it easier when you share similar beliefs. I did hesitate to tell my parents when I came to identify as an atheist because I was not sure how it would be received.

My Mom attends church regularly and very much believes God is a source of strength in her life. My dad, though not a regular churchgoer, believes that there is something out there responsible for Creation and his good fortunes in life.

When I finally told them, they accepted my choice and there is no contention as far as religion is concerned. We were able to talk about my choice very amicably.

I too am happy to have open minded parents, who accept their children's beliefs unconditionally.


I'm lucky, too. My mother identifies as "not religious," which is good enough. My daddy was a scientist and an agnostic. There are some religious people in my extended family, but they are decent about not inflicting their beliefs on others.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 7, 2019

You are soooo lucky. Haven't talked to my family in 4 years since I left religion. Crazy.


I don’t think any gods were involved in your gook luck....however I share your sentiment about atheist parents...I too was “blessed” ! 😁


I think of it as not being delusional and if you grew up in a family without that insane and toxic environment then you are lucky indeed.


You are indeed fortunate to have had that situation. My one brother is an atheist too. My family at least is not the type to go to a religious institution.


You sort of end up with the same result if you grew up like I did - the fam was basically Catholic, but my mom fooled around with many other wildly differing religions. Through that exposure it didn't take me long to figure out it's all bullshit.


I grew up in an Anglican-ish family....a Christmas and Easter bunch which fizzled out by the time I was 10 and never came up again....I just smile and nod to the proselytizers anger and no grudges...vaguely curt sometimes when I have heard enough....

blzjz Level 7 Dec 7, 2019

You have been "blessed" in many ways ..


Grew up Protestant with parents who were both non-believers; we only went to church because of pressure from my grandparents and stopped going once we were teenagers.
So glad I grew up that way.


It has been a long journey. Today I am non-delusional.


Lucky you!! Especially down here LOL


I can't imagine. Good call.


You don't seem to be very sure about being an atheist if you're thanking gods for something...unless you're being facetious. No inflection in typed words.

It’s as facetious as language can be, and then some.


It takes much inner strength to go against family & their "god". Be proud that you require overwhelming evidence before you accept a fact! Love, Al


Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote a woman’s bible, which made a woman one of the trinity.

Suppose several atheist women, with atheist awareness, were to write one or parts of one. It would redefine the word “sacriligious” and sizzle xians’ ears.


Thank yer mother!


You are a lucky one.


Such irony....



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