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Take that, Evangelicals! Pope Francis accepts the big bang and evolution of science - not the intelligent design of creationists - as he declares god is not a magician with a magic wand.


Petter 9 Feb 25

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Oh thank God!


Some thoughts unrelated to the post. People used to fool in the name of God, people are fooling in the name of morality and again people are being fooled in the name of science.

As much interesting Big bang sounds, it is also unproven just like God. Also a lot of so called scientific research coming out are flawed to favour particular set of people.

Observing the rise of radical wokism, I see it no different than religions.

That is why they are called "theories", albeit pretty well backed up by maths and observations. Quantum theory is a superb example.
So why are religions not called "theories" also?

@Petter Yes it should be called, mere theory, lifestyle, etc. But that's not the point here. Though religion used to play a negative role at certain time, but now I see wokism & communism as present day facist & fundamentalist cult where there is no place for unbelievers.

Even though I'm an atheist, but these days I see Western conservatives making more sense than wokes on most of the issues except their claims for god & christianity. I guess you know that a lot of skeptics/atheists/progressives are in conservative/right wing bloc now despite having some disagreements.

I see that problem has never been religion, but pervert minded & selfish humans.


The link takes me to another article. The title: Vaughan faces test of nerve in 'English sport's toughest job' Now, I don't like US sports including football. I don't think any more highly of English sports. They may be worse, I don't understand Cricket so I can't be sure.

The same link now points to a new story. Very annoying.


hmm, and i thot big bang=intelligent design all this time lol

No "big bang" means one helluva gang bang session.


Well there is an entire sect of the Catholic church known as the Jesuits who are very much scientific.

I know. They have had some acrimonious disaccords with the mainstream church over the centuries.


Modern Catholicism is generally far more compatible with science, while modern Creationists are stuck in pseudo-science. You can always find conflicting ideas among Catholic theologians, but Catholic universities typically teach Darwinian evolution in their biology departments.

"Catholic schools in the United States and other countries teach evolution as part of their science curriculum. They teach the fact that evolution occurs and the modern evolutionary synthesis, which is the scientific theory that explains how evolution proceeds."


Yikes, i wonder how the religious in the American South will react to that. They arent exactly following the pope...

Nor are they generally Catholic. Southern Bapist is the majority denomination.


Evangelical: "So the Pope is now in league with Satan? I saw that coming years ago."


The pope isn't Catholic.

BD66 Level 7 Feb 25, 2021

Yep, the No True Scotsman fallacy.

This may amuse.

Many Evangelicals declare that Catholics are not even Christian. LOL


Thank you for the news from 28 October 2014.

It's duplicitous for the church to seek credence by resurrecting arguments which refute it.


Not quite. It's still the god of the gaps... (quoting) "Francis explained that both scientific theories were not incompatible with the existence of a creator – arguing instead that they “require it”."

Obviously the Pope knows next to nothing about what he now claims to believe. Which is to say he is lying through his teeth, supposedly to reduce the hatred of science within his sheep.

Evolution is absolutely incompatible with Christian dogma for disproving The Fall and thus the need for Jesus. The Big Bang is similarly wholly at odds with Genesis.

Wrong. Catholics view the Bible allegorically, to one degree or another, not literally.

@Storm1752 Was Jesus allegorical? And Moses? And when Jesus mentioned Adam in the same passage with Moses, one was allegorical and the other not, or both were? Or one picks and chooses what to believe? Is that what they mean when they talk about a cafeteria catholic? Kind of confusing for absolute Truth...


WTF? That's clickbait. I'm expecting to hear the Pope endorse science, instead it's a article about the stupidest sport in the world.

Pearl has the correct link at the bottom of this page for the seven year old news.

Speaking of a golden oldie:

Yea verily I say unto thee he who is without baseball should throw the first rock at that other stick-rock game.

Then there's over three hours for eleven minutes of run-rock, throw-rock, stop-rock, stop-clock.

@waitingforgodo They have cricket clubs in the states. My dad kept a cricket bat in his car for protection. Baseball bat works better. I saw nothing about the Pope.

@barjoe then bless ed art thou amongst bartenders and bless ed is the fruit in the cocktail of thy contributions here at tea in the cricket and in all the games we enjoy like those american ones which are pretty good but can't hold a roman candle to a game that lasts five days without a fresult..

I agree that test cricket can drag a bit but compared to American football and baseball it is quite exciting.

@Moravian, @waitingforgodo What does the link have to do with Pope Francis and the Big Bang Theory? Excuse me for actually reading the link, or at least making an attempt.


As far as Popes go, this one is much better than most.

As far as popes go isn't up.


I told you Catholic are different. Not infallible, and I doubt even the pope believes that.


Don't Evangelicals already think of the Catholic church as the Great Whore of Revelations? This would just be another bit of confirmation of it.

Yes, they do. I saw a story that said a large number of Evan Priests are realizing their culpability in creating treason and changing their sermons to a kinder, gentler, version of gospel. They claim the flock has been getting the wrong message so it's their fault.


Always suspected that Frank is a closet atheist.


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