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Anyone else find that there are very few agnostics where you live? Shocking to hit a dating site and see how few there are.

BenCorbin1 4 Feb 9

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It gets better, day by day. Imagine the difficulty 50 years ago.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

There are always agnostics and atheists wherever you go.
Many just don't advertise their non-belief.

This isn't just a dating site.
Many of us joined just for the community.
Some joined for dating, and stayed for the community.


They're just "not out of the closet" yet....too many bullying christians around.

I agree, there are probably many who are not out of the closet. I live in the south and site is the only place I am out.


I'm actually gratified at how many there are.


Yup. Zero freethinkers in Devils Lake, North Dakota. Yes, I acknowledge the irony.


Hell...I live in the Heart of the Bible Belt...I am a baby eating Satanist as far as everyone around me is concerned...FUCK EM


I'm here for the community. To me, this is not a dating site. There are no fit, male members my age, who live nearby and love hiking.

Instead I use the dating site Fitness Singles. Works for me.

I have 4 out of 5 of those traits 🙂


don't really consider this to be a "dating" site but more of a large extended community

True. I wasn't referring to this site.


I’m in the bible belt. I am also a vegan which means atheists and vegans are the most hated humans. I’m ok with that and I am ok staying single.
I’m not compromising my values or ethics.


There are plenty within 50 or 75 miles, but that seems a long way to ask anyone to drive for dating. Either to ask her to meet me, or me to meet her, or even meeting half way, if it were to be a regular thing. It's hard enough starting up a relationship, much less one where you only see each other once or twice a month, or less, purely because of living so far apart.

@motrubl4u Well, that remains to be seen, I haven't tried to message most of them.

Not in Iowa.Try more like 150 miles or more to even find a half dozen who are actual members that are still visiting the site often.

@TomMcGiverin I hear you.
I'm lucky to live fairly close to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, both well-known bastions of liberal thought and agnosticism, atheism, and alternative religions. I don't know what the situation is in Iowa, I can only imagine that the standard for "liberal" there is a little bit different than here.


How the hell am I supposed to know how many agnostics live in my area .I don’t go around asking strangers or even people I know if they are agnostics nor do I give a shit if they are or are not .

I think the question's based on this site's "members in your area", but I'm only guessing, now I think about it.

@Paul4747 that's how I read it. Lol


I'm in a heavy bible area....and I don't really care. I'm good by myself.


Damn, I know quite a few who aren't members here. Surprisingly enough, the number of members of who are near you does not accurately reflect the number who live near you in the real world.

JimG Level 8 Feb 9, 2020

Ha ha... not really a "dating site". Just a place to meet people online and... whatever. But it's not even an agnostic site either, it seems. Why on Earth does everyone seem to want to TALK about religion here? Who wants to talk about what we do NOT believe? If we were all agnostics and atheists there should be nothing whatsoever to talk about! I may start a similar site for people who don't believe in Unicorns. It will surely be a very popular site where non-believers flock to the site to talk about the Unicorns they don't believe in.

I always found this perspective rather interesting. I do agree that a collection of people that don't believe in something and using that as a foundation for their community is rather bizarre and strange. However, since atheist really can't base their morality on God, we have to use secular moral frameworks that conflict with multiple oppressive religious beliefs (LGBT, abortion, marriage just to name a few). That's why atheist and secular humanist, freethinkers and other denominations of rationality are allies and I kinda makes sense to strengthen a community that fights for fairness and justice. But this is muly humble option, I might be wrong here.

@eduardo_robot Being here in this community was, for me, just a place where such discussion would NEVER f-ing take place at all, because it's a settled argument. I couldn't have imagined that it would STILL be a major source of discussion. I just wanted a "dating site" where I was guaranteed to NOT run into religious women. Anyone want to start one where you to join have to swear and promise you are not a believer and will never ever bring up the subjects of religion, or unicorns? I'll sign-up!


I work in a technical field... very few religious people to be found anywhere work related.

camne Level 7 Feb 10, 2020

I really should have stayed in the industry.


How do you find out?


Only in the US


I am here for dating and community. It would be really nice to have an intelligent conversation with the opposite sex outside the realms of religion. My area sucks.

I feel your pain, I live in Texas.


Nope, I think the majority of people in this county have low or no religious beliefs. Here nature is our religion.

Actually the United states is comprised of about 75percent Christians. But it does seem like that number is dwindling. Hard to find like minded people. Nature is my place of worship.

@jpetrie79 It seems that number is inflated. There are lots of non-christians especially in my area. Also, what is a 'christian'? There are so many sects, especially among the Protests and many really don't like each other. I recently joined a group I have known about for ages but never felt compelled to join, until now. It's the Center for Inquiry. [] You probably haven't been following my comments, posts and replies but I tend to take a more critical view of things and this group fit very well. I like to write letters and even after the first issue of their magazine I wrote a letter and got a reply it will be considered for the next issue. Anyway, here is an article from the group that may give your question a new perspective.



Try Posting something intellectual and see what happens,


I imagine he is not necessarily referring to this site, but to dating sites in general and I agree with his assessment.

I have dated many people who say they have a religion, but are not fanatic about it. In fact rarely ever mentioned it. Fanatic ones stay away from. A fair number of agnostic/atheist people are fanatic in their own right. Duh, no wonder they can not find someone to date.


I never use the term Agnostic to describe myself, Atheist or Anti-theist or both will work but why the hesitation? We all outgrew the Easter Bunny but we still eat chocolate from time to time, ditto with the angry, old man in the sky belief which is even more silly and childish. The difference is that there are a lot of people walking around that have not managed to outgrow the angry, old man in the sky belief.
I'm in Canada so we tend to look at people who take that religion stuff too serious as somewhat demented, delusional or psychotic.


IT is frustrating how few men on dating sites are listed as agnostics/atheists or non-believers. I wonder if with age more will lose their religiosity.

@ToolGuy ooh man. I guess because this site has so many seniors, I was thinking that the youngins would skew towards agnosticism or atheism as they age. thanks for bursting THAT bubble! 😛😟


Maybe we should let all the Bible Thumpers know...we have cookies... ;0P



I see "non-religious" on the fish site, and "agnostic" on other sites.

@motrubl4u I just checked POF. Only shows Non-religious for me. No Agnostic. No Atheist.

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