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How many of you older people listen to current pop music, or is it only "noise" to you?

Seems like most people stop listening to current popular music at some point and only listen to music from their high school and college years.

birdingnut 8 Apr 15

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My heart is in Havana, is my new favourite πŸ™‚

One of my favorites, also! LOVE it!

I'm liking it as well


If it is musical, I dig it.


There is plenty of great new music coming out. That never stops. It just does not go mainstream or qualify as "pop".

My kids and I are forever turning each other on to something musically new (to us) from the internet. We listen to jams a ton more than watch stuff.

Zster Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

Classic rock radio seems to think that music more or less stopped around 1978. It's a little weird to be 58 and still hear the so-called soundtrack to my youth constantly playing. It's a pleasure to know and work with younger people who can help steer you in the direction of performers or bands that they think I should give a listen to without the risk of being a poser. It's also kind of weird to find kids listening to (or wearing T-shirts ) to bands that peaked or broke up before they were even born.

It's even worse to hear the music of our lives being used to sell stuff. Walmart's Joe Cocker "Little Help" annoys the crap out of me.

I often moan to my daughters generation about 'where's their music'? Nicked yours tends to be the reply. I find it interesting that within the field of Autism, it is Classic Rock that provides most enjoyment to them. Very much like going to my old school disco


I listen to current music as well as almost everything else (not rap). I even listen to country from time to time but there is way too much mention of god, so not often. Usually I find a radio station that is acceptable and listen until they keep repeating a commercial I can't stand. Then I search for another radio station. And in November I change to any station that does not play xmas music frequently, as long as it isn't rap.


I read somewhere that the most influential music you’ll ever have is the music you’re listening too in early puberty. 13 through 16.
My father was a musician so my music choice now is all over the place. My friends were listening to rap and hip hop like NWA, and West Side Connection, I enjoyed metal like Megadeth and Tool, and when I went home it was Peter Cetera and Huey Lewis as well as some folk and bluegrass thrown in.
So now I listen to just about everything. I guess I was lucky in that respect because as a drummer myself, I now know several music styles and can fill in for pretty much any band/gig.


Perhaps from growing up abroad and living in different cultures, I follow Latin,Thai, K-pop as well as US pop, Cuban salsa, jazz, depending on my mood.

But it does bring me up short when I want to jam with some musician my age and he only wants to play songs from the 1960-70s.
I love that era music too, but I like current music as well.


I'll confess to enjoying Carly Rae Jepson.


There are bits of modern music that I like. Not necessarily because they match my taste in music, but because I've heard a few times while I've been out pubbing and clubbing and they bring back fond memories of those times. I compiled an album of most of them that I sometimes play in the car. There are bits of Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Icona Pop, Pharrell Williams, Will-I-Am, Miley Cyrus, Ellie Goulding and a few others on there. So not so much 'current current' as 'current 3-5 years ago.'

Conversely, I recently overheard my son listening to stuff and found myself thinking "That isn't actually music." I felt rather old at that point.


Never have listened to pop music if I had a choice.


Smooth Jazz music is good.


I'm 42 and listen to every kind of music, including current popular music.


Pop has generally always been trash.


Some of the Pop music I listen to is pretty good, just can't get who is singing what right, except Lady Gaga. Ever since I saw her on 'American Horror Story' I got to like her, loved her Superbowl halftime show a bit back.


I think music is mostly generational. No matter what genre, or how diverse your taste, we all think the music of our era is the best. I listen to most genre's, but prefere music from the 60' & 70's myself. My parents hated my music & I hated theirs, but as I get older, I appreciate theirs more.


Since I go to Karaoke at least once a week, and listen/sing along to the car radio at all times, I feel pretty current.


Love music...all kinds...all kinds of ethnic and folk music. Now I've added Indian mantras to my go to and will go back to orchestral, musicals, throat singing and gregorian chants, bagpipes and tribal drums and African and Native American ritualism and African American gospel, too. I was raised with opera and klezmer, the beatles and phil ochs, some country can be FUNNY!. wide range. as far as young people music, music is universal. There's so much cool stuff out there but I usually pick through the tunes my son recommends/has on his spotify list. πŸ˜‰ he's got an ear for music



I don't care for a song if it lacks harmony...or the lyrics are only a bunch of senseless rhymes.


I saw a study about that. We develop our tastes in music by age 15. After that we may listen to other styles, but our first choice will be what we listened to when we were 15.

I think that's true for me. I do listen to a lot of music I didn't like then, but I gravitate back to 80s stuff. As to current pop music, I'm not a fan.

JimG Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

Your comment made me think about that. It was 1978 when I was 15 and some of my favorite artists are The Eagles, Steve Miller, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Rod Stewert.

Sounds legit


You may enjoy Daisy Castro and her Gypsy Moth Quartet. Currently 18 I think, she is the daughter of a friend of mine and has been playing violin since she was 6; she plays Gypsy Jazz and has toured a bit in France and on the east coast of the U.S., and she's very good. Last I heard, she was working on her 3rd CD. You can hear some of her work on You Tube.

Cool! Love it! Sort of bluegrass jazz..

@birdingnut glad I could introduce you!

@ThinkKate I love this one! Hugo, Daisy Castro and Robert Ford jamming at Samoreau 2013

@birdingnut Me too - she was about 13 or 14 then. Said she had a great time but was very shy about talking about it when she got home.


I get really tired of the same old thing, and my 3 step children were always amazed when I knew the words or melody to songs that were current for them when they were teens - they kept asking if someone had done them "back in the day". Truth is, I like to listen to just about every type of music there is - good music is good music, whether from 1700 Vienna or 2018 India or Japan.


I have never listened to pop music, and I never will listen to that banal crap.

LOL! I love it all. I even follow K-pop, Thai pop, Latin pop, etc. And all the other genres, plus classical music..LOVE Chopin, and play it myself. I used to play in a band, even toured.


None of the above applies here.

The reason what is called music today is noise to so many is that it is largely the product of machines, electronics. Music is something produced by humans and resonates with other humans. What people listen to today is water tortuously perfect and redundant beyond belief.

This has accounted for several generations flipping through many radio stations 'seeking' something that sounds different, like music from actual people. There used to be genres, now there are few differences. Smooth Jazz, Electro Swing, Rap, New Country they are all losing live human content. The difference I hear between New Country and Rap is the former sounds like adolescent whining rap with a twang.


I like what I like old and new alike


Through my work I encounter a lot of modern pop. Some is ok, some great andmost terrrible, but that could also apply to any era.
I will say, that most MOBO is frankly dismal and poorly performed, unlike its eariler musical roots of last century. Formulaic, violent pantomime rhymes about drugs, gangs and multipul sexual partnering with many ladies. Far too angry for my taste and that of my service users.

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