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I’m new to this site and I find it interesting that people who are religious are here. Are the majority of these people open minded or researching to learn points for converting atheists? I’m glad to see that there are so many agnostics nearby! I hope to meet some of you soon!

InkedMaiden 4 Dec 18

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They don't know. And I don't believe.

twill Level 7 Dec 31, 2019

I see only the occasional religious person here. I suspect they are mostly curious, and maybe disappointed that there is no baby eating going on.

Sounds yummy, with a nice chianti.

@ChurchLess And some Fava beans


Can’t say I’ve noticed too many who believe in God here, a few do join but soon leave again. I think they probably just come out of curiosity. Personally I don’t engage with them because at my advanced age I can no longer be bothered arguing the same things with believers that I’ve heard all my life. I’ve listened to all their unconvincing reasons why I should believe in God, but it always comes down to blind faith in the end and a suspension of reason, something I am unable to do.


Unlike most here, I quite enjoy it when a Christian pokes their head over our parapet. The sniper fire and marksmanship give me a deliciously sadistic sense of freudenschade. Payback for all those religious lessons as a child.
As mentioned in other comments, we don't get many of them and when we do, they don't last very long. Some are "witnessing" but others I think are curious and maybe having doubts.


I was a confirmed atheist before I came here. And to let you in on a little truth: I block all believers here. That is just my own choice,. They waste my time unless they want to talk history of the blues or rock n roll. But they never do.

Me, 2!

i block them, too. I figure they don't know I blocked, and I come here to get away from religion


I think a lot of those believers are invaders, here to contaminate our free-thinking space the way they've contaminated TV and Radio.

It also exactly lines up with very well documented bot behaviors. The purpose is to divide us, to act atheist on superstitious sites and act superstitious on atheist sites and etc.


We are mostly Agnostic or Atheists. There are some religious people, I guess trying to preach, convert or just annoy. But welcome to the Club!


If a believer wants me to pretend to believe and visit church with them , then I expect some serious compensation : both sexually and financially. My penis is not dangling there to be ignored , It needs love too.



I've seen both types, but they don't do much harm even if they're the bad ones. the admins don't take to preaching real well, so attempts at conversion get shut down pretty quick.


IMO there are ways of being religious without being churchy. Check out the Wikipedia article on Religious Naturalism.

Yes, indeed one can be superstitious without it being organized or institutionalized superstitions.

@Observer-Effect what part of Naturalism do you consider superstition?


Some are curious. Some are doubters. Some are trolls. Not all of the trolls are theists.



Welcome! Some of the religious here are just trolls. But they don't last long. You will see A LOT of religious questions as some struggle with dealing with life amongst the "believers."


Some are just religious idiots trying to push their views and beliefs. I am here because I like having intelligent conversations with people who think for themselves.


I've seldom seen people proselytizing here... or rather, I've seen as many religious as non-religious proselytizing here. 😉

In my experience, it's curiosity. Maybe they are curious what takes people away from religion... maybe they are curious about getting away from religion itself. I'm sure there are as many reasons for the religious to be on this site as for non-religious.


Not sure too many religious stay too long. Anyway welcome to the asylum.


I don't mind if people come one here who are questioning what they always believed. I try to answer their concerns hope they find the answers they need, whatever that is. I know that some people come on here just to be Trolls For Jesus (tm). I am not interested in being the Jackass whisperer.


I could care less if there are believers here .In the 2 plus years here I have found it quite entertaining reading the nonbelievers comments and replies as they interact with the individuals they label as trolls.But be aware that some of the people accused as being trolls are just nonbelievers that the other member strongly disagrees with and this is used as a form of an insult


For the two years I’ve been here I’ve heard a lot about religious (in the popular sense of the word) people on the site, but have never seen any myself, other than a few scammers posing as religious people, and they are escorted off the property quickly. If anyone knows of any God-believing members who have been here long enough to be level 5 or 6 for example, please point them out to me, because I have never seen them.

skado Level 9 Dec 18, 2019

Thanks. He does seem to be sincerely questioning. I really appreciated your exchange with him.


The religious are here to convert a non-believer. I think some of them are polishing their bibles with this in mind. 🙂


I have found very few people here that seem interested in helping widows and orphans. As to converting illogical atheist, I have found it almost impossible to get them logical, they are so closed minded. I do appreciate the conversations with the agnostic flavored people, they typically are not into the ad hominem attacks while having discussions like the illogical atheist. I most often don't mind conversations with the moreso truely agnostic.

Word Level 8 Dec 18, 2019

Not sure where the context for the "widows and orphans" thing came from there? You mention logic several times. You will not "save" anybody here, so how logical is it to spend time on the site. Are you here for your own ego? <3

@JohnnyQB Oh goody, discussions of Biblical morality, is always fun with KKKhristians! I'm always eager to see if there is any defense besides weaseling out with "well, thats out of context!"

@JohnnyQB Oh yeah, its a scene I know very well - from the inside and outside. And I shouldn't need to waste energy giving a damn what fairytales folks believe in, its not my business. Until . . . until it effects the laws that govern me and my children, their education, my taxes, our countries wars and etc. Then it becomes my business. It sucks feeling the need to put effort into battling with cartoons!

@JohnnyQB @Allamanda I am not aware of any anti-fred youtuber, if it makes any difference.

@powder you had said, "You don't have discussions without regurgitating some written doctrine from the goat herders guide to the galaxy.
Happy to discuss otherwise, you may discover being beholden to belief doctrine is the illogical stance"

sometime these post come up without an @ symbol so, I may consider it directed to me?

In that case, I do not consider myself beholden to a belief doctrine. I once considered myself Christian but after my spiritual warfare as a Christian and belief that Jesus was about bringing down the Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshippers then to experience the supernatural attack against me and finding out Jesus is Lucifer the devil leading Christianity and Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshippers I no longer consider myself Christian and do what I can to explain to people how to properly battle against christianity and Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshippers for the purposes of bringing them to an end.

@powder, @JohnnyQB I created Taco God. Any person who has eaten at least one taco in their life, that person is then a taco God. Now, I am not about cramming a taco down someone's throat to make them become a taco God. Nor, do I push the issue to force them to acknowledge they are a taco God because they have already eaten a taco before knowing about taco God being created.

Now, after hearing of taco God and the fact that people really eat real tacos so that a real person becomes a real taco God, you would no longer have to be an illogical atheist knowing that taco God does in fact exist as created.

However, if you choose to remain an illogical atheist, it can have entertainment value as you go around not accepting the fact that people really eat tacos. Yes, people can find it entertaining to see someone totally deny the existence of taco eaters.

But that is your choice.

@JohnnyQB... and capitalism wage slave labor.

@JohnnyQB I don't get offended much often, nor pissed off much. , I might let you know if I do.

@JohnnyQB thanks for your realization of concern. I have not felt any ... insult, or pain or worry in our short conversation so there shouldn't be much for you to worry about.

@JohnnyQB Do you know why it is called "word of God"?
Because the people who wrote it are the gods.
3 different references that people are Gods. With out disputing truth or fiction of Jesus character, it is written that Jesus style God argued that people are Gods.
Isaiah 41:23 Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods: yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.
Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

Not promoting any doctrine but would consider defending the biblical text and Jewish writtings in general as a work of genius.
Nobel Prizes[note 1] have been awarded to over 900 individuals,[1] of whom at least 20% were Jews, although the Jewish population comprises less than 0.2% of the world's population. Wikipedia
"I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. Genesis 12:2
The nation of Israel really exist.

@JohnnyQB the people are the gods as I explained, collectively they are 1 God as in to say God = nation. So, in that sense, God is like modern word nation.

@JohnnyQB devil is a label that can be used on any person that may be about evil wickedness. God is a weasel word that can mean or imply different things for different people.

@JohnnyQB ups and downs with busiyness. but for some of you current questions I just commented or conversate with someone yesterday. If you go thru my profile ... maybe I could "tag" you to that conversation so I do not have to thumb type those answers again.

@JohnnyQB ok, let's go with no, I do not "believe in "

@JohnnyQB your next question?

@JohnnyQB what does merit have to do with anything?

@JohnnyQB hello? What exactly do you think you clarified?

@JohnnyQB ok

@Word Holy shite🤣🤣🤣

@Word Not sure what you're smoking but it must be GOOD.


They are doing "gawds work" by "witnessing", posing questions that require you to posit a gawd to answer.....tiresome at best!


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

I see very few believers here. The ones the show up, generally don't stay long, and tend to be trolls.

That said, I'm always resistant to ban believers from the site.
You never know when someone is looking to throw off the shackles of superstition and delusion.


While I’ve never met them in person, there are some good folks in your area!


They are bored and like to start shit...that's my guess anyway.


There are some, and a few seek to proselytize. I fortunately for me do not encounter them here. Peace


Most people are closet Agnostics/atheists. There are no new born religious fanatics or mediocre christians, muslims, rhastafarians. Superstition/religion is a taught discipline. Fear of isolation/intimidation/degradation/segregation keeps most people from openly stating their disbelief in god(s).I knew from about age 8 that my skepticism went well away from my family's teachings . I ignored my own truth and played the part of the good "christian" until I just couldn't keep up the charade in good conscience. I still don't go out and advertise my disbelief in gods just like I don't demand a heterosexual parade to flaunt the fact that I like women. I took it on my own to start really studying the religion I was brought up in when I was around 25 years old. (Given the penalty for non belief, I thought it wise to actually make a very well thought out informed decision. Lake of fire, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth played a huge part in needing to be very clear about my decision)

I read many books and listened to many preachers as well as many non believers trying to find a way to justify believing in the the end my ability for rational thought and reason led me to a very safe and secure affirmation of my disbelief in gods.

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