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Since dating is no longer really possible in the traditional sense because of all the isolation measures in effect across the country & world, how many people would be interested in a months long social experiment in where you live with a complete stranger, just so you don't both go insane from all this lack of being able to do a simple thing like hug a friend?

Jdkglobal 5 Mar 19

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Nope...I’m used to living on my own...been in semi-self-isolation for years! I actually enjoy my own company ...although I do like company at times too, but won’t go nuts without any close bodily contact for a prolonged period. I have plenty mental stimulus between this site and catching up on my neglected reading material.


Two enter, but only one leaves...

1of5 Level 8 Mar 19, 2020

@Donotbelieve quick, we gotta secure the PPV rights


Not just no...but HELL NO


What could possibly go wrong?


The touching hollywood musical about two suburban neighbors who hadnt spoken in 5 years, who get to know each other when they're forced to strategize over where to get eggs and cat food, is coming.



For personal safety, I would never invite a stranger to live with me.

Off them waaay before they have the chance to do anything to you, hide the body, set all thier social media to autoreply "Can't talk, got shacked up with a hottie I just can't seem to satisfy, but I'm tryin!" and live the good life on rations for 2.

Plead cabin fever/insanity/they chewed with thier mouth open and you'll get off scott free when this is over.

I wasn't necessarily suggesting one on one, or even of your non preferred gender, just a co-op living arrangement with however many people that area is designed to safely house.


That's quite a leap from "complete stranger" to "hug a friend". I miss hugging the people I love, but it's not like any random body will do as a substitute.

This could absolutely also be about moving in with a platonic friend for the entire length of the quarantine.

The hug a friend comment was about how many are missing out on human touch due to this fear cycle (understandable as it may be) & whether or not they are well connected in the community. I'm not saying that it'll last, just when was the last time you asked to hug a stranger? Most people are conditioned to not ever do that, and the longer this lasts, the more some may feel starved for human touch.

@Jdkglobal A platonic friend isn't the same as a stranger, but I think I see where you think you're coming from. However, I believe it's misplaced and, as many have pointed out, infringes on their boundaries. Why would you think any touch will do for those who are starved for human contact?


Sounds like the start of a murder mystery play.

@Donotbelieve lol. or has one or two other irritating habits


Blimey mate, when I was a Nurse, back in the 70's and 80's I had to reside in the Nurses Accommodation Blocks of the hospitals I worked at for up to 3 months at a time when on the O.R. On Call Rosters.
Being a Heterosexually inclined bloke I was the ONLY rooster in amongst a vast coup of hens, privacy was very hard to come by so I'll stick with what I have now, i.e. my own company, my privacy, my ability to do 'my own things,' wear what I like around the house, etc, etc.
I've got the Internet, friends who visit regularly and all the things that I enjoy WITHOUT the hassles of someone else to worry about maybe upsetting by accident.

You remind me of me.....

@AnneWimsey Did you live and work in and under somewhat similar conditions, etc?


Live with a complete stranger? . . That is rolling the dice with a potentially dire outcome.

Some people are not honest, trustworthy, kind, caring. etc.

Then you have the bat-shit crazy theists - delusional self-righteous mentally unstable, self serving, and outright criminally insane.

I'll grant you not all would fall in these categories but I plan to live this out (assuming I don't get sick and die (cable installer yesterday came from a home install with a quarantined person)) alone in my 5 bedroom house. I have more unfinished projects to work on then time.


Didn't most of us already try that once in college with randomly-chosen roommates? Sometimes it works... and sometimes you have to get creative to find a proper place to dump the body.

@maturin1919 Yeah, that works, too.


I really don't like people all that much, so I'll pass.
Thanks for asking.


Ummmm, What? Hard NO!


uh, NO. I've had several people I knew move in over the past 10 years. difference in lifestyles, likes, dislikes all come into play. Unless I know, trust and like someone, they are not moving in with me no matter what the gender. Seems like an idea you would pitch to reality TV rather than other human beings.

@MissKathleen, @Donotbelieve You are both welcome anytime.


My sister, in her late sixties and living across the state from a siblings, took in her cleaning lady to live with her about three years ago. My sister was lonely and enjoyed the conversations with her cleaning lady and thought it would be great having her live with her and it would help the cleaning lady out. The cleaning lady has all types of crazy mental issues, all kinds of medical issues, issues of any type you can think of. She has called the police on my sister, claiming that my sister was abusing her, drank my sister's wine to excess, has verbally abused my sister till my sister goes out into her garage and just sits in her car and cries and has contemplated suicide because of this crazy woman's behavior. But my sister is a helper and a giver and can't even consider turning this woman out because " she would be homeless ". Now, on top of it all, this lady is waiting for results of testing for the Corona virus. If she ends up positive and has given the virus to my sister, that will just be the freaking icing on the cake. We can't even call my sister and talk to her one-on-one because she has to put the phone on speaker so that the crazy lady doesn't think that we're talking about her. It's so irritating. We've told her and told her that she is enabling her and being used. And my sister is a very intelligent woman who had a wonderful job has a nice retirement and a beautiful home. Evidently intelligence doesn't mean you have good common sense. No, they do not have a sexual relationship. They are both heterosexual. Just beware of what you end up bringing into your own home till it's not your own home anymore.

I know a substitute teacher that told me a very similar story.

@MissKathleen There's the correct answer.


Interesting but my wife would never go for it. 🙂 We are quite happy just self isolating together on our little island.

This message was for Singles, not couples, but certainly if you hate who you are in a relationship with, not having contact with outsiders is going to be a problem

@Jdkglobal if you hate the person you are in a relationship with then you need a change and not just a change in partners but a change in yourself.


I would think that having at least one pet and some flowers to look after might help the isolation.


Not a chance. The only person I share my house with is my dog. I lived with women for 20 years. There were many good times, but too much bad. The endings were difficult, both financially and emotionally.

Girlfriends can stay over, but not live here.

I enjoy having everything the way I want. My dog never complains.

Preach! I am in complete agreement. Once I tasted freedom again there's no going back.

@Iamkratom once you get control of the remote it is all O.V.E.R!


Not me. I have known people who would destroy you.


It’s a TV show called Married At First Sight in Australia and doesn’t usually end well!


Will they provide negstive test results for covid 19?


is that a maybe?

@CallMeDave lol


I just call people!

How is that the same as losing human touch?

@Jdkglobal I'm reaching out and "touching" someone 😊 Verbally!


That does not sound too safe

That sounds like a pretty bad insight on humanity, as this wasn't even meant to be just coupling, as it could be a small group isolating in one building, with zero outside contact.


Hell no! I like being single. I feel bad for people who "need" companionship. They're giving up a degree of freedom and oftentimes happiness for it, so for some people the isolation might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Well said.

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