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Piece Of Shit Republican Dr Oz Claims To Be A Vegetarian. Maybe He Just Kills Animals For Fun. Maybe It Was Tofu Season. Campaign Photo For US Senate Race In Pennsylvania To Shore Up The Base. 2nd Amendment MAGAt. Muslim Member Of Christian Right.

barjoe 9 May 13

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He needs to go hunting with Dick Cheney, see how that works out for him. lol

I'm glad you suggested that. Another person that should go hunting with Dick Cheney is Rick Scott. I highly recommend it.


He's still alive? 😳


And still irrelevant I see. 😴😴😴

Hi! Long time! He's going to be the Republican nominee for US Senate from Pennsylvania.

@barjoe Well thankfully he won't win. But FFS, they're really racing into the bottom of the GOP barrel. #sad

@SeaGreenEyez He damn well might win. He's got money, name recognition and the backing of Trump.

@barjoe I just looked. He would have to beat Fetterman and that world he a longshot. We get a LOT of news here re: PA (which I find weird) and Fetterman is the one slayed to win, regaled who he runs against. #wellsee

@barjoe #justforfun


Cue democrats getting shot in the leg...

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Fetterman suffers stroke but says he's 'well on my way to a full recovery'



He looks like a 12 year old wearing his grandpa’s old hunting gear. Notice his right hand is out of position. No experienced hunter holds a gun like that.

Reminds me of Mike Dukakis riding in Abrams tank with a helmet that was two sizes big on him.


Maybe we'll all get lucky and he'll shoot himself in the foot (rhetorically, with his base).


So funny when people pose in brand new hunting gear for a photo op.
How do you shoot gun while wearing mittens?

Looks like shooting gloves with mitten flaps but I don't see any snow on the ground so it's not that cold unless you have soft hands, what a wuss.


It was a photo op.


Tofu season. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Don't forget - also an Erdogan apologist and friend. He still holds Turkey citizenship (yes, he promised to drop it "if" elected, and of course politicians never lie). He won't talk about Armenian genocide either.


Republican politicians with shotguns are known hazards.


A piece of utter shit, trying to pull off a "smile," failing to stand straight while clumsily holding a rifle that's taller and weighs more than he.


hes a chameleon. what ever wins him votes he says he's in favor


Photo op for sure.


Zucchini season.

BDair Level 8 May 13, 2022

the cat is so proud


Hunting some Armenians?


He's also not actually a medical doctor.

Yeah. He is. He's a cardiologist.

@barjoe'd let him crack your chest open like a walnut and plunge those hands in there?

@BufftonBeotch No. But he's a real doctor. Graduated University of Pennsylvania 40 years ago. That's what he thinks justifies him as a Pennsylvania.

@BufftonBeotch how do you get from the simple Fact that he is actually (sadly but legally) a doctor to a smart-ass comment like that?


Some people are vegetarians because they oppose the killing of animals. Some are vegetarians because they believe it is healthier. Maybe the misbegotten Oz fall on the former side. Either way, anyone who kills animals for the sake of killing animals it ethically corrupt. If you kill it, eat it.


Tofu season... hahaha...


You can't be a vegetarian that hunts?

Sure you can, but then it's just about the killing, and that's disrespectful.

@ChestRockfield What would he hunt for? Trophies? Do you think he hunts bear? He's just a piece of shit.

@Flyingsaucesir @barjoe
You can hunt for food for your family but not eat it yourself.
By the way, none of what I'm saying has anything to do with defending that piece of shit Oz.

@ChestRockfield The guy's worth $100 million, so I don't think he's feeding his family.

@barjoe I just said my comment has nothing to do with him. But you can enjoy the hunt. And you can hate factory farms. And you can prefer wild game to processed, antibiotic-laden grocery items. There's a ton of angles here.

@ChestRockfield @barjoe Bottom line, Doc Oz is a first-class shit-heel.


don't fall


Perhaps hunting triffids?

puff Level 7 May 13, 2022
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