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I just found the first academic job that I am barred from applying for due to my lack of faith in Jesus Christ. Malone University (Canton, OH) requires a statement of faith for all applicants, not simply a statement of your faith or lack thereof (as some Jesuit universities do). I will provide their wording from so you can share in my displeasure.

Tell me what you think (because I have considered asking the site administration of the hiring website to take down the job posting for imposition of discriminatory hiring practices.


About the Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences

The Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary department that houses programs in History, Political Science, Sociology (minor), Integrated Social Studies and in Criminal and Restorative Justice.
Application Process

Application materials should include:

(1) completed Malone University faculty employment application form

(2) letter of application

(3) curriculum vitae

(4) Statement of Christian Belief and Practice in response to the following prompt: Malone University takes seriously the integration of the orthodox Christian faith and all academic disciplines and requires that faculty (full-time and adjunct) profess faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we ask that you provide a statement (750 words or fewer) in which you:

  • Discuss your faith in relationship to the University’s Doctrinal Statement and Community Agreement.

  • Describe your engagement with a local congregation or faith community.

(5) Statement of the integration of faith and learning in the academic discipline (750 words or fewer)

(6) Names and contact information for three professional references

(7) Statement of teaching philosophy

(8) Research statement

surrealhoax 7 Nov 26

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Considering the circumstances , I don't think you'd enjoy working for them , anyhow .


There's a lot of Nuts in Macademia. A LOT of Nuts!


Something I discovered while teaching at Baylor University, a private, christian university. Some say that since these schools are private, laws against discriminatory practices do not apply. However, while I was at Baylor, they got into trouble for not implementing Title IX which protects against discrimination. Title IX states, "Title IX applies to institutions that receives federal financial assistance...including state and local agencies..."

If a college or university accept federal aide, it is suppose to abide by federal law. That means if Malone University is accepting federal money for research grants, student programs, or anything else, it is expected they abide by Title IX which makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.

The thing is....if you applied, did not submit a letter of faith, but rather submitted a letter of atheism, and you did not get the job, it would be on you (and your lawyer) to prove that you were discriminated against due to religion, or in your case, a lack of religion. They could easily say "He wasn't the most qualified of all the candidates."


If it is a private college, they are within their rights to include the stipulation. There are several local colleges and one university here that requires such a statement. Someone asked me why I didn't lie on an app to teach at the uni, and I said because as soon as I opened my mouth, I would blow it. There is no way that I grade a paper where one of the sources is the Bible and I would have to accept it.

If they accept federal assistance they are not allowed to discriminate. I believe that includes accepting students who get federally insured college loans.

@mcgeo52 IF they accept assistance.

And honestly, I am not sure why an atheist instructor would want to teach at a Christian school. An ex BF attended the local Christian uni and every class he took was geared toward Christian dogma. While a federally assisted school could be considered discriminatory for not hiring a Christian, the curriculum would still be geared toward Christianity. I teach for two schools with "canned" curricula, and I cannot deviate--I can add lessons, but not delete the school's lessons or change assignments.

@Gwendolyn2018, I spent three years at a Christian university. I know the drill very well.

@mcgeo52 At least at the schools where I teach, I can tell students that the Bible is not a history book and forbid them to write papers in favor of religion (or atheism, for that matter), bashing another religion (or atheism). Despite that, I once had a paper on climate change that said it wasn't happening based on the [true] account of Noah's flood--this was despite me telling him in a rough draft that the Bible was not a book of science. His paper did not get a passing grade for several reason, including a lack of proof.


Change that to Balony University!

To call them a bunch of wankers would be a grievous insult to everybody who masturbates.

How about "Knob-Floggers Incorporated" instead....LOL.

@anglophone Thanks for looking out for our interests.


All the midwest is filled with 1st century minded assholes.
"... and requires that faculty (full-time and adjunct) profess faith in Jesus Christ. "
your faith could be that you truly believe he doesn't exist in modern christian schools because they voted for Trump.


Did you apply for the job or were you intending to apply for the job before you noticed their requirements? Moreover, why would you want to apply for job whose entry requirements you are not in agreement? Kindly excuse me if I seem somewhat naive here but why on earth would anyone want to work for any company or organization whose values they do not share much less support.

It seems to me that they would be within their rights to reject you in much the same manner as you reject their requirements.


Fuck them


You wouldn't want to be teaching that the earth was created 6,000 years ago or that Intelligent Design was a better theory (even though it isn't a scientific theory) than the supposedly debunked theory of evolution.

I do get your point, however. Accademic integrity and freedom although obviously compromised at this school is still something they likely pay lip service to.

I would be interested to know just how much money Betsey DeVoss has been able to divert from legitimate colleges and universities to support religious schools like this one.

Last comment, how do these conservative schools continue to exist when something like 70% to 80% of religious conservatives believe higher education is bad for America?

So true!!


I am thinking that you are better served going somewhere else. Hopefully you can find a college that does not have such requirements.


Does the FFRF know about them?

I think notifying FFRF would be worth doing

@Mvtt @xenoview Contacted


This makes me totally angry. However, I would never wish to work in such a place, no matter how appealing the position !

Yep, It would take far far more than ALL the Tea in China, so to speak, for me to work in place like that.


And you would want to work there becuz.....?


Why would you want to work for such a disreputable establishment in the first place?


You know, if the money is good enough and/or you really want the job, LIE! How can they check? It's not like checking on a degree or licensure! You can laugh to yourself every pay day!


I would call it un-constitutional but they will get away with it. Just go to another university.

Ummmm you would call it unconstitutional but they will get away with it. That sounds like a contradictory statement.

@Alienbeing It is. It may also turn out being true. We live in idiotic times.


The Trumpy Supreme Court ruled in July of 2020 that parochial colleges and universities are immune from discrimination lawsuits, because otherwise, their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of religion would be violated.

And here I thought it was the human being who possessed inalienable rights and not schools or institutions. Next, they will be telling us corporation are people with rights too.

@RussRAB Unfortunately, they already have.

@Alienbeing - I was being sarcastic. It is unfortuate. I just hope they never come to believe they have voting rights too. Then we will really be screwed.


Malone University you say??? Yes. Sam Malone was Ted Danson's first shot to the big leagues.


Well we all know any and all science degrees they give out are fake


So lie. Like they said in Ghostbusters: "Ah, if there's a steady paycheck in it, I'll believe anything you say." Just don't test my level of faith.


Faith Schools are an educational scourge.

Mvtt Level 6 Nov 26, 2020

Seriously--is that legal? Do they take any funding from the government?

I wonder how long it will take for the Christian evangelicals to make such discrimination compulsory across the whole of the USA.

@anglophone Don't give them any ideas, ok?

Probably, because it is a private institution.

@surrealhoax Hope they don't take Fed.'d be fun to watch ACLU sue them.

@LucyLoohoo That would be an interesting thing to look into.


I never apply to the faith-based universities. They are immediately passed. I have taught at universities affiliated with a religion, but they did not compel any of this trash. The ones that do require do not merit any consideration.
I do not know this school, but private universities may request such supplementary materials.

My thinking on this is...these ‘dogma leaning’ schools were established simply to restrict exposure to ‘others!’ Their mindset is...they can be holier and sinless, with the right training! Ha ha ha. What shows up on the outside of these people, is anything other than...


This is discrimination for your ‘non-believing’ belief system! But if this should come before the present Supreme Court, it is pretty certain they would vote against you! This is the very reason that the Court has been packed with religious zealots! This is sad, indeed! My thought goes toward the indoctrination of our young people. Probably giving a lot of free tuition to attract more students?


Fight it in court

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