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This is a screen shot from a profile on here. Do these answers sound like a rational person to you? And they are on this site. No wonder they hate me and I had to block. My question is? Why would someone be on here when they 100% believe in god? Or are there many more brainwashed cults on here too? I feel violated. And they are looking for love on here. Maybe so they can preach the bible and covert us? What the Yuck! That would be like me joining and Evangelical church and that makes me feel like an acute case of reverse Peristalsis or sleeping with an Anti-Vaxxer.

Tourirst 7 Dec 14

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You feel violated??? FFS...grow a pair.

Notice all the comments? It's fun and a joke. I write for the world's top TV shows and movies. Or can't I have a little fun? Or should I write about the end of the world and Covid? Are doom and gloom comments more to your liking? "FFS" Grow a sense of humour. And my "pair," as you so rudely put it—are big enough to fit on my yacht.

Looks like we have a pompous, bragging, unfunny guy here, eh? Lol


It is really odd that they are here! Are they trying to convert people? I wouldn't get too upset about it though; crazies are everywhere these days.

I have seen it said that this site is owned by RW who seem to be absent. If so then I would think the Christian zealots are part of that. If that's untrue then I suspect they are feeling for any "saveable" skeptics. Those who are just questioning dogma but can be pulled back in.

@TheMiddleWay I didn't realize they did, because I never go there.

@TheMiddleWay I think your example is more public and provable than a list of non-believers who do or do not visit Xtian sites.

@TheMiddleWay How do you know the US has spies in Russia?

@Organist1 old woman jumps up in the messanine of the metropolitan opera. " is there und docta in da house, is there und docta in da house ?! ", shewells. a young doctor jumps up in the balcony. "yes madame, i am a doctor ", he says. "what is wrong? " ............. " oy docta, have i got und daughta fot you! "


Seems like a scammer.


You wouldn't sleep with a hot antivaxer? Picky!

Because I don't want to be coming and going at the same time.



I feel violated too when religious invade my space. I sorta kinda think of this site as safe from them but this shows why religion is the evil and dangerous scourge that it is because they won’t leave people alone who have no interest in their scam and imaginary friend. Block button is your friend.


Try not to sweat it, if you can.
People like that come and go.

When it gets too much, the block function usually removes the problem.

Sometimes, other times they merely change screennames, etc,

@Triphid They can be blocked, too.
It's a helluva lot easier than allowing anyone to aggravate you.
general "you"

They can Block-off. Oh, and I like to Block too. But, unfortunately, it's habit-forming, and I think I may need a new prescription.

@Tourirst That's life though, isn't it?

We don't always have the luxury of blocking people in real life.

Most members who are still here, are here for the community we've created.
It's perfectly acceptable to block anyone you don't wish to engage with, if simply ignoring them doesn't cut it for you.
What anyone else may think of that is pretty irrelevant.
If you think it's an addiction, that's your call to make.
You get to do you.

@KKGator That was a joke too. If my comment is not about the end of the world, orTrumpPutzPutin, or stupid, and such, I'm joking. Oops, TrumpPutz is a joke.


These people come here, stay for a bit then they are gone. I wouldn’t worry about this one, they will be gone soon after they figure out no one will play their game! 😉


"Why would someone be on here when they 100% believe in god?"

I've been asking that question since I joined 4 years ago. Beats me. I really like cats, but I don't like dogs. Why would I join a dog club? Huh?

The guidelines say 'While we do allow members who say they're religious to join, we not allow any religious proselytisation.' Meeting this condition, theists are allowed to join this site if they genuinly wish to communicate with us, and not trolling. Just like no one prevents us from studying religions without becoming believers.

@Ryo1 yeah, I know the site rules. But why the religious would want to be here makes no sense, unless at heart they still wish to preach, albeit low key.

@David1955 I recently found this atheist group, 'devine atheists', [], where believers come on to ask atheists all sorts of questions. Unlike, the members of 'devine atheist' are accommodating rather than rejective. I find it interesting and educational. Many of them seem quite knowledgeable about religions.

They should, at the very least, present a logical reason why, and if they are here to learn about our world view, what is their first question for us that isn't, in the least, part of a mechanism that is based in proselytisation?

@Ryo1 the link didn't come up. I'd like to check it out.

@David1955 Hmm... that's odd. Devine Atheist is a group formed within Quora, so if you go on Quora annd serch for the group, you may be able to find it. Thanks for showing interest.

  1. Scammers often do not realize the nature of this site. Note the "open to meeting men." I have had scammers contact me and say "god bless" or some other inane reference to a deity. Sometimes, their profiles even note that they are "godly men."
  2. Xtians are out to evangelize.

Perhaps the person wants to see what the other side is like. No big deal.


I make all efforts to stay away from all trolls……unless they happen to say something so ridiculous or stupid where it warrants a response. It can be difficult I know but f you feed them, they’ll keep coming back.


I have had two of these message me and try to save my soul. We need a way to block them on here as soon as they reveal themselves.

Yes, we do.

Praise The Lard. I've been perverted.

Go to their profile and use the block button.

@rainmanjr Mindreader.

@rainmanjr I just try to deconvert them first

@rainmanjr Thank you! Been there done that. It's my favourite feature on here. I'm here for the fun and love engaging people but will not let others attack me with comments that are out of line. Or rude. Like this comment: You feel violated??? "FFS...grow a pair." Frankly, if this is the best they can do it says volumes about their brainpower. All they have is a pair of brain cells and they need to grow more.


I am a firm advocate of, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". Perhaps that is their thinking also.


Lost Person! 😂

Diaco Level 7 Dec 14, 2021

People that want to hear both sides of an argument... I'm OK with it. If they want to hear the Agnostic/Atheist side or Point of View, fine.

Far too many people only want to hear one side of a question, or only hear the, usually inaccurate, summary given by those they agree with about what the other side believes. Large part of the crappy social and political discourse of recent years.

If the faithful want to hear an honest explanation of the Atheist/Agnostic point of view by coming here, rather than what their Pastor/Priest say it is, Great!

But, honestly, it's probably as others have said, either spammers, those thinking they will convert lost souls, or people who didn't understand what the site is about.


Hump 'em and dump 'em.

something a lowly level 7 might say. no soup for you!


Beware they are Faithfool Trolls out to try to convert you back to being another Faithfool like them.

Good luck around here!

@David1955 Or as we say around this part of Australia, "they're shit out of luck".


Most of us still believe in a god. We trust in him and he is green paper with presidents printed on him. At least this is his representation to us. Green and white paper that most of us fold and put in a wallet. From there is gets sketchy with pics of eyes, pyramids, etc. Maybe a camel.

I dunno. I think I pray to my debit card more often than to green and white paper .......

The one and only real GOD for sure. All the rest is counterfeit and a fraud god.


What is the admin's take on this? I'm willing to allow them to do the monitoring of issues like this one. If someone is too annoying to me, I can block them.

@TheMiddleWay yes, we know. And we are discussing the merit of that.


Of course they believe in god! Don't you believe in Gozer the Destructor? Sheez....

I saw it in Ghost Busters, And my friend agreed, so it must be true. I'm praying to Gozer the Destructor right now. I'm not a Heathen.


My guess is that they get off on a challenge.. I know that I am not interested in that with dating and prefer someone without any major differences from me on religion, politics, or music choices. Everything else if flexible if their values, personality, interests, and physical attractiveness are compatible for me.


Just trolls I imagine.


Pollution, just fucking pollution.


Boot her!

Burn her! At the stake! /s

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