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Got my first tattoo today.

By PhoebeCat
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That's great!
I don't have any yet but I'd love this.

Paul628 Level 8 Apr 16, 2018


Marcie1974 Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

You joined Starfleet??


It won’t be your last. 😁👍

LouElmo Level 4 Apr 16, 2018

Congratulations! Welcome to the association of first tatoos!

I_dont_know Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Nice congrats. I have 4 and will be getting more as soon as the money magically appears in my bank account haha


Congrats. My skin is still a blank canvass. One day I might put some ink on it.

Shelton Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Now you done it...soon you will be a walking tattoo...hehe...I am about 40% covered, I think...no tats from the neck up or shorts area...


That's awesome! It's a slippery slope, trust me 7 and counting.

Nurse-Quantros Level 6 Apr 16, 2018

Awesome! Congrats on getting inked! I want another tattoo so much!

BearsNPenn Level 6 Apr 16, 2018

Looks like a healthy dose of ergot to me.

azzow2 Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Nice. I have eight. I'm warning you right now: They are addictive. You'll soon want more.

ArthurPhillips Level 6 Apr 17, 2018

Looks awesome! Great choice of subject matter. =]

IAMGROOT Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

They cost a lot not a day, the two that I've had done yrs ago.were only $50.00 each. Now for the same ones your looking at spending $150.00 each or more.
Nice looking tack.

Clare Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Around here the good artists get $100/hour plus tip. A 6" x6" will take about 2 hours, over 2 visits...first outlining, then 2 weeks later for color..so, 2 tips (at least $20 per visit, unless you are both cheap & stupid, lol!)


Suhweet!! I got my first tatt right after my divorce. It was a butterfly, symbolizing to me my metamorphosis from SAHM (stay at home mom) to on my own. I want to get a second to represent my 3 girls, grandbabies, and my cats. I've got a few ideas, just not nailed down yet.

HippieChick58 Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

I'm glad you didn't go for a tramp stamp. 😆

StarvinMarvin Level 6 Apr 16, 2018

@alvinsmom Probably because a lot of tramps decided to get a tattoo there.


They are addicting, you know.

Gwendolyn2018 Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

It looks neat. What is it?

I have a fractal tattoo. Maybe I will share it in the future if anyone is interested.

indirect76 Level 6 Apr 17, 2018

Eventually I'll be getting a miniature of this version of the symbol tattooed behind one of my ears.

SinCityHeathen Level 5 Apr 17, 2018

That's an awesome Tat..congrats!

Charlene Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

My condolences

Fanburger Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Looks pretty sweet!

Carla78 Level 5 Apr 16, 2018

I hope it washes off.

Nevermind345 Level 6 Apr 16, 2018

Diamondback fan, eh? Congrats!

AMNOTGOD Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

I couldn't figure out what it was. Thanks!


I've got one in mind and am planning to pull the plug as soon as I can afford it. Cool!

alphasoixante Level 6 Apr 16, 2018
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