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Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab. I really like being correct. But how difficult was that to guess when the lab was within first case of COVID?? No brainer.

News: Theory that Coronavirus Escaped from a.. ...

National Institutes of Health (.gov)
[] › search › research-news
(The Scientist) Theory that Coronavirus Escaped from a Lab Lacks Evidence. Associated research findings from the National Library of Medicine.

US agency believes COVID-19 likely escaped from ...

“Lab leak” theory: What we know about the origins of Covid ...

[] › health › covid-origins-lab-leak...
Mar 1, 2023 — We don't need to know how this pandemic started to begin to prevent the next one.
\Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, Energy ...

Wall Street Journal
[] › articles › covid-origin-china-lab-l...
Feb 26, 2023 — U.S. agency's revised assessment is based on new intelligence. A campus of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, in 2020 ...

This is how many times it bred with each other and muliiplied;
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.
Remember you heard it here first (from me) that covid escaped from the Chinese lab.

K9Kohle 6 Mar 24

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Freely given, informed consent with no coercion for all medical treatment, that is the one and only argument in my opinion.
Mandating for work and all the other coercion going on was such bullshit. Especially experimental medicines utilising brand new technology.
You want the vax, take it. You want to force others to take it so you feel safe, fuck off.

puff Level 8 Mar 24, 2023

There's a plethora of credible evidence that proves the efficacy of masks and vaccinations so it is you the normal folks who accept their responsibilities as part of a community want to fuck off. Your liability far outweighs any slight perceived benefit.

@LovinLarge Covid vaccines do not stop transmission. Your argument falls flat. If they did stop transmission, you may have a point, but not a good enough point to remove the need for consent for medical treatment.
Masks are not medicine, they are PPE. Not talking about masks, or distancing or lockdowns, talking about medical treatment.
PS being a 3 degree'er you may not be aware what PPE means, it means Personal Protective Equipment. Employed after conducting a risk assessment, not because you think it's a good idea. I do find it amusing masks were not required for personal protection during covid, they were used to protect others from you.

@puff Here is the important part that you are clearly too dense to understand. Anyone can say anything. The only way to establish whether it is true or not is to examine the evidence. That's why the onus to provide supporting evidence is on the professor. This should be blatantly obvious to nonreligious people but you are too dense to follow along. You have no regard for the truth and no jntellectual integrity. That is why no one engages you here and probably everywhere.

@LovinLarge Utter bullshit, the onus is on you to confirm what someone else proclaims. Can trust very little from single sources nowadays.


I like the masks, it tells who is vaccinated and sick in order to prevent caughting something from them

@LovinLarge I've been back on this site after months away and I've already reached this conclusion. There's a few other wastes of time bloviating themselves red-faced.☺
"Don't argue with arrogant ignorance"

@ronnie40356 True. No point arguing with American apologists.


It has graduated from theory to reality. And I've never been argumentative or nasty to anyone unlike some comments about me on here. I've been here about 3 yrs or more and post often. If you're calling me names or making me out to be an ignoramous reassess your motives.

from the government; []
from US oversight committee; []
from director of national intelligence. Unclassified Summary of Assessment on COVID-19 Origins
from Wall st Journal; Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, Energy ...
from NY Times; Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, Energy ...

So yeah i get my stories/resources from unknown news outlets that are pro Dump.

You've produced no credible evidence to support your claim. Do you understand what evidence is? Do you understand how facts are established?

And no one is making you out to be an ignoramus, you're doing fine all by yourself.


The true origin of SARS CoV-2 has not been determined, but it most likely came from an animal.

Most human infectious diseases are initially transmitted from animals, including the Ebola virus. Who knows with the covid virus, they keep changing the definitions of the word virus

@Castlepaloma "...they keep changing the definitions of the word virus."

I have not heard anything of the sort. What is your source for this?

Who would "they" be? 😂


Why is that a surprise? between big Pharma, Government and CDC lying about the viruses and variants all the time. Coming up with many names strains, creating many new mutation being totally out of control. Just making up bs stories and claims of cure constantly.


@Castlepaloma You did not answer my question. Who changed the definition of a virus? When and where did this take place?

@Flyingsaucesir They altered the definition of pandemic (used to be >5% fatality rate, now a novel world wide spreading virus). Changed the definition of vaccine (used to provide meaningful immunity, now just boosts immunity). They have changed well established time protocols in the testing of new drugs before they are released on the public.
I too doubt actual virus has been changed, perhaps they made it a life form. If they have changed it, I would have no doubt it happened so they are able to patent newly "discovered" strains to monopolise study of the virus for economic gain..

@puff Again, no evidence equals no credibility. You make shit up as you go along and only the conspiracy nuts play along.

@Flyingsaucesir Castlepaloma is one of the first of many members that I've blocked. My lay diagnosis is Paranoid Schizophrenia because he's a conspiracy theorist who thinks he's famous. Barely knows his ass ftom a hole in the ground.

@puff Who are "they"?

BTW, there is nothing inherently wrong with altering the definitions of scientific terms. This kind of refinement occurs all the time in science, as more and more is learned. For instance, the definition of the word planet was altered (by the International Astronomical Union) and this led to the downgrading of Pluto's status from planet to planetoid. If the definitions of pandemic and vaccine were altered, there were probably very good reasons for the modifications. Do not fear change. Change is inevitable.

@FrayedBear Why are you so intent on pushing this conspiracy theory? Why don't you just admit that nobody knows where the virus originated? The greatest likelihood is that it evolved the ability to infect humans (it already was in certain mammals) and then jumped from an animal to a human. So why go with the unlikely conspiracy theory for whish there is no definitive proof? Is it because you seek to undermine all liberal democracies, or just the USA? How much is Vlad the Invader paying you, Russian Bear?

@Flyingsaucesir "They" be the WHO's pronoun 😉
The change in defining what a vaccine is makes a huge difference if you are talking herd immunity. Under the old definition, "provide immunity", it means vaccines stop transmission except in rare case aka breakthrough infections. Cannot obtain a herd immunity if the medicine effectively does not stop transmission.
The new definition, "boosts immunity", was devised just in time for "Flu vaccines", funny about that. As a pharmaceutical company, would you rather market your medicine as a pre-emptive medicine, like malaria pills, or would you rather market it as a vaccine, the Rolls Royce of medicines? Eating an orange "boosts" your immunity ffs.
Under the old definition, this was no pandemic. If it was, there would be 15 million dead Americans, or 5% of your population. But you see, when the WHO declares a pandemic, it triggers emergency legislation in governments world wide, giving those in government extraordinary powers; like the power to mandate vaccines (the ONLY medicine allowed to be mandated), lockdowns etc. And boy oh boy, did they abuse those powers or what?
I reject both flu and covid medicine are vaccines as there is not a hope in Hell of obtaining a herd immunity, even if you inoculate 100% of the population, because these medicines do not stop transmission. Vaccines provide immunity ie stop you transmitting it whilst providing personal immunity ie protection.
So I agree that scientific definition get changed as we evolve usually, but I suspect these two definition changes were strongly pushed by pharmaceutical companies. Eg "boost" is not a scientific term. The old definition of vaccine I learnt at Uni talked "meaningful immunity" and was defined ie >90% effective and lasting more than 2 years, so you have time to inoculate all. Boosters every 3 months plus not stopping transmission/ spread? Safe and effective, Really? Yet we still refer to it as a vaccine.
If the polio or smallpox vaccines were as effective as the flu and covid ones, those diseases would be still kicking around.

@puff Uh huh... you're a conspiracy theorist. I get that. And that's fine. You be you.

Before I started getting flu shots every year, I regularly got the flu, and was miserable for a few days every year or two or three. Then I got a really bad case that left me with permanent eustachian tube dysfunction. After that I started getting the shot, and have never had flu again. Now I miss fewer work days. I never feel like I might die.

I have had 4 vaccine shots against SARS CoV-2, and had not so much as a sniffle while millions of unvaccinated people have dropped like flies from COVID-19, all around me.

But hey, don't listen to me. You do you. 😂

@Flyingsaucesir unvaccinated, I caught covid. In bed with a temp and flu like aches for a day and a half, then over it. I caught it at a concert which ended up being a bit of a super spreader event.
My girlfriend is fully vaccinated with one booster, 3 in all. She attended the same event and we were in close proximity. She got it a few days after I recovered but hers was more severe and lasted about 2 weeks. Her son, also unvaccinated, had the same experience as me.
So I have natural immunity now, which by the more recent reports is far better and longer lasting than vaccine induced immunity.
"Millions of unvaccinated people have dropped like flies from Covid-19, all around me" and you call me a conspiracy theorist lol. Do you live in the US because my understanding is you hit one million deaths over a 2 year period, perhaps more. So as you proclaim "millions" I kind of know you exaggerate a tad.

@Flyingsaucesir if you follow the link & read it you will see that there is counter argument to the headline statement. Argument that supports your response.

@Flyingsaucesir studies showed that Covid was found early in Chinese racoon dogs(yep, racoon dogs).
P.S. I avoid conspiracy theories, and conspiracies []

@FrayedBear FYI, I don't waste my time reading any links you provide. Considering on all your past writings, it's obvious that you are working on behalf of authoritarians (Putin, Trump, et al) against liberal democracy. You have absolutely no credibility here.

@Flyingsaucesir none so #stupid as those who wish to stay that way.


The lab leak theory has never been more that Trump/GQP anti-China propaganda. It has only been renewed as part of the GQP mythos. You need to stop watching conservative outlets that admit to brainwashing their viewers.

What happened to the idiotic call to indict Fauci...

Post this horseshit again and you're blocked.


Does finding out where it really came from do a damned thing about stopping it? No, it only allows for more political bullshit to be spread in this world of others who like to claim they really do know something. A hundred years ago the Covid counterpart is said to have come from Kansas City. So what?

If it was tweeked in a lab to become more virulent ie Gain of Function, finding that out is extremely important. So the arseholes who caused the world this much pain are identified and punished, and wannabe GoF proponents think twice before doing this bullshit research again. Biological warfare is perhaps a scarier weapon of mass destruction than nukes.

@puff Produce your evidence that it is a likelihood or even a possibility with respect to COVID.

@LovinLarge Are you saying there is no other possibility? Every single scientist disagrees with you. No definitive origin has been established and there are more than one possibilities.

@puff I said nothing of the kind. Don't project your ridiculous shit onto me.

@LovinLarge You want evidence a lab leak of a GoF virus could be a possibility? Let me see, how about proximity? Like a virus first identified in a market had a laboratory just down the road who happened to be experimenting on exactly the same virus.

@puff You have no idea what evidence is, you've made that crystal clear. You personally can not establish evidence regarding subject matter that you are not involved with.

@LovinLarge Exactly how does one establish evidence on something one is not involved with? By accepting scientific peer review I believe. I may not be able to establish it which makes sense if not involved. But I can source it from others who are involved.


@K9Kohle From you? With all due respect, you don't know dick. You may be right, whoever the fuck you are.

Where the fk are you being "all due RESPECT"?? I can't find any in your post bardick ooops barjoe.

@K9Kohle "due respect"


No, heard this racist twaddle almost from the very beginning, you are a million miles behind the curve if you think you're spreading something new.


I heard reports that through genetic analysis they determined it was not from a lab, but a cross species infection which came from the "racoon dog", which were present in the wet markets.


Except they do not have any evidence of any raccoon dog on the planet that is carrying the 'virus'.

I read that too. This guys a right wing Cracker Jack…..🤠


I thought it was a bat made out with a turtle. The Raccoons are like dogs? Well, sort of. The term "trash panda" really is accurate; raccoons are most similar to bears. Who knows Fauci works with transgender monkeys and some how monkeypox arrived. Some say Aids came from monkeys making out with humans, Sounds too science fiction and monkeys are too strong and they could rip your dick off.


@K9Kohle Reproduce the article if you want to rely on it.


This should scare people into taking the vaccines.

@BDair Yes, they have found the virus in the raccoon dogs. How would they genetically traced the virus to them if they didn't first find the virus in them? They actually tested a wide range of animals, pretty much all the animals found in the wet markets.

@BDair, @Castlepaloma Racoon dogs are a species indigenous to Asia. They are called raccon dogs because of mask like markings.

@K9Kohle It is dubious when an article refers to "group of experts" or "scientists" without actually naming who these experts or scientists are. The Telegraph itself is referred to as a "broadsheet" which does not seem like much of a journalistic undertaking, but is a term usually reserved for tabloid publications. Hardly a reliable source.

@snytiger6 go to this page and try to find the name of ANY scientist in ANY article on there.



Honestly, I do not give a shit where it came from.

Some folks aren't happy unless they can blame someone for something.

Especially if they can blame it on someone who is different than they are in some way.

@LovinLarge They just want to tell you who to fear, and who to blame for it.

Honestly, I'm sure you would give a shit if one of your demons, like Putin, was found to have released it on purpose.

@puff Unlike yourself, she's bright enough to know that something like that would be virtually impossible to prove but thanks very much for mansplaining that however old you are, you never developed any wisdom.

@LovinLarge Not impossible to prove at all. Artificial spike proteins, gene sequencing etc.

@puff You haven't any idea what you're talking about and everyone knows it.

@puff That is a truly nonsensical comment.

@KKGator So if it was a deliberately manufactured bioweapon you would still not give a shit? I find that hard to believe.

@puff But was it? Seems silly to get upset about something when
there is no proof that it actually happened.
I doubt we'll ever know for certain.

@KKGator No, I don't think it was a bioweapon but strongly suspect it did escape the lab environment, research they should not be doing aka coverup. I conclude this as for a bioweapon it was pathetic eg only knocked off elderly and vulnerable and didn't kill nearly enough for a weaponised virus.
I was just pushing back at your rather blanket statement.
I feel it's OK to be upset at scientists for doing their little experiments that they shouldn't be doing, displayed by a lack of openness.


You're very smart. That's why you have 2 duplicate posts.

The original posts bred themselves and caused about 7 of it's own posts. I DID NOT DO THAT. Isn't it common knowledge that the site is barely controlled? They multiplied themselves. I have never DONE THAT and I'm not the only person it's happened to. So I guess since you didn't know that you're not the brightest bulb in the string.


Pandemics are a natural result of crowding...see: Black Death et al
Witch hunting so 'we can prevent any more' is pure BS and IMO a waste of time..,..not to mention quoting racist drump remarks 10 times(!) in your post is pathetic and ugly.

Covid vaccines is the greatest world blunder in human history and your 100% behind it and even get other people loving it. It's a Madd Madd world.

@Castlepaloma I am 85. I immediately got the first vaccines that became available (J&J) and have gotten 3 Moderna boosters. I did not experience any effects from the vaccines, have not had Covid and have not died. That is my personal experience. I rest my case. Your mileage may vary.


The increase in the number of deaths during the pandemic has had a substantial impact on global life expectancy. Global life expectancy has dropped two years in a row for the first time since 1959, and if it drops again in 2022 this will be historically unprecedented in modern history.

In three years in my area, there were no unvaccination person I knew who ever caught covid. In the US last winter most Americans caught covid and most were vaccination. In the continent Africa they took Ivermecton rather than covid vaccines (10%). Their death rate was 15 times better per capita than North America. I went from being treated like a serial killers or the worst terrorists of any kind in the world to the envy in the world. Even my daughter told me I am the bravest person she knows. I rest my case.

"Pandemics are a natural result of crowding". Yes they can be, but they can also be engineered by humans.


Funny several individuals were either censored or arrested both in China, the US, and Europe before December 2019!!!

If you believe it was a bat or raccoon dog that developed gain of function research then you are only self censoring yourself and all the other moronic idiots who believe that this epidemic was a pandemic!!!

There was no 'lab leak', although the Wuhan Institute of Virology just happened to be doing gain of function research on the exact horseshoe bat derived corona virus that they were saying was causing a pandemic, the reality is that there was no particular virus spreading rapidly around the world. They had no virus, they had a genetic code that they cut and pasted together to claim they had a virus.

  1. Do you know what a "theory" is?

  2. Your articles are not conclusive on point.

  3. Here is the most recent data on point: []

  4. Now tell us how certain you are that the earth is flat.

"Lives in Israel4y
Originally Answered: Is CNN a credible news source anymore?
No. CNN is not an impartial news source.

It took Trump, of all people, to pull the rat out of the bag, but it is out.

The problem is people don’t analyze the trash they put out and mostly just read titles.

Example from today’s Quora feed (Trump refuses to condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine"


  1. Your posts and comments are largely unintelligible so under no circumstances would I rely on your opinion of anything.

  2. I didn't reference CNN for impartiality, I referenced it for factual data. Scientific facts are facts regardless of who reports them. If you have credible rebuttal evidence, produce it.

  3. Let's see your evidence that "people don't analyze the trash they put out and mostly just read titles" or did you just make that up and represent it as fact?

@LovinLarge When you reference stuff, good idea to use original sources. If you get your info from CNN, they should indicate where they got the information. Use that as the reference.
Eg from your CNN link you follow the link to The Atlantic that first reported it. Unfortunately you need to subscribe to this publication to read it (where I am anyway) so in this case, you are not able to provide the original study. Your referencing style would not wash at a tertiary institution eg if you referenced CNN, they would laugh at you.
There are conflicting reports (why I love science) FYI. Try looking up the US dept of Energy conclusions on the matter, the mob that supervises laboratories in the US. A second source would be the FBI's assessment.
Science comes from the Latin for "knowledge" and knowledge belongs to all. The suppression and censorship of scientific studies which conflict with the official narrative has been massive during this pandemic. That's not science, knowledge is free for all humanity. It is quite hard to make any conclusions when not all evidence produced is used in analysis because governments have put security classifications on them, making them unavailable to the populace. Again, not science.

@puff She is the second last person I would take advice from. You are the last, especially because you never support your own claims with evidence. I have three degrees and a professional accreditation so I could not be bothered with your rudimentary research tips which aren't worth the time it would take to critique them.

No credible rebuttal evidence from you, just distractions Will wonders never cease.

@puff You altered your comment after I responded to it. Your stuff is not worth reading because you have no integrity.

@LovinLarge This is a social media site and you constantly call for proof for peoples claims in social conversations. But when you reference you tend to use 2nd and 3rd hand sources. Does not help your credibility, I tried to be nice so you name call yet again.
3 degrees hey!! Check out the big brain on LovinLarge! I was at uni with people with 3-4 degrees, professional students we called them, unable to cut it in the real world.

@LovinLarge I tend to either correct spelling mistakes, punctuation or gramma. I may add another comment but usually use a NB or PS if I do that.
I'm not like some who get frustrated and delete the whole thread

@puff Virtually every member of this website ignores you because you've established yourself as a nutter, and everyone knows it except for you.

@LovinLarge Tell someone who cares

@puff Stop telling lies on this website.

@LovinLarge You're the one still crapping on how taking the covid vaccine is for the common good. Overwhelming evidence it does not stop transmission.

@puff It is hilarious that an adult thinks he has any credibility when allegedly paraphrasing evidence without as much as naming the source. You are the laughing stock of this website, you and the idiot who made this disingenuous post.

@LovinLarge Have you had a traumatic life that inspires you to be bitter? I never attacked you at all. I also posted about more reputable sources to counteract your fake news link.
FBI Chief: []

I read some of them, a few paragraphs and it kind of blows you out of the water along with your 3 degrees.

@LovinLarge Early in the "pandemic" I said it most likely came from the NEARBY Wuhan Lab it wasn't a PROVE IT post. It was an information gathered conclusion. Most any idiot would put the 2 together: LAB, VIRUS. Yeah my posts are illogical.

Everyone back then denied the possibility. If you have trouble understanding this post it looks better if you put your reading glasses on. And you resemble your remarks.
"The phrase “You resemble that remark” is a humorous play on words that suggests that a critical remark made by someone applies to you.' []

@LovinLarge Here you are resembling your remark.

"It is hilarious that an adult thinks he has any credibility when allegedly paraphrasing evidence without as much as naming the source. You are the laughing stock of this website, you and the idiot who made this disingenuous post."

@K9Kohle it only took you one post to prove to the membership that you are not all there. That is a real accomplishment, tin foil. Now quick go make sure the TV is off so the feds can't gather any more Intel on you!

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