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Does anyone else sit in with a book on Saturday night or am I dull as fuck?

Josephine 7 Apr 7

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Mine are electronic Amazon kindle.


Sounds like you're literate as fuck to me.

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 7, 2018

Sometimes me too. I find an interesting book is far superior company than most humans . And besides, reading keeps you from being "dull as fuck" !


It's too bad all we dull people don't live close to each other....we could get together and be dull with each other.🙂

marga Level 7 Apr 7, 2018

I do, that is my plan for tonight and we are not dull : ) ...a book can be exciting and you get to have the experience while being comfy at home

@iamjc I will be honest, I do not know who that is, just really liked the quote : )


well I must be too because I'd rather be with a book and a hot water bottle than anything else- Saturday is just another daY.


If that’s true I’m dull as fuck times 7!


Not dull at all in my book, no pun intended. I tend to be a homebody and have created a tranquil, resort-like environment in my space that makes me feel like I'm on vacation all the time. Reading a good book just adds to the simple pleasures of life.


I'm pouring a glass of whiskey and picking up a book as we speak.

@jioo087 Or drink it fast and refill it when no-one is watching.

Okay. I lied. I'm still on here. But I do have a glass of whiskey and a cigarette.


Reading is partying!

Jnei Level 8 Apr 7, 2018

Reading expands the mind, and that is never dull.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 7, 2018

Unless you're reading Dan Brown, which has been scientifically proven to collapse the mind.


I am cleaning the house tonight, which is more boring as fuck!

JK666 Level 7 Apr 7, 2018

Sit at computer on with tv on in background.

All the time!


I don't have any problem staying in on Saturday nights if there is nothing I consider fun or interesting going on.Then again I am 64.At my age I no longer worry that I may miss something if I don't go out every weekend.


I do! You're not dull. You're good company.


I have always thought that 'dull as fuck' has been completely under-rated.


Reading a book is far better than watching television.


Wait! It's Saturday?! Wtf? I thought it was Friday? Awe snap. I forgot to look at my calendar again.

I write notes ot myself on my calendar and then forget to look at them or forget what day it is today, good job the computer knows!

@jacpod I looked on my calendar after reading this post.


I am tonight. I guess I'm dull too.


I think Saturday night with a book is normal, not necessarily dull. I am not comfortable with a huge noisy crowd, or not for long. Books can be quite enthralling.


I'm a reader, too. But tonight I'll be watching Band of Brothers on DVD.

Awesome mini series. I haven't seen it in a while because they stopped running it on Memorial Day weekends.

@Bierbasstard I rent it at the public library. I bet it's waaaay expensive to actually buy.


Hmmm, let's see - if I have a choice between spending a Saturday night in a noisy nightclub shouting at someone to try to have a conversation, or settling in with a glass of wine and a good book it's a total no-brainer. So, you might be dull as fuck, but if you are then so am I and lot of other people here. Of course, the question then becomes - what is the book...?


I got you beat: Saturday nights I head to the Dharma center for a 45 minute discourse on the nature of mind (more or less, usually), followed by chanting. After that I am generally good and ready for some deep contemplation, a cup of tea, and a read of some Indian scripture.

Where's my prize?


I love reading. I always have a book

What genres do you you like? I am a SciFi nerd. I must admit that I like this rare genre of SciFi detective. It is odd for sure

@MustardSeed Oooh, me too. Titles?

So my favorite is "The Prefect" and its follow on novel. Next would be "The Great North Road". A stay of mine that I slowly work through as I am between other books is Kristine Kathryn Rusch. She rocks


That made me laugh. Now I'm wondering if I'm dull as fuck reading these post early sunday morning?

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