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Last night I was treated to a rerun of the movie, INHERIT THE WIND, on TCM. I thought of all of you with the various takes on all of this, and the incursions so many of you have had to suffer. WE may be not in agreement but one thing we have in common: Freedom to think as we will. When you stop to think of all the wars and atrocities committed by religious fanatics, and not so fanatic, we, here, on this site, do stand for sanity.

think-beyond 7 Apr 12

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When I don't take my medications for schizophrenia I talk to the wind. I tell it to stop being angry making tornados and hurricanes just because no one talks to you. I will be your friend! Whenever the wind blew I would always acknowledge it. Its real after all.


Religious conservatives like to point out how the story strays from the details of the actual Scopes trial, and thereby "unfairly" demonizes religionism.



I don't have TCM so I had to look and see where else it is available. Prime and YouTube came up so I will spend $3.99 to watch it again.

Thank you so much for posting this. Right to the point. So eloquent. You made my day!!!!!!


One of the great American plays/films, in my opinion! Wonderful performances by Kelly, Tracy and Frederick March (one of my all-time favorite actors). For me, it was a springboard into learning more about the the three remarkable people upon whom the characters were based: Clarence Darrow, H. L. Mencken and William Jennings Bryan, all complex men with fascinating contradictions and legacies. I first saw this as a kid, and have been quoting snippets of the dialogue throughout my life!


This film was a milestone on my journey of change to agnosticism.


One of my favorite quotes:

Brady: I do not think about things I do not think about.
Drummond: Do you ever think about things you do think about?

What a gem!!!!!!


Sometimes we are more in agreement than you think.


A great movie based on a great stage play. One of my favorite dramas.


Did TCM do that prolog about the content? I just watched a CSPAN lecture this weekend about slavery in film.


I missed the prologue. They usually talk about the actors and the making of the film.

@think-beyond - supposedly the new thing is to discuss aspects of movies whose themes are problematic.

Oh my. I just realized I read that as Gone With the Wind. Never mind. 😄


I also saw it last night. I was impressed with ...:

  1. How much society has changed from 100 years ago, but remained the same in as far as how much Christians embraced their hate.
  2. How the movie contained and addressed issues of substance, unlike any fare we now get.
  3. How the movie didn't shy away from depicting the Christians as sociopaths and psychotics, even as they denounced atheists and agnostics as wards of Satan.

Perhaps sanity is just being undisturbed by the harmless differences we have with other members of our species.
Of course if they’re pretending to have authority over the harmless differences they find in you and start being bossy they’re being harmful.
In that case the sane thing to do is to explain the boundary and if persistent, especially if hostile, reinforce your boundary with whatever force is necessary.
In my experience they’ll back off, then they tell people what a fickle bitch I am behind my back, which is fine, just fine.

Unfortunately, their stern Christian background has instilled a process which carries over into their new way of thinking. But at least, as effort toward freedom is being made. You can't really be free when you need to encroach on others' freedom.


I watched it several weeks ago.
It's a favorite.
Spencer Tracy was his usual brilliant self.
The bonus for me in this film has always been Gene Kelly as the newspaper writer.
Cynical AF, but perfectly nailing the reality of the situation.
Great movie!


I only do it when I know people are looking. 😆

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