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What are your personal pet peeves about religous people?

JohnnyMiller 6 Mar 15

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So many choices that it is hard to pick just one.
Ignorance and Arrogance seem to always go hand in hand with religitards, so many uninformed opinions that they are so certain about because 'it's in the bible'.
Hypocrisy is another favourite, they just love to do as I say but not as I do.
Illiteracy, this is an assumption on my part because they don't seem to know their holy books very well and I would have to attribute this to illiteracy but stupidity may also be a factor.
Why won't they just grow the fuck up? Who needs a security blanket after you are 3 years old? Apparently a lot of people do, that's what their imaginary friend is, a security blanket.
The cover ups that go with all religion, from sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and pedophilia.
That's my short list.


I have just as many pet peeves about atheists as I do for religious people such as their high and mighty attitude ,their arrogance ,their lack of tolerance for religious people or even agnostics as I have so shockingly observed on this site .Their labeling religious individuals as ignorant .etc,etc.


@godlessguy The comments on this post are proof you are correct .LOL

Couldn't agree with you more on that.

I agree with you 100%


Their arrogance.


Despite my disagreement with the religious about their religion I’ve found that most religious people are a lot better people In general than the left wing atheist idiots like a lot of those on this website.

I will definitely agree with you .I determined this myself a long time ago .Just look at the bile filled tone of some of these comments full of hate ,Obscenities,factless statements such as calling religious people delusional ,etc

And a lot of us left wingers think the same of you right wing dumasses.

@noworry28 You can’t even spell dumb ass you Illiterate left wing dumb ass .Ha,Ha.

If you think that religious people are better than others such as Atheists, why exactly are the prisons filled with believers and Atheists are hugely under represented by their percentage in society?

@granny unfortunately autocorrect took over and I did not check before posting on my phone. Anyway I don't argue with stupid people. Goodbye

@noworry28 I agree Right Wing dumbasses are definitely a thing - more often than not.


Their hypocrisy..


Two things: (1) Their apparent belief that I am not religious because I have missed out on something, be it an experience, some education, or some special insight, and that they are aware of something I'm not. This annoys me to no end because it is assumed rather than stated explicitly. I want to say, "I am the one who has 'found' something, not you!" (2) Their smug implication that their best thoughts and wishes ("prayers" ) are more effective and valuable than my best thoughts and wishes. When someone is having trouble or is sick and they say, "We will pray for you," there is always the implication that "well, of course, so-and-so CAN'T pray, so of course his thoughts are worthless." This pisses me off.

The horror of 'prayer' is that in 'prayer' most practitioners feel that their contribution through 'prayer' is a sufficient contribution to solving a problem which they have encountered and therefor neglect or decide not to do anything else..

@pgrobinson Yes. Prayer is a feel-good pill that absolves them of responsibility for doing nothing.


They brainwash their children to place blind faith in mythology, as if it were reality. Half my life was wasted on such falsehoods. I'd rather see children trained in the scientific method so they can discern truth from lies.


They pray yet science delivers.



Exactly! That one word sums it all up.


It is that overwhelmingly religious people have chosen to deny themselves the opportunity for honest philosophical (search for wisdom) exchange ' and therefor to deny themselves the choice from many pathways to their personal enrichment.


The moronic herd mentality!!!


The high and mighty attitude of those who think " I have a personal relationship" with god, while I am thinking they are insane or have delusions.


Them telling me that they know whats good for me and i don't.

Such people very soon get the sharp edge of my tongue, with words such as "Why do you worship the genocidal maniac known as God?".


That it is okay for them to announce publicly that they are (Catholic,, Baptist, etc) but when I announce publicly that I am an atheist, it's as if I had slapped them in the face.

That has happened to me also.

  1. That they are incapable of keeping their delusions to themselves.

  2. That they are permitted to indoctrinate children.


They vote Trump.


Not MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS. Everything else would be just peachy, but they get preachy.


None with the people, only with the failed education systems which left them with no better understanding, and only a shallow hollow sham of an education.


Most religious people I've met seem to have the idea that I'm an atheist because I know little or nothing about religion, and if they bombard me with info I will suddenly start doubting my atheist views. Nothing could be further from the truth. I've read the bible, attended some churches, and read a ton of books on religion and atheism.

Ray13 Level 8 Mar 15, 2020

Depends upon the religion!

Generally proselytising though. I don’t care what people believe, but leave me alone to my own nonsense!


Arrogance. Willful ignorance. Willful stupidity. Bullying. Lies and deceit. Malevolence. Murderous intolerance.

But taking a lead from @LiterateHiker's comment, there are religious people who have none of the above attributes.


I've no pet peeves about people at all.. I accept people for who they are


That they bring ignorance, primitivity in your life.


I was once one of them and I have 3 basic things against the religious. They tend if Evangelical to view the world through writings in Revelation which barely made it into the bible in the first place. Next they think if you are atheist it is because you have not been properly informed. Going back again to Evangelicals I see the greatest hypocrisy today that I have ever seen in my entire life.


You cannot really lump all "religious" people into one category. Some religious people are VERY open minded and non-judgmental and believe in the separation of Church and State.

However, others want to take over every branch of the government and force their beliefs onto the rest of us--I have a huge problem with this type of religious person. And, these are generally the type who think that they have all the answers and who tell others they are going to hell and actually relish at the thought of it.

I also have a problem with those who think that because a person is an atheist they are missing something and lack any values. I am not missing anything; and, when it comes to values/ethics, I will go head to head with any believer/religious person. I would bet that I am more ethical than most and not less ethical than any of them.

that swhat i tell them too. ill put my morals and integrity up against yours any day and i come out ahead. they think they have some moral superiority ., lmao. most of them i wouldn't let in my house


Mostly their refusal to acknowledge facts about the world in favor of primitive superstition.

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