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I do not find this funny I will say straight up. It scares me that the POTUS shuffles around, appears disorientated often, is losing balance, stops midstride and grasps at nothing. I saw all these actions in my Father who died of dementia.
This video shows Joe Biden wearing his pants backwards which is something my father also did (look at side pockets flaring and the trouser belt straps). He will not last the next 2 years imo so better start planning what POTUS Harris will be like in these uncertain times.

puff 7 Oct 5

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Hey! I drool, shed, howl at the moon, and sometimes pee in the neighbor's flowers. But I'm still as lucid as a young pup!


He freed students from debt. He stepped up for the victims of hurricane Fiona. He improved Medicare. More leaders should have whatever his problem is alleged to be.

From some debt. For many, a tiny portion. Yes, it's better than none, but it isn't enough.


Apparently posted without a hint of irony.


Had to edit, I don't know how the wrong link posted!

I won't comment on whether or not Biden has dementia- he may or he may not. But, we need MUCH younger people throughout government. The average age of our congress people is 58.4, and of senators, 64.3. According to the census Bureau, the average age of American citizens is 38.5 years. 95% of congress has at least a bachelor's degree, while of the entire citizenry of the US, only 23.5 does. This is why I like the idea of sortition for congress- real people making the decisions that affect the population.

A good consideration. Anything better than today's politricking


Old Joe is actually doing a pretty good job, whatever you may think of his speech and movement.

With Done Cheato every week was "Infrastructure Week," yet he passed no infrastructure bill. Old Joe passed the biggest infrastructure bill in US history.

Done Cheato bitched constantly about China but did nothing to reduce our dependence on Chinese products. Old Joe actually did something: he passed the CHIPS Act.

Done Cheato emboldened Putin to
try and overthrow a sovereign European democracy. Cheato tried to extort a political favor by withholding military aid to Ukraine that had already been approved and paid for by Congress. Cheato did everything he could to alienate our NATO allies. Old Joe reinforced our alliances and now the despot Putin is bogged down and on the ropes.

I'll take Biden over Trump every week day and twice on Sundays. 😎👍

So how much infrastructure has been built or repaired from that bill? Can you name any? (not counting reconstruction from natural disasters)
PS try reading some English language European news re how the alliances have been reinforced

@puff Why not count the repair of infrastructure from natural disasters? Stacking the deck much?

@puff the bill only passed a month ago .Infrastructure repair takes months and months and actually only begins on paper.

Interstate highways by law are built by the feds and maintained by the states. Many states do not do their duty in this area and that's why this infrastructure repair bill will make a big difference.

Rome wasn't built in a day he had to expect a bill to pass and the next day repairs are completed. Seriously explain to me how you think that could happen that fast.


I find the way Biden strings sentences together to be a lot m,ore coherent than the sentences Trump strings together. Biden at lest keeps on topic, even if he pauses a bit when tired.

Totally agree Trump is not exactly coherent, especially when reading transcripts. Yes I know, Biden is not Trump.


God you MAGAs are clutching at straws. From what I can see the pants are on correctly. Sure the flies are not that visible but then again he's not Mike Pence and the pockets face the right way.
Is he well past his best? No question he is but let's face it he was voted in as a caretaker manager on the premise that "I'm not Trump". Taking into consideration that he is not a treasonous and delusional racist rapist that caused his cabinet to seriously consider enacting the 25th amendment, take it as a win.


Biden must be pretty clever to zip up the fly when it's behind him.

Republicans live in a world of ridiculous nonsense, especially, when they are trying to manipulate people.


In my entire life, even back in my drinking days, I never put my pants on backwards. I don't think it's even possible. Try it!


Your love and concern for Biden is so evident and your desire for Kamala Harris to be the first woman president is unmistakable.


I also have balance problems...some get them from inner ear infections, it is pretty common, mine are "leftovers" from a chiropractor causing me to have "a few problems" when he severed one of my vertebral arteries when i was 38...turned 39 in the hospital, prognosis poor. Wrong again, doctors!

How Dare You diagnose "dementia" from my (somewhat overcome but not entirely) physical attributes you miserable Fuckhead??!!


I'm sure President Biden has way more on the ball than you do @puff


I have a lot of time on my hands. Puff apparently has way too much on his hands.


Do you have a retirement age in USA? I don't know anything about this video but let the senior cits retire.

No, we don't force people to retire.

@MsDemeanour Do they have mandatory retirement in Australia? Can a 79 year old be MP? I know for a fact that there's not and they can. Why should the United States have to? Because some conspiracy theorist troll from 10K miles away posts a doctored video of our president?

There is a retirement age here, that varies from 62 to 67, depending on when you were born and when you want to start taking the government's old age pension, Social Security. But the only mandatory retirement age for jobs is for judges, who must retire from full time work as a judge at age 70, at least in my state.

@barjoe We don't elect our Prime Ministers, they are appointed by cabinet. They can get rolled anytime, like the UK.
At least you may be a member of parliament or PM here at 18 and not have to wait until you are 30 and 35.

@puff You vote by party. The leader of the party is an MP. When they can set up a coalition the leader of the party becomes PM. Am I right? US president has to be 35. The youngest ever was Teddy Roosevelt. He was 42. Kennedy was 43.

@barjoe and congress 30. You vote for your local Federal member who in 2 party system, votes for the leader of their party. Have minor parties eg greens and independents also.
If in Australia and/ or UK with the polling numbers Biden is getting (politicians love polls), I dare say he would have been rolled like Boris just was by Liz Truss in the UK.
Westminster style of government.
In Australia our Liberal party is like the GOP who could never take government without forming a coalition with the National party who are seen as rural representatives. All Liberal governments are a liberal/ national coalition. Over simplified; Labor represents workers and Liberal's represent business. Those boundaries are now somewhat blurred and are not as distinct as they used to be.

@puff To be a member of Congress you need to be 25 and a citizen for at least 7 years.

@puff Joe Biden will be president until at least January 20, 2025. He won't be "rolled"

@barjoe I understand your presidents are elected every 4 years, a different system from the Westminster one we are based on. I read this following info link as being able to run for congress at 25, but you can't be sworn in until you are 30

@puff 30 years old is for the US Senate. 25 years old for House of Representative (Congress)

@barjoe My bad 😉

@puff Little Trivia. The term "my bad" was first coined by NBA legend Manute Bol. He did something wrong on the court and said "My Bad". It went "viral", you just said it. He was actually a Dinka Warrior and supported his entire village in Sudan. Most of them were murdered in the Darfur Genocide. He was a heroic and tragic figure. Read this story, it's pretty amazing. A wonderful man. []

@barjoe Thanks for the link. Good to know they are still around, people like that

@puff Sadly, he's not still around. He could be, he'd only be 59 if he were alive today. He deserved better.


@puff, you're working your keyboard harder than you're working your mind.

You haven't been here long enough to have any credibility with me and your bio doesn't inspire trust, but the First Amendment protects what you post.

I won't lose any sleep I have not met your time standards. You should not trust me, but hopefully I make people either view issues from other perspectives or bring issues to people's attention. If you think I am spreading falsehoods, by all means confront me and I promise I won't be offended. Instead, I'll be confronted and be forced to defend my position which I will. Just like the good old'e days on this site (if you remember 😉 )


I don't know if you're Super Naive and Dumb like this! or a Traitor( if you're an American )! IDK, maybe a Putin Ass kisser! If so, Be Sorry for yourSelf!...
if you're Not one of these... Pls. it's Not a Good time for these Childish games...

Don't be Other countries useful Idiots and Hand puppets!
Don't Suck what enemies feed you...

Diaco Level 7 Oct 5, 2022

What the hell does that prove, Diaco? That he can read a prepared speech on a teleprompter for ten minutes? Show me where he can take unexpected ?s, actually have to think and show that he can not only attend to what is being said, be oriented to what is going on, process the ? and then come up with his own answer. Your defense of him with just this video is laughable... I won't speak for the OP or Druvious, who can defend themselves capably, I'm sure, but I sure as hell, figuratively speaking, am no fan of Putin, nor am I dumb, naive, or any kind of traitor to America, tho I do hate our current plutocratic system, our corporate media, our two corrupt major parties, as does any intelligent, intellectually honest, and thinking person who values equality and fairness, as well as truth. And I will put myself up against about anybody on Agnostic as far as how well-informed I am on at least American politics.

@TomMcGiverin the "Laughable" part is you commented on a post which you have no clue what's it about...
this post claimed and IS About: Joe Biden wearing his pants backward!!!
And yet you complain about his dementia!!!

@Diaco You are being willfully obtuse, as the character said in The Shawshank Redemption. The OP is not only talking about Biden's pants issue, he is making the connection between that and Biden's obvious dementia, which you are in denial about. Fine, suit yourself with that.. I could give a fuck, esp. since you mention nothing about your own experience with dementia patients, so I can only assume you have none, or at least less than me, or the OP, for that matter, who mentions his own father's dementia. Maybe you might want to read the OP's post again and notice the connection he makes between Biden's noticeable things and the OP's father's dementia that the OPs shared with us.

Or maybe you could wow us with your own considerable experience, research, and knowledge of dementia? I thought not....

@TomMcGiverin what is the sign of his dementia!!! of course some of these stupid or even fake videos. yep... the Naive one 🙂
What I know, Puff is an Antivax, Biden Hater,... looks naive to me.
Most of you guys are Good people, But a simple mind will hurt all not just itself.
Sadly China, Russia, and others count correctly on YOU!

@Diaco That may well be true of Puff, IDK, and I don't make a habit of investigating everyone who posts and comments on these boards. I do know what I have read online from foreign media that are certainly not friends with or dupes of Russia or China, so why do you assume that everybody that disagrees with you is knowingly or unknowingly helping those two countries? It is equally or more naive and blind to just support an American president, or any leader of a country you live in, simply because you think being critical of them is aiding the enemies of that country. Using that logic, any criticism of any leader, for any valid reason, could be dismissed as lies or treated as treasonous. So, are you by any means trying to equate criticism of Biden's cognitive functioning as being on the same level as any of Trump's treasonous acts against the country? That would really be laughable....

The ruling class and the corporations here in America, that really own things, including the pols in DC, and that really run things, are far bigger and more present dangers to the lives and welfare of most Americans. They are willing to kill or sacrifice as many of us as they need to in order to maintain their profits and power, because they no longer even need most of us as workers, or even as consumers of their goods and services, in a globalized market like we have now. So fear or hate China and Russia as much as you want, I'm not saying they don't deserve some of it, but they are not nearly the threat to most of us like we have from the neoliberal, corporatists and warmongers in both major parties. As long as we continue electing them to congress and the WH, we are doomed, no matter what other countries do. Only a revolution can save us now, but much as I would like to see it happen, I have no faith that it will. What I do see happening, in the next couple years is either a low grade civil war here, or a fascist, permanent dictatorship if the Repubs win the WH and control of congress in two years, both of which I think will happen. The civil war will happen if they don't win control of DC in two years.

Either scenario will be a terrible experience. It reminds me of the old Woody Allen joke where he describes two horrible, nightmarish paths that the world can take as the future unfolds, and then says, " Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly (or wisely, I can't remember which)"....

@TomMcGiverin it's not about ME!
Who Acts against the West stands on their side ( China, Russia ), and yes they ARE Natural allies against the West, specifically the USA!

as a Modern Citizen, You have to Vote and try to make changes in that way, on social media share your thoughts and reasons,... etc.
Criticism is your Right, When it's based on facts!

Not targeting the current President personally and mocking him with childish and fake reasons, It's your President, your Flag, your Country... Where's your Pride!?
how do you stand all the ppl laughing at your president under that fake video comments!?

Especially Now, when we are at WAR. can't you see how close is it?!

your Democracy stands on you, the People's shoulders.
these Social Media false, fake, and stupid things destroy your Democracy from the inside like termites.
Didn't that Trump presidency damage enough?!
you didn't see the consequence, the January 6?! the ppl who believe in false and stupid things!!!

Don't Fuck your Democracy.

@Diaco I don't laugh at it. I find it sad and disgusting that our system, our corporate media, and most of our voters are more afraid of socialism than they are of electing figureheads like Reagan, W., and Biden. Where is the pride in that? Seems more to me like fear of the bogeyman that they are brainwashed in to thinking will ruin their lives, just because it's labeled socialism, lumped in falsely with communism and totalitarianism, which is what we are going to get if a Repub is elected prez in two years, totalitarianism that is in a fascist dictatorship. I have pride in what our country used to be, during the New Deal and The Great Society years of LBJ, except for the the Vietnam War of that time.

No, I don't have any pride in what our country has been since 1968, nor should I have. I stand respectfully during the national anthem at sports events, not because I buy any of that patriotic bullshit these days, nor have a ever flown a flag where I lived. I stand respectfully, but not with my hand on my heart or any of that reverent bullshit I see from other people then, but simply because I am too tired and disgusted to want to deal with any of their bullshit and harassment if I failed to comply with their ritual. At the senior center where I live, they used to recite the pledge of allegience once each week before we ate lunch, and I boycotted that, as well as the daily moment of silence, which was just a thinly veiled substitute for a moment of prayer, which I'm sure about all of us would boycott. I did it very conspicuously, and am proud of it. When the center moved to a new building, they dropped the rituals, but I would have still boycotted them. I have pride in what our country was long ago and what it could be, but not for it being any kind of good example for the rest of the world, because it quit being that long ago when I was a child.

If you still think we have a functioning democracy, which even Jimmy Carter admitted recently that we don't have, then you are the fool and the naive one... The war to fear is the coming civil one, not one from a country outside our borders... Maybe you're a shill for the defense contractors or weapons makers, for all I know....

@Diaco And if Biden was wearing his pants backwards someone needs to explain why his pants pockets were NOT backwards. They should watch more closely.

@DenoPenno Hilarious conspiracy theory of the day .
The mystery of the POTUS & his backwards pants.
Jill & his other numerous handlers would never let him out the house in backwards pants..
Anyway struggling to find his fly is the least of his concerns


I see a fly cover but also can’t go along with your assessment. I’m not worried about the careful walking because he slipped on the plane stairs. That probably hurt and scared him. I think he’s important and performing far better than expected.


Biden is a loyal party apparatchik doing what the Pentagon, the arms industry, and fossil fuel lobby want him to do, he's not exercising any real power, like the two Bush presidencies. His state of mind isn't really relevant. We are in a stupid and apparently endless war with Russia because it's insanely profitable for the war profiteers who run the country, not because Biden is "in charge."

I can and do agree with you on all that, but I also do strongly feel that he has dementia, but agree with you, that the way the system is now, the way his handlers have been able to get away with working around it, and the way the Repubs play along with the Dems in congress by not going after Biden on his dementia to get him impeached, or force him to resign, because they know their party could well end up in the future with another demented Repub prez like Reagan in the WH, and don't want to set a precedent of impeachment or forced resignation for dementia, they will give him a pass on the dementia, same as the Dems gave Reagan, same as the Dems gave W., a dim-witted incompetent figurehead if ever there was one, even when it was obvious that Cheney was really running things.

BTW, Harris would be a terrible candidate in two years and no way she would get elected, nor do I think she would be any better than Biden on policy. She's just another Dem party hack or loyalist, centrist, corporate Dem, just like Biden. From what I hear, Newsom is being built up to be the one who's nominated in two years, and from what I hear, he will also be another supporter of the status quo, except for the usual ID politics and culture war stuff.

Are you talking about the real power like the George W. Bush presidency where we went into a stupid war with Iraq and Afghanistan that lasted for decades. At least no one manufactured phoney weapons of mass destruction to start this war.

Biden is almost as old as me. Older people do think a little slower in many instances. Slow does not mean wrong.Unlike me, he has a smart and efficient team backing him up.

@Lorajay I fear it's more than slowing down with the POTUS and it's a horrible disease. And I must also say your appraisal of his team is rather generous.


@Lorajay Since he is doing EXACTLY what the Neocons, Pentagon, Arms dealers, and fossil fuel industry wants while literally throwing diplomacy under the bus world wide ... he's either a sock puppet or on board willingly. Doesn't really matter. And this war is FAR stupider than the wars that the same people started under Bush's aegis.


I don't find it funny either, I find it embarrassing and pathetic. The only people I have found who seem to strongly feel Biden does not have dementia, are Dem Party loyalists and other defenders of the economic status quo, such as the corporate media, who hate Bernie and his ideas for reforming the economic inequality in America, but are just fine with the Dem Party's substitution of identity politics and culture war issues on the liberal side for any real or meaningful class warfare or reform on the economic, taxation, or foreign policy side, such as ending wars of choice for good. Everybody else, including me, could easily see as far back as the primary season for 2020, both in his debates against Bernie and the other primary candidates, as well as his very limited primary campaign appearances back then, that Biden had early stage dementia, something I am intimately familiar with, since my mother had dementia in the final few years of her life from a stroke, and my late wife had a rare and relative rapid form of it the last several years of her life.

I also met, thru an Alzheimer's support group for patients that my wife attended for about a year or so early in her dementia, about a dozen or so other dementia patients. Since he became prez, Biden has again gone back to having relatively few public appearances, and when he does them, they are very scripted, much more brief than most presidents, and has even fewer press conferences, where he actually takes ?s he isn't prepared for, than Trump did in his first two years in office. I won't even go into the embarrassing incidents Biden has had where he got caught getting confused when he was asked ?s at the press conference and then began reading off the wrong note cards his staff had prepared for him to use in answering the ?s they thought he would be asked. He currently appears to be no better right now than Reagan was cognitively in Reagan's first term, which we now know was a time when he too was already experiencing dementia. The only difference is that, Reagan was a trained actor who had decades of being used to being able to read a script and fake things, while Biden is not as experienced at that as Reagan was and is also a stutterer, so he doesn't cover his dementia as well.

He also is undoubtedly on cutting edge dementia drugs that were not available to Reagan in the 80s, so his dementia may well be further along than Reagan's as far as the actual condition of his brain. Who knows? I do know, from my wife's experience and what I learned about dementia drugs, is that all they can do, to my knowledge, is delay the symptoms that appear from the brain's deterioration, but not the actual deterioration of the brain, so that once the drugs are stopped, or quit working, the patient's decline is very rapid and dramatic. So I am expecting that if Biden does step down, his wife may mercifully finally agree to stop the dementia drugs, or not, and let him die with some privacy and dignity, which he will, fairly quickly, in a matter of months or a couple years, if the drugs are stopped or quit working. I can only imagine how many side effects his dementia drugs probably have.

Finally, it is very telling that about the only mass media, besides right wing media such as Fox and others within the American corporate media, that will honestly mention Biden's dementia and their concerns about it, are foreign media, such as in Australia, and some European countries, that do not have any vested interests in the partisan fights of American politics, and instead, have a real and objective concern about the American presidency being occupied by someone who is mentally incompetent, impaired, or unstable, because of how much it can potentially affect the rest of the world, regardless of which major American political party they are from. And for those Americans who are informed and curious enough to explore what most of the Euro and other democratic developed countries media think about Biden and his cognitive functioning, there is plenty of concern there in the foreign media to make it disturbing to see how our liberal and centrist corporate media here are unwilling to discuss it at all....

You saw the same thing back in the 80s with Reagan, the Repubs and conservatives, both in the public and in congress, refused to admit or believe that he had dementia, same with the mainstream and corporate media back then. The only people who would admit or say they saw it were the Dem followers and the most liberal media sources, but the Dems in congress never made anything of it or tried to impeach or force him out for it. Hell, they even let him off the hook for the Iran-Contra scandal and accepted his plea of ignorance about it, all because he was so popular they were too afraid to attempt impeaching him for it, even tho they had way more evidence against him than either impeachment attempt of Trump, and it was a way more serious offense and scandal than anything Trump did.

Very well stated and informative. Thank you for that.

Biden and dementia. Let's not forget Trump and Putin. Not exactly young men here.

@BDair Thanks.

@BDair, @DenoPenno Agreed. I am tired of all those countries having geriatric leaders.

Trump, Biden, Bernie, none of them are viable for 2024. We need some young lions, but I have not identified any I would trust. Newsom is a puppet of the WEF. Really, I don't see why any smart reasonable person would want to be POTUS after seeing how they did everything possible to destroy Trump.

@BDair Right now the only one I would like and trust would be Nina Turner, but nobody knows who she is and as a black woman, she'd never have a chance... Another person I trust so far and am impressed with is Katie Porter, a congresswoman from CA. Again, she would probably have no chance... I agree with your last comment, except for saying that "they" attempted to destroy Trump, since he deserved every bit of it and then some..


You Russian shills will stoop to anything and that's why your posts here are almost entirely ignored. He's an old man and the people who elected him democratically knew how old he was. He's still far superior to any conservative opponent and Harris is more than qualified to step in.

The fly on the front of his pants is determinative as being the front, Einstein. If you had a reason to wear anything but joggers, you'd know that.

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