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Are we afraid of religion? If not, then why aren't more people calling out the fraud, corruption & abuse of the church?

Atheist3 7 Jan 29

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Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers!

Ain't that the truth!

The simplest and profound truth! People will believe what others believe, due to both group bias and social pressure to conform.


It is not the religion that people are afraid of but the fanatics who are the followers sometimes.


I'm only afraid of religion from the standpoint of the things people do in its name. In other words, God doesn't scare me at all -- people very much do.

I can go with that.


Calling it out happens all the time.

Unfortunately, at least in the US, religion is one of those "sacred cow" situations, and those who are in positions to take action, often don't because they don't want to
make waves.

Personally, I'd love to be in a position to prosecute every single one of them for fraud and corruption.
I'd love to start with Joel O'Steen and his wife, and go from there.

UGH! I hate that toothy little shit. He's got a face you just want to hit with a chair..


I am not afraid of religion. I am afraid (if that is the right word) of people who coerce, bully, rob, rape, torture and murder in the name of their religion.

All true. But people, including myself, are afraid to confront clear wrongs, for fear of being branded a racist or insensitive.


The problem is that it is so old and deep rooted, that those who do try soon get bored. If you bang your head on the wall, you hurt your head more than the wall.


Speaking for myself, I call out the bullshit and lies of religion every chance I get.

Thank you. I do the same and take long discussions about to a conclusion quickly because I have heard it all before and used to be a part of it.


Mostly because no one listens 😟


I don't think it's the religion that people are afraid of . I think it's those who believe it that are dangerous .

people make religion scary



I call it out constantly. I advocate for shutting down the Catholic Church, deporting all of their clergy to Vatican City, seizing their assets until all of their records are opened and every one of their pedophile and sexual abuser priests are turned over to secular authorities and all statutes of limitations are waived so they can be prosecuted. This includes the hierarchy members who KNEW about this stuff and just kept shuffling them around to different churches and regions so they could KEEP DOING IT.

that tells me Catholicism is not the right church and they do not have the right god .....if there is a god


@chiara23k There is no right church or right god! Lawd have mercy!

@Atheist3 --I'm just saying... my catholic friends keep telling me they have the one true god...I happen to believe NOT with all that has gone on with the priests, vatican, etc... actions say otherwise whether a true god much less a god exists. Then they bring in the "devil" and "free will".... I call that excuses. When your kid crashes your brand new bmw... don't blame the kid... it was the devil and free will. ah! God is almighty?... probably not...seems like the devil and free will is mightier.


The ones who are brainwashed by religion will not hear what people like us have to say.


I hear people speaking out about this all the time but it only does so much good. Compared to even a generation ago I think we have made huge leaps forward in addressing the depravity that is found in all religions.

ah ha... maybe depravity just exists... praying to a god will do nothing.


The JW door knockers always ask "aren't you afraid of what happens when you die?" I answer that what I fear is ignorance.

when you die......the taxman shows up and takes everything...

It’s such an ignorant presumptuous question. No, I’m not afraid of being dead, I’m afraid of dying.

I’m afraid of being forced to endure the long painful, terrifying struggle that my brother and both parents suffered through because truly effective palliative care fails or is unavailable for the vast majority of us.

@SoloSentient I don't know if Illinois has a death with dignity provision like Oregon. You might want to look into that. If not you could plan in advance looking to family or friends in a state that does to help you qualify. most states that due will have a residency requirement. By prior planning, it could help with any anxiety. Be well.

@SoloSentient, @chiara23k I think your estate is tax-free inheritance up to 20 million with a family trust.


For several years now, I've had an idea about picketing a church. Especially, one that provides aid and comfort to the psychos who picket our Planned Parenthood hood office. It seems perfectly fair to me.

yeah..but that is time consuming... you'd have to be really irritated and fanatical to do that.

OK! Don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you.

@Atheist3 I'm not talking about shouting, threatening, or blocking entry. I'm thinking about a couple of people holding signs that say "Abortion is NOT murder." Civilized.

@BitFlipper Exactly!

@Atheist3 ....and you're not quoting the golden rule to be a good christian... , anyone can be decent and civilized and not be a christian. Why do the christians think they own that one?

@BitFlipper Oh sign waiving.. pro abortionists do DO that.

@chiara23k nobody is "pro abortion". What have you been reading?


I applaud the sentiment, but religion is like addiction, in that you can't really help people who don't want to be helped.

I'll point out the contradictions and how the bibler (Or Book of Mormon) is often wrong and historically inaccurate. I'll point out how in ancient times the mentally ill were said to habve been "touched by god", or "touched by the gods" and that persons who saw things that weren't there and heard voices but were still mostly functional became the ancient prophets, and how we still have such people today, but we rightfully see them as mentally ill. I never present it as argumentative, but just as what I believe and le tthem coem to their own conclusions.

lol. I came to that same conclusion. seeing talking serpants. I think it was the one attached to him


Religion in itself is not the problem, it is the powerful positions it has placed its adherents in, the slavish brainwashed mentality of it's followers, the political and legal clout the institutions can exert and the persecution they can instill.
Yes that frightens me, because it is real unlike he subjects of the so many conspiracy theories, religion is real, is powerful, is ruthless, merciless and lauds praises and honours upon those who are most insane among them for acts that if carried out for any other reason would be universally condemned.
Religion is societies accepted madness and a poison imbibed with gusto by those who insist it is ambrosia.


Why not? For some, fear certainly. But also exhaustion from having already stood up,many times, only to be met with a collective shrug by much of society.

It can wear one down.

I agree. I think that the numbers of believer to non-believers is more, and trying to get these folks to admit the corruption of and in their religion is very difficult. Look at the Senate, the same "tribal mechanism" of denial is at work. They have turned into a cult themselves and the dear leader, just like every other two-bit televangelist, is going to get away with his crimes. The bottom line is, people do not like to be wrong about what they think they are right about. And admitting that you are wrong about what you believe is the first step in breaking the programming of any cult. A lot of people do not take this step even when they know somewhere in the back of their heads that they are living a lie. They'd rather pretend and stay in the cult then to lose what they have invested so much in. It's a rock and a hard place thing. Sad.


I'm not so sure that's fear of religion, rather a fear of mortality and peer acceptance.


While I agree with you, all religions have had a strangle hold on the masses. Disagree, or call them out, will get you burned at the stake. Fear is what stops us. I always take the my side (non-theist), but it is not going to change people. But by exposing them to facts, may help. May not. We can only try.

The beat goes on.


Who is "we" and how many people do you believe should be and aren't speaking out?



I don't know anyone that is "afraid" of religion in the atheist community which I am involved with on many platforms. I do know that many are concerned about the harm that it does in society.

To put it in perspective most are not "afraid" of the environment, but do have much concern for it and the worlds environmental future. There are also those that do not express much concern for it.


I may despise religion as a scam that defrauds too many people, but I am not afraid of it. In fact, am rather bold in pointing out the fraud, corruption & abuse of the church. I try not to be rude or unpleasant in my boldness, and in some situations, it is best to remain silent about the issue. But given an opening, I will unveil the evils of religion. 🙂


To what end? Corruption, fraud and abuse exists all around us with more bought into its influences than is possible to overcome without resorting to the same methods.

Whoa! What's yer point?


Why would one be afraid of imaginary, made up, not real things?

Religion as an institution is all too real, it just purports to believe in not real things.

It isn't fear of imaginary made up things, it is fear of those who believe in imaginary made up things and then try to force their beliefs onto others.

@Joanne i agree, but that's not what he said: "Are we afraid of religion? "

@LenHazell53 ok, so why are you afraid of it? Be afraid of the brainwashed followers instead, those people can do a lot of damage if given the chance.

@Mofo1953 I will grant you that the statement was a big ambiguous.

@Mofo1953 If you are simply going to equivocate between various meanings of the word religion as a noun and as a practice you are simply being bloody minded and are not worth discussing this with.

@LenHazell53 don't discuss then, I don't really care to discuss anything with obtuse and ambiguous people who can't accept different points of view and are only looking for reinforcement of their ill worded postings.


on the second though....why even bother with those people and their b.s.? just leave them alone and meet new friends on!!!! ;P


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