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Empty Store Shelves, Shortages, High Anxiety

Make no mistake. This is what socialism looks like. I have seen it up close overseas. The current panic and shortages are a sign of sheer stupidity but this is also a result of how socialism works.

  1. Shortages, Anxiety, Poverty = Socialism
  2. Abundance, Employment, Prosperity = Capitalism

Vote for Bernie and this is what will be served to you. There is no choice in socialism. The government is the supreme.

St-Sinner 9 Mar 15

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I have lived in Scandinavian countries which are all democratic socialist republics and nothing you show is true.l In fact, these countries, all of them, are much more advanced infrastructurally and healthier, way more educated than America. So why don't you stop with your lies tovarich StSinner????


This guy is a hack, so incompetent in connecting dots that it is tragic. Socialism isn't the cause of hoarding, ignorance and fear are - two conditions that you should get checked out personally.

He's shown himself to be a hack in any number of previous posts, and responses.

You would think that he would just go find a Crazy Born Again Xstian site to join instead of blathering on but he persists, like Mormons or JWs who just keep coming back to your door and pestering you, even though you keep telling them not to come back.


This post is so stupid, I'm not even going to offer my view.. Everybody already did and the op is hardheaded and discombobulated...

You just described the entire ty of St-Sinner's posting history.

@Sgt_Spanky thanks. I think I'm pretty good at seeing the forest rather than just the trees 😊


I lived in the UK and never saw a shortage. Maybe they are not socialist enough for your example. Single payer health care will not cause people to hoard toilet paper and hand sanitizer. We have socialized education, fire and police protection, mail, emergency response, roads and streets, and scientific research. All work well. why not health care? Even the poorest in the UK could go to the doctor and get a day off to be sick and not spread their illness. Plus, unemployment is lower in more socialized places. And they get a living wage.
How can you blame this current insanity on socialized health care? Your logic is messed up. Or, are you part of the propaganda machine? Do you sell private insurance?
Are you one of those who are going to say " If you liked it so much over there, why are you here"? If we see something good, why can't we get it here? Or, do you actually think Europeans and Canadians are coming here for health care?
I'm sorry but it pains me to see such bad correlation.


Your post makes no sense. Shortages of consumer goods due to over-reaction by the public has absolutely nothing to do with socialism. That's called "supply and demand".

You show that you... much like many people in this country... really have no idea what the word "socialism" means nor that they already benefit every day from some basic types of socialism that have existed in this country for the past century.

Public roads is one of my favorite examples.

@bingst My favorite example is the education system. Becoming little more than a minor league for Billionaire sports team say nothing of the stadiums and infrastructure we provide on top of the bodies

@twill Yeah, I can see that. I think I like the public roads example because of the immediacy you can get to with it and its effect on everyone.


Seems like this video shows why capitalism doesn't work during times of panic. A lot of stores are allowing people to buy as much as they want. Greed overtook these companies not realizing that the panic would exponentially grow and cause shortages. It's only recently that a few stores are now setting limits to how much of a single product people can buy.

Blame can be put on a whole bunch of different things though: Our current administrations' initial response, the media, stores, consumers; one thing that doesn't share the blame is socialism.

That is only one view. But socialism also will produce shortages - long term. Possibly forever.

@St-Sinner We're human. Everything we do will produce shortages for the long term. We have finite resources. Nothing on Earth will last forever.


I'm happy to see that I don't need to comment on this very warped view of reality. My fellow agnostics have already done it for me.


This is what conservatives do; they conflate any kind of socialism with Marxism/communism as if socialism in any form at all will inevitably lead to bread lines and eating dogs for dinner.

Because they're stupid like that.

I'm like "fuck it, man." Let's take away the public roads and listen to them bitch for socialism then. 😛

@bingst And unemployment insurance, Worker's compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Maybe we need t tell people to fix the pot holes that occur infant of their houses, their expense.

@bingst Yes, because the transportation system definitely does not benefit businesses...Just those welfare bums who never leave the house

Yeah, they're fine with the socialism we already have but it's interesting that they're completely silent on socialism for the rich in the form of corporate bailouts and Trump's free money giveaway for the wealthy with his "tax reform" of 2017. They only hate socialism when it benefits anyone else.


Socialism and Hoarding..while they both may well be signs of mental health issues,, they are mutually exclusive.

It's a little absurd to make this example of Cause and Effect.



Interesting that it's happening under an anti socialist government at the moment huh?

AmyLF Level 7 Mar 15, 2020

Because of a virus panic, for the first time in 200 years?

@St-Sinner yet another glaring example of how you either ignore or deny actual Facts.


unfortunately imo this is a fail on the evidence, as we are in a "capitalist" society right now, right; experiencing the things that you say a "socialist" model would bring us?
So, irl "Capitalism = "Shortages, Anxiety, Poverty"


The stores are empty because we have a coronavirus pandemic. People are stocking up so they can avoid going out shopping if we have to quarantine. This has nothing to do with socialism.

The sense of anxiety is similar under a panic and socialism.

@St-Sinner So under socialism everybody gets 3 rolls of TP when they need 4.
Under capitalism, one person gets 100 rolls while 90 get none.


  1. Under capitalism, people with ability buy TP anywhere
  2. Under socialism, everybody washes ass with water. The government claims that is better for you. Nothing doing.

@St-Sinner Bullshit


To blame government for Your stupid hoarding mentality, never mind an entire philosophy of governance, is just Stupid!


If this is how socialism works as you say then where is it that Donald Trump is taking us? The panic and food shortage that I see is exactly what they have in most of Russia. Now it is coming to America. This has nothing to do with Bernie.

The panic is driven by the media. Never forget they are NOT in the business of informing us or even of telling the truth. They are in the business of selling advertising. The more sensational the story, the more clicks they get, the more clicks they get, the more money they make.
Bernie is promoting Socialism. Shortages are part and parcel of Socialism. Just read some history.
Is this virus serious, yes of course it is, but it is NOT the second coming of the "Black Death".

But I am saying you that I have seen first hand how shortages and social anxiety are high under socialism. Bernie is recommending socialism. Isn't that a concern for people? American voters are aware that there have been excesses in American capitalism and bad actors have not been caught and held accountable. But economists argue that that the reason is exactly that - uncontrolled capitalism. The solution is not going to far leftist extremism like socialism. The solution is to make capitalism work right for everybody. We cannot be angry about successful people and continuously talk about punishing them for our miseries like - those millionaires and billionaires.

@Boxdoc you too equate/confuse socialism with communism...too bad so sad to be in such ignorance

Ooh hell lets just blame coronavirus on Bernie, why the hell not?

No I am not. Please read the post again.


You raise false equivalence to an art form. Got news for you. There aren't just capitalist societies and socialist societies. Most western countries have a mixed economy, with a balance of private and public sectors. The balance varies and changes with left and right wing governments. Most advanced countries are a version of social democracies based on a mixed economy. Right wingers don't get that. They rail against socialism, but are happy for wasteful trillions to be spent on the military and business perks etc. Where does that money come from? Taxation and the government. You're happy with that, right? Congratulations, you're a socialist.

It really would be good if people watch less reality TV and other nonsense and try to understand a little political philosophy.

The obvious is unseen by many people.....what can ya do? Oh I know, keep repeating the obvious to them. Good luck with that David


My personal socialist health care is hell story: I'm from The People's Republic of Canada. About 10 years ago, I awoke with severe pains around my chest. Went to the communist hospital Emerg. Socialist nurse there asked me what was the problem and for my card (socialistic health card, not credit card)and less than 2 minutes later I was in this devilish ER surrounded by electronic gizmos, two nurses and an MD. Cruelly poked and prodded (including a nice morphine drip) it was determined not a heart attack so whisked up to a very dark room where they cruelly radiated my body. Gallstones was the diagnosis. Kept locked up until the pain went away and forced totake pain meds with me when I left,only to be instructed to return the next day for even more poking and prodding,radiating,etc. prior to them cutting me open. Second visit wasn't free. $5 for parking if you please. And yet another $5 for parking the day of the surgery. And another $5 for the post-surgery follow up. $15 to have your gall bladder removed-such an outrage.

Lol. Please come and join Bernie Sanders' campaign. He is losing elections because he does not have a good story to tell.
All he keeps saying is ... "those millionaires and billionaires." I always said although Bernie was selling cat's pee as nectar, but he is also a terrible messenger. Please help him.

@St-Sinner True, he is a terrible messenger

@St-Sinner Nah, first we get rid of the god of anti-socialists, tRump.

We tried with good ole Hillary who lost her and our shirt too. Now we are faced with a worse choice of two very old and worse generals to lead a divided army. So how can you replace Trump?

@St-Sinner You can't even begin to compare tRump and Biden beyond them both being old farts.


I am not comparing. I am saying all are useless and will be thrown out. But can I say let's do Trump and Bernie first?

@St-Sinner Bernie isn't the nominee.

Well Sh*t fire!! I only had to pay $235 to talk to my Dr off schedule in the US. Dang socialists!! ripping you off like that!!


One. You must have been "overseas" during the cold war. Nowhere in Europe does it currently resemble your description of "socialism". What currently exists "overseas" is a blend of socialism and capitalism, commonly referred to as "a Social Democracy." I know. I've lived there.
Two. Empty shelves = poor planning, a faulty supply line and consumers frightened by the lack of direction from their own government.
Three: Get a clue before posting such easily dismissable and disprovable gobbledeegook.

This is what a socialist country thinks of OUR situation:


Bot? Troll? This is what predatory capitalism looks like.



Face and Palm!

This is Capitalism.

Socialism would provide necessities to the masses.

Not allow those with the time and money to find (hoard) such supplies in a free market system.

Tell that to the people Cuba or Venezuela. Read some history. Name one country where Socialism has been successful. Success being defined as more people want to move there than want to get out. Most Socialist countries build walls to keep their citizens from escaping.
Humans are not hive insects.

A beautiful actress went to George Bernard Shaw and said, let us marry. Out child will have your intelligence and my beauty. Shaw said.. but dear what if the opposite happened?

Hope for the best is not enough. There are examples of how terribly socialism has worked around the world. All praising socialism in America do not want any of the bad things there that come with the package deal.

@Boxdoc [] Wow that took all of five seconds to find. . .

I don't get why Cuba and Venezuela are held up as socialist failures when their problem is the fact that the United States meddled in their affairs or placed sanctions/embargoes upon them.

Any failure to thrive is actually due to the U.S.

@Capitalist You're right; America should accept responsibility for the things we have done in those countries.

@Capitalist You're incorrect. As long as we are actively affecting their governments, supply chains, military etc in order to reap benefits for us, we deserve a large part of the blame.

Use a country that we have not meddled in

@Capitalist It's pointless. Im done


Has nothing to do with socalism. This is people panic buying due to the coronavirus.

Right now it does not have to do with socialism but the anxiety and shortages are effects under panic and socialism. I am just trying to notice what socialism can look like. Just visit Cuba to see how cars from 1940s are still driven on roads and how stores have good for you to buy.

@St-Sinner Is this the same Cuba that has embargoes imposed upon it?

You don't think an island unable to trade with powerful nations might have some problems related to something other than socialism?

Cuba was never prosperous under communism, even before the embargo.

@St-Sinner I thought Cuba was an example of failed socialism?

Yes, socialism and communism take money from the successful and gives it to the unsuccessful.

@St-Sinner You are using communism and socialism interchangeably; are you saying that they are the same thing?


It isn't socialism emptying the shelves in the stores. The word you're looking for is capitalism.

This is what I wrote - The current panic and shortages are a sign of sheer stupidity but this is also a result of how socialism works.

@St-Sinner So is a picture of thanksgiving dinner


Your house is burning .....

The fire department shows up to put out the fire .... THAT's socialism.

The insurance company refuses to pay your claim .... THAT's capitalism

"In the US we have
Socialism for the wealthy and
Rugged individualism for the poor." ~Martin Luther King.

Excellent comment...

We are talking about socialism vs capitalism as economic models.

@St-Sinner So am I, your inability to recognize that explains your ignorant comments.


Do you not think that the fact that Bernie has not been able to make sense to American voters for 7 years and 2 presidential runs in a row means something? We can argue all day but American voters have rejected old Bernie's lousy message.

@St-Sinner The average person's IQ is 100, it takes a while for you folk in the double digit range to "get it".


Disagree with your assessment but won't get into a pointless debate. A big problem is that many of our medical supplies are not made in the U.S. anymore and come from China. That's a problem with capitalism. We've lost the ability to produce products here because it's cheaper to import from another nation.


I think you might need to think about this a little deeper....

I have thought so much and with so much anxiety since Bernie started talking about socialism that I am losing hair.

I think we define "think about this a little deeper. . . " as (if I am correct) including examining multiple points of view (additional facts that may not agree with a less then informed conclusion) and not re-examine a laughably obtuse assertion.

To quote a line from Avatar, (borrowed from the bible) "It is hard to fill a cup that is already full."


The last I heard grocery stores were capitalist institutions. The roads used to get to them are socialist programs as are schools and public health programs and about everything being used to combat this thing. Your 1 and 2 are beyond comprehension and makes no sense. Go to those grocery stores and take a poll of conservatives and liberals, capitalists and socialists and the outcome of the poll, I would bet, will exactly match the general population of the area.

gearl Level 8 Mar 15, 2020

Let's go further. Sweden is a social democracy, based on a parliamentary system. Ikea is a Swedish company. Ikea is not held in escrow by the nation, it is a privately owned company. And yet, Sweden has 3 years parental leave for both parents, universal healthcare and free university. Socialism + Capitalism = Social democracy.


Please read = []

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