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Liberty Counsel Falsely Claims Equality Act Would Force Religious Schools to Hire Pedophiles and ‘Goat Lovers’


xenoview 7 Feb 26

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Soo...nothing would change, then?


What, they would leave the private schools?


Priests aren't interested in goats. Too many cute altar boys around.

LMFAO true!!


He's concerned about competition. There are only so many goats and kids are learning to tell their parents.


It is so easy to prove Staver wrong. Nobody forces private schools to do anything because of an Equality Act. Public schools yes, private schools no. The man is claiming that religious schools will be "forced to hire pedophiles and goat lovers." Oh, how afraid they must all be.


On behalf of all GOAT lovers I remonstrate this vile calumny and consider it deserving of the strongest obloquy. We at the Greatest Of All Time Lovers league are appalled at this vile misuse of our sacred acronym and would seek to provide succour to other lovers everywhere.


Would being a "goat Lover" then become a requirement for employment, or could you prefer sheep, for instance? Asking for a friend.

Well, by all Aussie accounts then, Kiwis need not apply since Sheep are their 'preferential desires' ....LOL.


Why must these evangelicals lie so frequently???

What else could you expect from a group that looks at this as being “God”.....!!??


What about dog or cat lovers? Does this mean they are "OK," or is it like "blessed are the cheese makers" meaning all dairy workers in general?


Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'm all for the nanny state.


Mat Staver is crazier than a demented dingo.

He does sound a bit silly.

Hey, fair go for the Dingoes please, why not say " Crazier than a cut snake" instead ?
Dingoes are nice Native dogs, they ONLY eat Seventh Day Adventist Babies....LOL.

@Triphid this is sibilant senselessness and serpentine silliness showing he's a few roos loose in the top paddock and a sanga short of a pyknic's picnic.

@waitingforgodo Over in my part of the Great Land of Australia we'd suggest that he is a few loaves short of a sandwich.....LOL.

@Triphid This may be a UK import: "A few tiles short of a roof".

@anglophone Or, "the Lift (elevator) does NOT go to the top floor."
And another Aussie saying, "He IS all gate and NO fence."

@Triphid arggh ya flaming galah, it's a few slices short of a loaf, a drongo, DADS, ergo I must extol a resounding fargon bewdy fer argot of farrago idioms.

@waitingforgodo Hmm. From Wiltshire: Wool ewe baah me a firkin pint?

@anglophone I could buy you a kilderkin of pints however

‘Fair sir, you spit on me on Wednesday last;
You spurn’d me such a day; another time
You call’d me dog; and for these courtesies
I’ll lend you thus much moneys’?

@waitingforgodo Where does that come from? It has a very 18th Century England feel to it.

@anglophone I just made it up, I tend to speak thusly whence here.

@waitingforgodo Nah, ya chattering Bush Chook, it's that he is a few dollars short of a Quid.

@Triphid crikey it's sixpence short of a shilling, a brick short of a load and not the full quid although I was away that day and the next and the day they handed out comprehension.

@waitingforgodo And as bent as a nine bob note.

@waitingforgodo Nah, he's a pigeon short of a few feathers.

@Triphid stone the flaming crows I hope there's never a topic here on mixed metaphors you'll be the far king oath mate.

@waitingforgodo Aw, fair suck of the Sauce Bottle there, please.

@Triphid struth ya had to mention saint kevin

@waitingforgodo Stone the Crows and Pluck the Duck, who's this st. kevin when he's at home?

@Triphid uno the kevin who julia stole the lollies from and he paid her back, the gods on the ground in that ACT.


Fear works. Our sheep obey.



They already do...


You mean they will hire catholic priests and christian farmers?


Are we surprised? Anyone? No? Okay just checking.


Save money... hire goat lover pedos.

Leelu Level 7 Feb 27, 2021

And also they COULD be saving Altar Boys as well with this Edict.


Sometimes you just have to wonder........

Perhaps it’s a good thing we’re not mind readers after all.


Typical right wing bullshit


No change from now


Who really is stupidest - those who spout this drivel, or those who believe it?

The believer is the stupid one.


goats are cool! 😀


That would never cross my mind! Where...oh let me guess...this came right out of the ‘holy book’...the great Bible! No wonder these Evangelicals can’t think straight...they have been taught to think like this!


Are they protected groups in your Country? Interesting choices 😉


The pedophiles and goat herders will find a way to use the idiotic Equality Act to invade wherever they wish to go.

The EA is all about demanding we all deny science. Men can magically become women just by clicking their little red heals together.

Misogyny at its best. Special rights for men who claim to be women.

Too often, also lesbian. How does that work?

TRANS-MANIA is anti-LGB, and anti-Women.

Men declaring they can do whatever they want. Same as it ever was.

We are being set back 50 years in equal rights for all.



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