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I can't say I'm very shocked by these comments, but it does make me wonder how these people could possibly ever claim to be moral when they are calling for the death of other human beings based soley on their lack of belief.

I have often thought that religious belief leads to a certain dichotomy of thought which makes them unable to parce reality from their idealized versions of the world. I feel as though this meme(Dawkins/actual defintion) has crept into many other aspects of the social sphere as well; creating idealogues that are unable to accept nuance in discussion and creating an Us vs. Them atmosphere, which only serves to divide us further. Ultimately, I believe this mentality will be our undoing. How do we procure balance in the world when people are unable/unwilling to have a rational discussion over their own perceived beliefs? Or is it even possible?

"Every act of violence is the result of a failed conversation" - Sam Harris

Kenny82 6 Feb 2

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The epitome of Kkkristian Sharia law..😑😑😑😑

The American Taliban needs to be snuffed out.


People like those make me sick, I know they exist...


I'd feel safer in a crack house with money hanging out of my pockets than in a church with these fellas.

Nardi Level 7 Feb 2, 2020

Evangelicals don't have a moral center. They have a social-group and their morals are derived from that.


"Religious apologists complain bitterly that atheists and secularists are aggressive and hostile in their criticism of them. I always say: look, when you guys were in charge, you didn't argue with us, you just burnt us at the stake. Now what we're doing is, we're presenting you with some arguments and some challenging questions, and you complain."

~ A.C. Grayling


Okay this is stuff that law enforcement should be following up on.

I agree

A lot of law enforcement agrees with this point of view, starting at the top with AG Barr.

@creative51 Yeah and this is also being said today by a lawmaker. Exact same. In Montana it's going after socialists. The low bar of American dialogue - Disagree with em? Always got your guns!


This is nothing new.
They say the same things about lots of women, members of the LGBTQ community, adherents to other religions, and just about everyone else who isn't exactly like them.

Let's not even bring the word "morals" into the conversation.
That is one of the most subjective concepts in the english language.

There isn't much that's remotely "moral" about religion in general.
Religious faith is a deliberate mental illness.
It's created fanatics, and often those fanatics have violent impulses.
If they choose to act on their violent impulses, they either say their god wanted
them to do whatever they did, or they know they'll be "forgiven".
They feel perfectly justified.
Everything they do is for the "glory" of their god.
Doesn't matter if it's God, Allah, Thor, Odin, Vishnu, Jupiter, Zeus, or insert
made up god's name here.

Anyone who hasn't accepted this about believers really needs to do so, and
be ready.
Basic human nature isn't terribly pleasant.
We are inherently violent creatures.
It's definitely our default position.

I agree with 99%, the 1%, I dis-agree is the part of "basic human nature".....i believe that basic human nature is "good, virtuous, benificial".... and that being brainwashed into believing that man, human nature, is evil, and destructive, has been the main source of evil in the world exactly because that is against human nature.

@HankSherman We'll have to agree to disagree. I think the being "good" part of human nature is what requires the most effort, and really doesn't come naturally to most humans.

@KKGator of the reasons it is imperative to religions that human nature is evil, and therefore without a god in your life. You can't be a virtuous person.

@HankSherman Well, they're really wrong about that. I know people who claim to believe in a "god" that are far worse than those that do not.
Religion just capitalizes on basic human nature.
They play on people's fears, and encourage their violent natures.
Hence, the Crusades, and all the other violent acts done in "god's name".

@KKGator think we missed a step in there is my contention that human nature is to be virtuous , benificial, benevolent. And that religion teaches that human nature is evil.

@HankSherman No, we didn't miss anything. My contention is that human nature is inherently violent, and being "good" takes much more effort.
Religion just capitalizes on the lesser aspects of our nature.

@KKGator of all the damage done by religion, I believe only the abuse of teaching children that to go against their nature, stands above the damage done by teaching that their innate nature is they are evil, and their only salvation is belief in mysticism

@HankSherman I have always contended that the religious indoctrination of children should be classified as felony child abuse.
That doesn't negate the fact that humans are not inherently "good".
Religion just capitalizes on the lesser aspects of human nature.

@KKGator agree to disagree??? And damn god I hope you're wrong. Because if you're right then the philosophy of religion is right...mankind really is evil. I reject that premise.

@HankSherman I said that above. πŸ™‚


Such people are merely carrying out the wishes of their psychopathic genocidal god. It is not possible to have rational debate with them.


Humans hate. The emotions/feeling that encompass hating are addicting, easier to tap into and hense perfect for a con man to promote.
Get humans to feel fearful and then tell them it's because of - fill in the blank.
Throw in social media where they feel empowered and this is what you get - the worst of human nature.😟😟😟

Nailed it!

@KKGator The changes of me getting to Georgia are pretty slim - but if I ever do I really would enjoy havin' a cup of coffee with you. πŸ™‚

@silverotter11 Rightbackatcha!!!! πŸ˜‰


No I think that Sam Harris is just a little out. "Every act of violence is the result of a failed conversation" Every act of violence is the result of a failed argument on one side, only those who know they can not win the debate reach for their guns. It only takes a failing in the conversation on one side, and sadly the more they know that they will loose the argument the more they will stockpile guns.



These Christians are such "loving" people. (I am being facetious, of course.)


The fact that this is non attributed 3rd hand at best information begs the question of why you would repeat it. There is plenty of hate speech with the ability to follow up out there, why republish something that was intended to inflame and separate? i am not defending the speech here, I am questioning your reason for republishing it without finding out if it was just some bullshit or from a real site.

Copied from my response to an earlier similar question:

"my point in posting and my comment made about it had nothing to do with the right-wing FB group, but that this type of thing is prevelant across the entire spectrum of our social sphere. The group that this may be taken from doesnt really interest me as much as their reaction. I don't care what group someone belongs to. I have friends of all sorts and am able to have discussions with most kinds of people. It just so happens that the post this was taken from had pointed to a specific group. I did my best to clarify that this is not prevelant in one group or another but that everyone seems to be engaging in this way these days. If this still seems irresponsible on my part, I apologize. It was not my intention to single anyone out other than people who have a certain "religiousity" about their perceived ideals."

Once again, not my intention to create division, but to spark conversation about the religiosity people have when discussing their own perceived ideals in hopes to bring insight to this dogmatic approach we seem to have these days(and that this happens across the board). Agreed, that the orginal post may be completely made up. However the sentiment in the post is not. I live in the south and I've heard things like this my whole life. My sole intention was to discuss the psychology of this type of behavior.

@Kenny82 Some off the psychology is 1) denial as a coping mechanism 2) learning disability & cannot comprehend logical conclusions 3) hypocrisy as a lifestyle choice 4) mental illness affecting brain function 5) distorted ideals taught during youth 6) desire for power 7) peer pressure 8) security in groups 9) ignorance of the subject 10) lack of humility Source? Me. =0}

I am questioning YOUR motive for questioning the poster's. You know damn good and well that this is how they operate. You have seen it with your own two eyes. The only fake news is that which the right wing mentally ill herd doesn't support.


Astounding but not surprising. I truly don't wish others harm and I am the atheist.


They also are nearly illiterate and have the reasoning level of about 2nd grade.


You don't have to worry about rath of the "God" they worship but you do need to take their fan club very seriously.


Take them to a Muslim country where Christians are oppressed, if they survive, ask them what's the feeling of being oppressed because they have different beliefs. I'm sure they would learn how to be more accepting. Again, those are people who probably never got exposed to many different people from different backgrounds and cultures. So, the probability of having a proper understanding is less.


Their comments show they don't know the teachings of their own religion. Shows they're not Christian, if knowing the teachings is a requirement.


This is just a sample of how threatening xtians find non-believers (as well as other religions/beliefs). It's the 'god virus' talking and in some countries, it is a dangerous thing when these folks turn into a mob and hang / stone / burn actually kill non-believers, gays, and so-called adulterers. Perhaps they can't do it here in USA/Canada/Mexico, but that they wished they could? Yeah, obviously they do.

Also, not trying to push anything, but "The God Virus" by D, W. Ray, is an awesome book to read if you want to understand the "mechanism" of irrational religious beliefs and how religion 'infects' people's minds and society. I've come to consider it a required textbook for anyone wanting to understand why and how people get lost in religion.

The crazy part is that, if you're a believer of the Judeo-Christian-Muslin theology, then God will judge each of us with thumbs up or down. Why do believers feel the need to kill us non-believers in the first place? If believers view us as sinners, then their God will deal with us vis-a-vis eternity, right? So please, just leave us alone while we still live.


They make the non believers , sound extremely moral by comparison .

we are


The practice of religions results in a behavior modification process. The process generates several styles of personality disorders. One example is pathological narcissism. These people love to provoke and create drama. Everyone around them becomes a victim of their cruel behavior. Another pattern is passive-aggressive behavior. They delight in frustrating their peers by being lazy or even incompetent. The anxiety they see is a punishment of their peers not being like them.

The posters in the excerpt above relates to those who have had empathy drained from their personality. They are, in effect, closet Nazis. As seen in Germany, vast swaths of the population were indifferent to the suffering inflicted by the regime, and were easily recruited to take part.

Sadly, personality disorders are rarely helped by medication. However, if we study this issue, someday we may make progress.

I also think the pathological narcissism trait you mentioned arises in their belief that they're best friends with the "creator" of the universe. If you're best friends with this creator and it condones/or out-right commands your beliefs/actions, then you're thoughts and actions must surely always be correct.

I also heard about a study where people were in an MRI machine and were asked what they thought and what other people thought about a topic. When thinking about someone else, a certain part of the brain lit up, and when thinking for themselves, a different part lit up. When asked what they believe "god" thinks about this topic, the part of their brain for themselves lit up. It is amazing how often people's god aligns with ehat they believe.


These dumbasses think atheism is a religion and we have a leader.... and we should crucify said leader... fck the fact there is no contemporary evidence of their jesus existing... and if he were, he would not have been crucified the way hollywood presents it.... but fck facts when you have emotionally based sociopathic thoughts/tendencies, amirite?


These people have no clue about what is written in the bible about loving your neighbor.


It is only good people that care about doing "right" that would say such things. Can you not feel the love?

I will add that these people are the exception not the rule. Most theist are not this callused.

I agree. Most of my friends are christian and would never spout this kind of garbage.


And do not think for one moment that given a soupçon of the power they once had the churches would not endorse this, advocate it and participate in it with all the joy and gusto of an evangelical fervor not seen since the dark ages.


It is not just christians, it is all fundamentalists from any religion (christian, islam, jewish, hindu, any religion). They are so obsessed they see no view but their own. Actually hard core supporters of any political persuasion also are very violent. In many ways humans are really not so humane.

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