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Darwin vs. Jesus. Who is more influential in modern times?

Doing sculptures of the most world influential people in mankinds history.
I would sculpt Jesus except no paintings or photos references and Christian witnesses is not good enough. Any suggestions?

Darwin, the father of evolution has cross more influential paths of different Religion and cultures than anyone.

Your thoughts? and who else should be on my list and why. Have done Gandhi, Dalai Lama, JK, Pope Francis, Thomas Edison, and A. Einstein.

Castlepaloma 7 Apr 13

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Unfotunately, right now, Jesus is more influential. If you want to sculp him, remember he was a little, ordinary Jewish man. Not a white movie star. Any contributing scientist is better than Jesus, since they did exist. Dawkins added to Darwin and the others. Personally, I would not do the religious guys, but thats your call.

I echo this. Jesus was a swarthy Mediterranean, most likely with kinky black hair and rough facial hair. He was a builder, more likely a stone mason than a carpenter. And, if we could remove the religion and it's dogma from Jesus, the teachings attributed to him are actually quite wonderful: love your enemy, treat others as your neighbor, forgive those who hurt you, etc. Now, whether or not he existed is a matter of historical and anthropological debate, but the teachings attributed to him have merit.


Darwin was a snappier dresser, and better dancer.

That might be important, if you wanted to date him.

@Castlepaloma Jesus hung out with a lot of dudes, so I'm guessing he was already getting plenty of action.

There is a Jerkin for Jesus website, too gay for me.


I could say Jesus if we consider him more like a thinker, rather than some piece of mythology.

Actually I think back in his days he has been seen by the jews in pretty much the same manner the modern day chistians are looking on us.

He brought a major change in the world and pretty much shaped the society where Darwin (and not only him, but all the great European scientists, inventors and thinkers) came to develop their works.

Some form of his teachings can be also found in the Quran so he had influenced also the Islamic world and with the European domination over the world after 15-th Century, his influence spread everywhere.

So as matter of Influence Jesus is still unbeatable as per today.


Money is the God worshipped by all.

Money is imaginary, my worth from the neck down is worth minimum wage. From the neck up, I'M worth as much as I can imagine.

One thing in common with all these great men/women throughout history was everything they have achieved was all once imaginated. Dead president on paper dose not mean much in my world. Money will come by loving what you do and working it.

@Castlepaloma if money is imaginary try paying for cancer treatment with imagination.

You don't need to be wealthy to be healthy.
With my imagination, I am the best doctor in the world for me.

Jesus was good at treating people with mushrooms and cannabis. As far as I can imagine. How else did Jesus turn water in to wine.


There you go.

Was that painting, done at the time of Jesus existences?

@Castlepaloma might as well have been

Then that is the best I have seen yet.

There is nothing known outside of the new testament and other Christian texts to testify to any fact at all about Jesus that was written or in any way made during the time that Jesus supposedly lived, let alone pictures.

All pictures of Jesus that we see today originate from white European artists in the middle ages who couldn't believe that Jesus could be anything else but one of them.

@Castlepaloma nuh-uhh 😉 hahahahaha


Well, we have Darwin to thank for modern medicine, vaccines, ancestry, DNA-based evidence, social sciences, the Internet, longer lives... all of which he may not have “created,” but his book introduced us to how biology works, and changed the world. Jesus just made us kill each other.


Nobody has started Crusades,pogroms,holocausts or tried to wipe out entire indigenous tribes in Darwin's name. But darwi's work is going on in the background, as medical research.


No contest. The story character Jesus, as GOD. I don't think 2 billion people pay money every week to hear comforting stories from Dawkins, right? Perhaps when Dawkins gets enough influence to have people calling "Oh! Dawkins!" at orgasm, will we really be able to say his name is a household word. lol


I would submit that Jesus has had almost no impact on history. He was simply an illiterate laborer with delusions of grandeur who got himself crucified. St. Paul was perhaps the first literate “follower” of Jesus and almost certainly the founder of the catholic church. If we accept that Jesus did indeed preach the Sermon on the Mount, than I suppose some of his philosophy has influenced western thought. However, the beatitudes have never in my opinion influenced much of how the Christian Church behaves.

What year is it?
How many cities have christian names?

Now tell me Jesus had no impact on history. lol

@TheMiddleWay I don't think you get my point. Perhaps you should re-read before you lol. Of course the Catholic Church has had an immense influence (and still does) - but this has little to do with Jesus. I tend to think the first three gospels contain some historical truth, but they are clearly embellishments of the life of a small town hick.

@bjporcella And Constantine before that. Had he not adopted xianity, there is a strong chance the religion would have died out.


Nicola Tesla is one time forgotten man who has contributed more than anyone to our daily lives, and yet is more or less a forgotten person. Not mentioned in most text books, he was responsible for most things we consider common in our everyday lives to include the electricity we enjoy when we flip that switch to lighten a dark room to set read a book or play video games on your computer.


Hmmm... comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges. The cultural and moralistic influecne of Jesus or Gandhi, or Dalai lama bear no comparason to the scientific and engineering influence of Edison, Darwin, or Einstein.

But if we must, lets first break down how Darwin stacks in terms of influence among other scientists:
Darwin really isn't all the influential in modern times. Whether you "use" creationism or evolution will not affect your day to day life in any significant manner. You don't "use" either of those ideas in daily life unless you are a scientist specifically working in the field of evolutionary science. On the other hand, Einstein has WAY more influence than Darwin. His ideas allow for atomic bombs, planetary space flight, GPS and more... in other words, you "use" his ideas on a daily basis and your life is dramatically affected regardless of whether you work in the field of relativity. Edison also has had a more tangible effect on the daily lives of people than Darwin.

Now let's look at Jesus compared to other moral leaders:
Jesus truly is influencial in modern times. Pope Francis would not be around by for him, nor would MLK. And while Gandhi and Dalai Lamas ideas are powerful, they don't influence the daily affairs of people around the globe on teh scale that Jesus does. The fact that Jesus' existence is contencious and Gandhi and Dailai Lamas is not is really not an issue for influence... only to whom we attribute the daily effect on billions of people and that person, historical or fictional, is Jesus.

So, if you HAVE to compare the two, it's clear that Jesus is more influential than Darwin since you will see the effect of Jesus everywhere (hell, we keep track of years based on his b'day!) but Darwin's influence is more subtle and just not as pervasive.


I don't think there is good reason to think biblical jesus ever existed. I think the Bible was a ploy by the romans to control and have more uniformity in their empire. Perhaps an eccentric rabbi or several rabbis existed but people morphed multiple together and formed their myth. Because of this I'm going with Darwin, at least we know for sure he existed.


Honestly impossible to say imo!!! I would imagine as a model it is in flux. As different spheres of influence, even socio economic factors such as poverty fluctuate i would imagine people's leanings change as a mass.


Historically speaking none of the people listed,( except the christ figure), are on the top ten list for Greatest Humanbeings who have ever live, Gandhi might be one, jesus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,.... and a well know but not so well known academic who is alive today. MIT guy, professor Emertitus.... his books are in the top 10 authorships for being studied and read. Just like jesus, plato, Socrates, ect... incedently... jesus is not the most read about human in all of existence.... that belongs to Napoleon... jesus comes in second... Noam Chompsky... father of modern linguistics.... you know.... language.... what we use to communicate our consciousness with ...... and the symbols we use to write down the sounds that interpret conscious thought and or ideas.

Etre Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

The bhudda makes Jesus look like a toy.. So does Amon Ra 🙂

I stay away from warlords.

Norm Chomsky or Socrates is a considerations.


That one is easy...Darwin.

Darwins theories on evolution were never intended to be used as another method for explaining creation. If my memory serves me corectly, he was a devoted christian and even studied to become clergy. He thought all religions should be equal. It is a common mistake made by many evolutionist. The problem again is evolutionary creation is as much a theory as biblical creation. And they both have strong points as well as extremely week ones. The invalidity of yahwehism can be proven as much as the evolutionary process for modern humans deriving from lucy. Learning is easy, you just have to be willing to except what it is that you do not know.

Oh and Edison got most of his patents from someone else, the people that worked for him, including Tesla.... Edison should be exposed, well actualy its common knowledge, however text books tend to carry the pro version instead of the con, and he was a con. Thats why Tesla left.

Ps. Edison was not the only inventor of the light bulb.


I would say Jesus is more influential by far. The theory of evolution is great and definitely helps us understand the world. I just don’t see it or Darwin influencing people.

From my world travels, most people are not aware of Jesus achievement or have a clear description of his appearance. Where evolution most people have an idea and nonbelievers are the fastest growing group. Plus Darwin makes a more interesting figure.

@Castlepaloma Simply knowing about someone is not influence and, sure, Jesus has negligible influence in many parts of the world. Jesus has major influence in other parts.

Even among scientists, Darwin doesn’t jump to mind as particularly influential. Just think of all the ways things developed from science play a roll in our day to day lives. The theory of evolution just doesn’t compare.

On the Origin of Species voted most influential academic book in history
Charles Darwin’s formulation of the theory of evolution takes overwhelming share of public vote, ahead of Kant, Plato and Einstein

It's sad, but it's true. I personally find it a lot easier to explain/understand human behavior through Darwin than Jesus

@Castlepaloma yeah but darwins theory has done nothing for mankind as Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Einstein, Newton, Tesla... now that is the most unknown of the unknowns. Darwin came up with a Great theory on the Origin of Species, not human species....his theories impacted one major field of academia .... Anthropology..... you might say biology, but not really, because he used his biological education to form his theory. It was revolutionary, and accurate, to the origin of species. The gentlemen aforementioned give us several fields of academic study as well as educational institutions themselves. Darwin gave us a theory. The Great Scientists advanced humanity in just about every way imaginable. We do not live a single day with using or benefiting from what those Scientist did. Darwin Created A THEORY. That yes revolutionized scientific thought and or philosophy. Yes he contributed. No he does not deserve to be treated anyway other than a great theorist. God, oh he destroyed god, well not really..... and several great persons from antiquity new about the jesus myth and what it was being used for.... lower conscious beings. No harm no foul. As above so below.

From building museum displays of human and natural historical displays. You will find theories have been most influential in our lives. Such as Politica and Religion. The arts being most influential tool of all.

We are biologic organism first or earthlings. Darwins influential was in the discoveries of millions of species originates and history. Up to mid 1800s the time of the book Origin of Specie's, we thought dinosaur were dragons, our lifespan was less than half of todays lifespan. Population had grown 7 times. Compared to Creationist who believe the world is 6000 years old and OT was borrowed from the Jews and many story stolen from the oldest Religion Hindu, in all, many loose hand me down myths.

Most European thought the earth was flat, year 1500, based on the Bible lead by an amateur Sharman with many names and titles, There are 200 name or titles of Jesus.
Will the real Jesus stand up to have your portrait done?

JEHOVAH:JESUS OF NAZARETH: KING OF THE JEWS: ( Almighty, Alpha and Omega Righteous One.”Authority, Son of God, Deliverer, Great High Priest, Head of the Church, Holy Servant, I Am, Judge, King of Kings, Light of the World , Lord of All, Christ is Lord, Messiah, Savior, Our Hope, Peace, Prophet, Rock, Sacrifice Our Sins,,Supreme Creator Over All, The Way, The Word, The Truth, Victorious One, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Dominions or rulers or authorizes, He alone is worthy.

From traveling over a 100 countries. The other religious people I talk to. Are far more educated that mankind history of the world being at least 200,000 years old. Not this Creationist BS that nearly half of American who think the earth is under 6'000 years old


Don't forget, Jesus was a brown, arabic looking person, not Ted Nugent. And I second the first post. I also suggest Lise Meitner, physicist.

Think Meitner is bit shadowing under other men like Einstein.

Maybe Jesus was black, wouldn't that make history and myths darker. Ted Nugent dose not even make my ugly list like Hitler, or Trump.


Well if you're gonna do Edison, I would suggest Nikola Tesla as well.

and how about some females?

Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Mother Theresa, Harriet Tubman, Hedy Lamarr, Rosalind Franklin...

Looking strong
characteristic in appearance. Like Bill Gate is weak looks more like Woody Allen vs Steve Jobs strong figure who is more original.

Nikola Tesla, discoveries are amazing. Too bad much is hidden by conspiracy. Will check his sculpture appearance.

Marilyn Monroe
Joan of Arc
Katherine Hepburn
Oprah Winfrey
Mae West
Amelia Earhart
Jane Goodall
Serena William

Yes, will add Nikola Tesla and Marilyn Monroe.

Jane Goodall is a great one! I would go Hedy Lemarr over Marilyn Monroe... Hedy actually invented stuff... Marilyn was kind of an icon that represented the objectification of women... I don’t know if her contributions are in the same realm as the men on your list... just noticing. I’d like to think there are females that made more significant contributions.

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