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A raging example of why I've had quite enough of all this religious BS. This, from my Sister - just yesterday, got my hackles up, after I told her her good thoughts were most sufficient ....

I pray for you because there is power in prayer and I have seen it again and again for the last 47 years. Good wishes are fine, but there is nothing to back them up. My biggest concern for you is leaving this earth without knowing the one who made you, who loves you, and longs to have a relationship with you.
Not church, not politics, not denominations, but actually knowing the living God, our creator, the one who made us and the entire natural world that you so love. This will be my message until my last breath. It is that important. If I die, I know where I am going, and would love to see you there one day.
Millions of people are not deceived, the message has not changed in 2000 years! The funny thing is, if you start talking to God, He will make himself known to you! It is amazing. You do not have to change who you are, just open the door to communication. On those nights when you can't sleep....start talking, get to know Him...tell Him you don't believe in Him and think this is stupid. Tell Him you are scared to death and this whole situation really sucks! Tell Him you wish your little sister would get off your case...(but she won't because she loves you).
Tell Him you are sick of all the hypocrites, and ridiculous behavior of "so-called Christians" Tell Him that you do not understand how any God could allow hurt and pain in this world....He can take it all, and you will begin to get the answers you so desperately long for....

There is so much assumption in this, and so much absolute lunacy. My response, while succinct and respectful, was not particularly kind. In no uncertain terms I warned her to back off - or the gap between us is likely to irreversibly widen. We're at opposite ends of the East coast - which would make that quite easy ! Gr-r-r

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My dear, cherished, little sister. I love you, mental condition and all. I only hope that one day you will come to the realization that fantasy and reality are two different things, and that no matter how much you WANT something to be true, it won't make it true.

Religion is a mental affliction that is forced upon us by our parents and peers, and it is a tough, crippling mental disorder to overcome without strength and perseverance. I am here for you, to help you fight against your illness and help you overcome it. I hope I can live long enough to see you cured, and realize that one doesn't have to die to enjoy life.

Pretty much perfect.


My mom attempts this BS, I have learned to immediately hang up, return the letter, whatever. This is allowing their abuse and I won't allow that anymore. I did warn my mom ahead of time and remind her each time she attempts it before I follow through. It's just not worth it.


"The funny thing is, if you start talking to God, He will make himself known to you! It is amazing."

The thing is, If you start talking to other invisible beings they also might make themselves known to you; but it also might land you in a mental hospital and on medications.


It reminds me of a child trying to tell a story that is supposed to be important but comes off as a bit funny, even though you try not to laugh and upset the child but then it takes a weird turn that is rather creepy and sad. Sorry that you had to go through this, especially with all the shit that is coming down on everyone but be prepared for more of the same because nothing makes a Xstian weird like an end of time crisis, any crisis is an end of times crisis to a Xstian. Be Well, Stay Safe

thank you for your kind reply !


"If I die, I know where I am going,"

If her religion hadn't convinced her of an afterlife in heaven, would she be interested in having a "relationship" with this god? I sincerely doubt it.

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. I agree there's a lot of assumptions in this, which is typical of a believer trying to abate their own death anxiety.


My father always preached to me. We could never be together without proselytizing from him. I tried telling him that I didn't believe what he did. I tried telling him that it would be easy for me to agree but it would be a lie. I tried changing the subject. The only thing that worked was telling him that if he started to preach, I would leave. I would come back to see him and if he started preaching, I told him good bye, I'll see you later, and I left. After I did that 3 or 4 times, he stopped preaching at me. Evangelical Christian's think it is their duty to convert. They have all sorts of reasons. They say it is because they want you to go to heaven, can't stand to think about you burning in hell for an eternity, etc, etc. It does no good to try to reason with them. You can only set boundaries and abide by them.

As you say, it does no good to reason with them, because logic and reason did not bring them(her) to their current mindset. Either they were brainwashed from birth, some trauma sent them spiralling into religion as a crutch, etc, etc. Having worked in hospitality for some years, i find a ready analogy between the committed religious person and drunk people, inasmuch as it is very difficult to convey information into the consciousness of a drunk. You may be trying to direct them away from danger, or toward something that they want, but the alcohol, a CNS depressant, prevents them from grasping the situation. It is not necessarily so that they are hostile to you, or the information you are trying to convey, it is just that they have a reduced capacity for cogitation.
Enter religion, where so much irrationality must be locked down, and logic not be allowed to seep into the cracks of doubt, lest the whole structure of "belief" comes crumbling down.


I had a very religious cousin who was talking to me about God, Jesus, etc. I told her I was agnostic, with no belief in deities.
She asked: Then, where will you spend eternity?
I answered: The same place you will.

I don’t think she got it.


A few months back the pope came out with a ridiculous statement and said Atheists can now go to heaven.I already told a believer this and now they have nothing to say LOL.


I have 4 younger sisters that are raving catholics, I told them several years ago that I do not believe in any gods or religions and also that I do not want to hear any religious stuff, not a single peep about religion of any kind at all, from any of them in any way shape or form if they wanted to continue seeing me in family reunions and celebrations, I told them that just because I believe differently I will never stop loving them as my sisters and I promised I will never try to make them change their beliefs BUT only if they respect mine by just doing that very simple thing I asked them. After almost 20 years, our agreement has been strictly maintained.

@FrankA I believe some people, like you, have way too much time on their hands and put comments like this to show their nit picking nonsense. Suffice to say that I do not believe in religions or gods, period. Any other interpretation that you want to give is of your own making and I just don't care what you think or assume on what I believe or not.


Flip the script. Adamantly push for her to follow a different god every time she comes after you. Pick someone she'll think is outlandish. Go for Buddhism or norse. If she only opens herself up to a relationship with thor or loki she can end up in valhalla with you. Or nirvana. Turn about is fair play.


I would have SO much fun with this, if my sister had written it to me!!!!

What a delicious opportunity for sibling rivalry! One could scarcely ask for better!

I would remind her of it at every opportunity, while laughing my ass off. "Hey Sis, what does god want me to get you for Christmas?" "Dude, did you get your car fixed yet. Gimme a minute - I'll pray for you." "Why won't I lend you my jacket? God says no, Sis."

I would also pray loudly over every little thing, when around her. Good times!

Love it!!


Ahhhh....the simplicity of an indoctrinated mind. It's just so ... dumbed down. Somewhere in that person is someone who went through some sort of education. I mean, "god" is capitalized. Indicative of a proper noun. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Sometimes, I wonder if my life would've been easier had I gone the simple route when the non-stop barrage of soul-savers were trying to re-birth me.

I think this would've got the point across, simplistically speaking ...


You have my sympathy, and empathy. I have a brother who will do similar, though often his malice is more direct. He has even gotten into my face, yelling and stabbing his finger in the air at my face. He has done even much worse damage to his children and ex-wife. I usually have him blocked on phone, text and email. Thankfully he lives about four hours away so he is not likely to just show up. It is a shame, life is short. I feel sorry for him because I realize he is not mentally well and I think I understand some of the complexities of why he wound up this way. But I cannot fix him, and most days I cannot deal with him.

I know others will advise to totally eliminate him from my life, but I don't agree with that option. Too long to explain here.

Good luck with your sister. Sometimes the best response is no response.


I found Jesus! He was hiding behind the sofa all along. (That makes just as much sense as all the other religious drivel, doesn't it?)

Was he hoarding the cigarette lighters, pens and singleton socks which you have lost in that sofa over the years?


I find the bit about the message not chaning for the 2000 years ironic. There were so many different forms of Christianity in the early decades of the church it was ridiculous. There were gnostics, ebionites, Pauline theology, etc.

From what I read, there are about 33,000 different Christian denominations, sects, cults, etc in 'merca today.

@jlynn37 I've heard something about 40,000 but the different denominations in early Christianity were even more diverse than the different versions of Christianity today.


I prefer Not to talk to sorry for you !

actually , I'd much rather talk to myself - I know I exist ! <smile>


Difficult position for you, but she has to be made to realise that as an adult you are entitled to make your own decision whether or not to believe in god based on reason, and that what she believes is just that, her belief and not yours. I’m sure you have already made that clear from what you say above, I just hope she backs off with the religious advice and shows respect for you.

Me too . We were doing good for a few years, after another incident like this came to a head. But then, don't ya know ... it's back !

@evergreen Good luck!

@evergreen I understand where you're coming from. Every other word my mother says I "praise the lord". She doesn't know I'm an atheist. She just knows I don't go to church. I never say anything to her about it, it just keeps me from going to see her as often as I should. I know I'll miss her when she's gone.

@evergreen I suspect the epidemic has gotten her contemplating her death again and death of loved ones. And the stress is so great she has turned to god and to preaching t others that do not care to be preached at. Basically, you are a casualty of her anxiety.

@demifeministgal while that may have been the trigger for this episode - she pulled this a few years back, and I asked her to stop - which she did. Things were pretty tolerable till now. And like many others - I'm feeling anxiety myself - the last thing I need is this total nonsense !

@evergreen Yes I know what you mean. Luckily y'all do not live with each other and she can be avoided. Imagine if she was having these episodes while living with you! Could be worse. I have been dealing with a raging lunatic this week myself, for daring to go grocery shopping twice in one week. *eye roll


My Sister forbids her born again minister husband and I to talk religion. That works pretty good.


I would tell her to pick up a science book or two and put down her goddamn bible. #GodisaFairyTale


I have a sister and brother that are religious. We don't speak anymore.

At this rate, I may be joining your ranks ...

I have the same problem. Most of my family still clings to their early childhood religious brain-washing. That, and the fact most of them rabidly support the great orange moron in the white house.


I'm sorry, man.


Recently read a word which says it all, 'willful.' People want to believe certain things and it becomes ingrained in their minds and becomes, wilful (meaning devoid of any critical thinking).
I received a letter from a friend who made the comment "I know how you feel about this but, then went on and ended "the good Lord willing." I will reply with asking if I have ever pushed my non-belief off on her. If not why am I having to hear it from a friend? She is a PhD Nurse Practitioner whose husband (an atheist) has prostrate cancer. She has just had a knee replacement and spends her summers traveling to poor regions of the world lending medical aid. I just don't understand.

Interesting ! My Sister's a Nurse practitioner too ... super smart - in other areas anyway .

Anything AFTER the word ‘but’ is total bullshit. I get that too, or used to before I distanced.
Beth, I love you dearly, BUT. ...
Me: Stop, I’ve already quit listening.
Beth, you’re a great person, BUT. ...
Me: If you say so. Gotta go. Bye!
Beth, I’m so concerned about you, BUT. ...
Me: Fuck off.

@evergreen No matter how smart, in the end it's one's emotions that shape their character. Just for fun I tried to make a math equation for this malady. E > R = D (when emotion is greater than reason the result is denial. I loved math in school.


This kind of rambling just turns me off even more. Thankfully my sister is even more of an Atheist than I am, if that’s possible. Mom is religious, but in a quiet way. At this point I have eliminated most people in my life that might feel a need to pontificate in the manner above. Don’t miss them at all.


It's okay to cut people off. It doesn't matter what their "relationship" to you is.
Family are the people who know you best, love you anyway, and always have
your back.
That doesn't have anything to do with DNA and blood.
I haven't spoken to my sister in over 30 years.
I don't miss her, she's a toxic person.

If your sister insists on forcing her beliefs on you, it's perfectly reasonable for
you to cut her out of your life.
It's clear she doesn't respect your position. Calling it "love" is nothing more than
a manipulation.
She's entrenched in her delusions. You are not required to join her in them.

In my reply to her, my warning was clear. I used her line back at her by saying, "if you love me" you'll respect where I am, and stop this. We'll see ...


Just my initial response--
"power in prayer" - prove it
"I know where I'm going" - prove it
"Millions of people are not deceived" - uh...Nazi Germany...duh!
"the message has not changed in 2000 years" - there are 18 christian denominations in the world--ALL have their own message, their own brand, their own version, their own rules, their own heaven (in which each will be the only occupants), some even have their own bible (Book of Mormon)
"if you start talking to god, he will make him self known to you"--I believe psychology refers to that as shizophrenia--delusions and hallucinations

I'm so sorry your having to deal with this. Long ago when I did go to church, I remember a minister stood up before his congregation and stated, "I will not sacrifice my family on the altar of god." I really admired him for that. Taking a stand and saying his family comes first. If only more christians were this way. In the end, you need to do what is best for you and your own mental well-being.

You could also choose to have her in your life, but just not engage in religious conversation with her. Easier said than done, I know.

She wrote again this morning - backing off and wondering why I felt "offended". At this point I'm too disgusted with the whole interchange to want to engage in any more god talk. I no longer trust her motives. And appropriately - here comes Easter - celebrating the ultimate zombie ! fuck.

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